Projector Power Consumption: Are They Power Hungry?

an Epson EH-TW7400 4k projector in a store

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What To Know

  • Different projectors consume varying amounts of power, ranging from about 100 watts to 900 watts per hour, with brighter projectors generally using more power.
  • LED projectors tend to consume less power, ranging from 50-150W, while some projectors can consume more electricity than TVs, especially those with powerful lamps.
  • To determine a projector’s power consumption, one can consult the user manual, use a watt-measuring device, or manually calculate it by monitoring the electricity meter.

Did you suddenly get an increase in your electricity bill?

If you’re wondering whether it is your projector taking on all that extra power, we have answers for you.

Many people are curious about the power their projectors consume monthly. Is it more than the average TV consumes?

This article explains how to determine the amount of power your projector consumes. You should keep reading.

How Much Power Does A Projector Use?

An LCD Epson projector placed on a projector stand

There are different types of projectors. They all operate in different ways, using different lamps and varying technologies.

This means that the power consumed by different projectors is not the same.

Some of the smallest projectors may consume about 100 watts. Meanwhile, larger ones with more functions may consume up to 900 watts every hour.

Note that brighter projectors use up more power. The brighter a projector bulb is, the more energy it just gobbles up.

You get the idea.

For instance, laser projectors use more power than LED projectors. They make use of laser light sources, which are stronger and brighter than LEDs.

Some projectors have adjustable brightness. They consume less power if you keep the lamp on in a lower brightness setting.

The power consumed by a projector is measured in watts. In fact, most electronic devices measure their power consumption in watts.

Power consumption is measured in relation to time. Hence, the power consumption of a device refers to a period of time — daily, monthly, etc.

For electronic devices, power usage is calculated per hour. This is why you see consumption rates stated as XWh [X watts per hour].

Often, the time (h) isn’t specified, and that’s okay. Just know that by default, electronic devices measure power consumption in watts used per hour.

How Many Watts Is A Projector Bulb?

a projector lamp was placed in front of the BenQ projector

Different projectors come with different light sources. Each light bulb consumes the amount of power it was built to.

The different light sources used by projectors include:

  • Lamp bulbs
  • LEDs
  • Lasers

Light-emitting diodes [LEDs] typically output a few watts. They are not very bright and may use between 30 – 100 watts per hour.

Laser light sources are brighter than LEDs. They last long and can consume about 200 watts per hour.

Old slide projectors were made with incandescent lamps. The power output of these lamps was about 300 – 500 watts per hour.

In cinemas, the projectors used have very powerful light sources. Often, they use Xenon Arc lamps.

These lamps use between 6 – 15 kilowatts (6000 – 15000 watts) of power per hour.

The projectors used in our homes and classrooms often use LEDs or laser lights. These are guaranteed not to spike up your electricity bill.

Halogen bulbs are an improved version of incandescent bulbs. They are typically brighter and last longer.

Halogen bulbs used in projectors use about 200 watts or more per hour.

Your projector may use any of these. It may even use a combination of LEDs and lasers, and that would explain a huge part of its power consumption.

Power Consumption of Different Types of Projector Bulbs

Light Source Watts Used (per hour)
LEDs 30 – 100
Lasers 200
Incandescent Lamps 300 – 500
Halogen Bulbs 6000 – 15000
Xenon Arc Lamps 200

How Many Watts In Total Does My Projector Use?

Brightness plays a big part in electricity usage. For projectors, it is the major channel of power consumption.

Projection technologies rely heavily on light and brightness. These technologies convert light into pictures.

The pictures they create can only be as bright as the projector’s lamp source. This is why brighter light sources are now in use.

Laser projectors consume about 300 or more watts per hour. LED projectors use less because LEDs are not as bright as lasers.

The consumption estimates are not fixed. They may be lower or higher.

How, then, do you find out the exact number of watts your projector consumes?

Well, this quest is pretty easy. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Check The User Manual Or Manufacturer’s Website

user manual

Your projector probably came with its power consumption stated clearly in the manual.

This information may be labeled somewhere on the projector. The power consumption can also be found on the website of the manufacturers.

Search for your particular model on the website. You should see the power consumption in the details provided.

If the power consumption is stated as 80W, don’t forget that this means 80 watts per hour.

2. Use a Watt Measuring Device to Determine the Power Consumption

If the power usage isn’t detailed in the manual or website, you can make use of a watt-measuring device.

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This device is simply plugged into a socket, and then the projector is plugged into the device.

The watt-measuring device reads how much power your projector uses up in watts. This way, you can figure out how many watts are consumed per hour.

3. Calculate the Power Consumption Yourself

Calculate The Power Consumption of Projector

There is also a manual method for calculating power consumption.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Turn off every bulb, electrical device, and power outlet in your home.

Step 2: Unplug all devices from every available power outlet.

The aim is to have nothing else draw power and influence the meter’s reading.

Step 3: Record the reading on your electricity meter before starting.

Step 4: Plug your projector into a power outlet and turn it on. Run the projector for an hour.

Step 5: Turn off the projector and unplug it from the power outlet.

Step 6: Check the current reading on the electricity meter.

Step 7: To get the amount of power consumed in an hour, subtract your initial reading from your final reading.

For instance:

Your initial reading on the electricity meter was 7.0kW. If, after measuring, your final reading is 7.3kW, how many watts were used?

Power consumption of projector = 7.3 – 7.0

= 0.3kW

Note: Electricity meters measure power consumption in kilowatts. Kilowatts are just a higher measure of wattage.

1 kW = 1000W

0.3kW = 0.3 × 1000

= 300W per hour.

Daily Power Consumption

If you want to know how much power your projector consumes daily, here’s how:

First, determine how much power it consumes in an hour. Multiply this figure by the amount of hours you use it every day.

If you use a projector for 3 hours daily at 80W per hour, the daily consumption is:

80W × 3 = 240W

Monthly Power Consumption

This is as easy as calculating the daily consumption.

You only have to multiply the daily consumption by the number of days you use the projector every month.

For instance:

Daily consumption of projector = 240W

Monthly consumption = 240W × 30 days

= 7200W

Calculate the Electricity Charge on Your Projector

Do you want to know just how much your projector contributes to your electricity bill?

Electricity companies charge per kW. If you know how much they charge per kW, the rest is simple.

First, convert your projector’s monthly power consumption from watts to kilowatts.

Simply divide the consumption in watts by 1000:

7200W ÷ 1000 = 7.2kW

Next, multiply your result by the amount your electricity company charges per kWh.

If the charge is $0.15 per kilowatt, your result would be:

7.2 × 0.15 = $1.08

This means you have a monthly charge of $1.08 on your projector.

How Much Power Consumption Is Used in LED Projectors?

A LED projector lamp

We have looked at the power consumption of LEDs, but what of the LED projector itself?

A projector consumes more watts in total than its bulb does. Its power consumption does not depend only on the light source.

LED projectors are becoming quite popular. They are known for their portable sizes, low power consumption, and color accuracy.

An LED projector is one that uses LED bulbs as its light source. Due to the low consumption of LED bulbs, an LED projector consumes less power than other types of projectors.

The LED projector may consume between 50 – 150W of power.

The exact amount depends on the brightness of its LEDs, plus other internal features like cooling fans and projection technology.

LED projectors that use DLP projection technology usually consume more power than their counterparts.

DLP technology is known to use more power than other projection technologies. It generates higher amounts of heat.

Does a Projector Use More Electricity Than a TV?

Efootball on projector and on Sony TV

Generally, different projectors and TVs use different amounts of electricity.

Some projectors use less than some TVs. Other projectors use more electricity than some TVs.

However, we must consider one important part of projector technology that TVs lack. Powerful lamps.

These lamps tilt the scales of electricity usage in favor of projectors.

The average HDTV uses about 250W of electricity per hour. This falls within the lower range of projector power consumption.

Brighter and more functional projectors use up to 700 or even 800 watts per hour. This is largely due to a high brightness output.

For TVs, power consumption largely depends on size.

Medium screens of about 50″ consume power under 100W. Meanwhile, wider 100″ models may consume more than 350W per hour.

The fact is that even the largest TVs cannot consume as much power as a very bright projector.

How Much Power Does a Projector Consume During its Lifespan?

The lamps used in modern projectors are often irreplaceable. This means that the lifespan of those projectors depends on how long their lamps can last.

However, you can still estimate the power a projector would consume in its lifetime.

If a projector has an estimated 20,000 hours of lamp life, that’s the lifespan of the projector.

You can estimate the most power it would consume. Just multiply its hourly consumption by the lamp life of the bulb.

For instance:

Power consumption = 80Wh

Lifespan of bulb = 20,000 hours

Lifetime Consumption = 80 × 20,000 = 1,600,000 watts

Lifetime Consumption in kW = 1,600,000 ÷ 1000 = 1,600kW


The amount of power consumed by a projector depends largely on the type of light it uses.

There is no specific amount of power consumed by all projectors. Your projector’s power consumption may be included in the user manual.

If you use your projector moderately, it preserves its lamp quality. It also makes sure your electricity bills do not rise.

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