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How Do I Know if My Smart TV Has a Camera?

How Do I Know if My Smart TV Has a Camera?

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A Smart TV with the latest bells and whistles can be an exciting feature in your home.

The newer TVs are so advanced they’re almost like smartphones, just with a larger display. And just like smartphones, does your Smart TV have a camera too?

A few Smart TVs have built-in cameras.

If you’re unsure if your TV has one, search for a small lens on the face of the screen. You can also check your TV’s user manual for more information.

Smart TVs are like computers with an internet connection, providing an enhanced entertainment experience. Owners of these TVs can stream music, surf the internet, watch videos, access movies, and shows from streaming services, and even make calls.

Televisions that support video calls and facial recognition are surely equipped with a built-in camera and microphone. Since not all televisions have this, it is usually a top feature sales agents promote.

If it has a camera, it’s usually located around the top center of the screen or bottom center. Some cameras are easily visible, while others aren’t.

Some cameras are designed to be inconspicuous, so they don’t disrupt the TV design. Because of this, it may be challenging to find.

More discreet camera designs have the camera lens flush with the TV’s bezel.

Just look for that small hole housing the lens around the edge of the screen. It will be a different shade of black than the rest of the screen on the TV.

Do Any Smart TVs Have Cameras?

tv on the wall

No, not all television brands carry Smart TV models with a built-in camera. In fact, several manufacturers have discontinued the production of such models. Some assume it is the lack of demand for such a feature.

However, Samsung and LG have a few models with a built-in camera.

LG used to have the LA9600 and LA8600 but have recently discontinued them. However, you can still find them on a few secondhand sites.

Samsung’s F7500 and F8000 Smart TV models are also floating around the market.

How Can I Tell if My Smart TV Has a Camera?

The best way to determine if your television has a camera is by checking its specs. If you’ve already chucked your TV’s user manual in the recycling along with its packaging the day you unboxed it, don’t worry.

You can easily access your TV’s user manual online through a quick Google search.

Simply input your TV’s brand and model and “user manual.” Brands have a PDF copy of their user manuals online, linked to their product’s page on their website.

Alternatively, you can head to Samsung’s Support Page and input your TV’s model code if you have a Samsung. Samsung also uploads their manuals into their Smart TVs for easier access.

Simply head to your TV’s settings or menu, click on Support, and you’ll be able to find the e-Manual easily.

Where Is the Camera on a Smart TV?

the middle of the top and bottom of TV are where camera locates

There are two general locations for a camera on a Smart TV: top center or bottom center. Some models, like the LG LA9600, have a retractable camera below the TV screen.

The Samsung F8000 has a retractable camera on the top of its screen instead of below.

To see if the camera on your TV is flushed with the screen, check your phone. Look at how your phone’s front-facing camera looks when you tilt your phone around. Notice how it’s not as black as the rest of your phone’s screen.

Similarly, look at your TV’s screen up close and from an angle. It would be easier to spot the camera’s lens that way.

Is the Camera Spying on Me?

With the evergrowing popularity of Smart TVs and the public concern for data privacy, people wonder if other Smart home appliances can also spy on your family.

Like other smart devices, such as phones and computers, that connect to the Internet, your TV also stores data about its users. Not to the same extent as your smartphone and computer, of course.

TVs typically collect information about your watching patterns to recommend programs or movies that are relevant to you.

And just like other devices connected to the Internet, it is, unfortunately, possible for hackers to access your TV’s camera and microphone.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned the public of the risk of security breaches in your home through your Smart TVs.

Hackers can use your less-secure Smart TV and take control of its microphone and camera to silently cyberstalk you. And while you may take extra precautions to protect your computer against hackers, they can still find ways around it.

Smart appliances in your home, if not secured properly, can be used by cybercriminals as a backdoor to your router.

How Can I Keep my Smart TV Secure?

You can head to your TV settings and check for software updates. This procedure ensures that your TV is fitted with the latest security patches.

Next, toggle any privacy settings to make your TV more secure. Settings like camera and microphone access should be disabled, and turn on any security features available.

You can also cover the camera lens on your TV using tape for a more basic solution.

woman using remote control to adjust TV setting

Look through the apps you install on your TV and delete any apps you do not use. Avoid downloading any apps unless you have researched to ensure they are made by a reputable app developer and are safe.

Secure your internet routers by updating your usernames and passwords. Any other smart devices in your home should also have updated software, usernames, and passwords.

Sticking to the factory admin login details on your devices makes it easier for hackers to gain access to those devices and breach the rest of your network.

As a preventative measure, have reliable antivirus software installed on your internet-connected devices.

Installing a VPN can also add an extra layer of protection. VPNs use encryption to scramble your data, making it unreadable for anyone snooping through your network.

Make sure to run diagnostics regularly to check for any malware in your phones, tablets, and computers as well.


Not all Smart TVs are fitted with a built-in camera.

To find out if your TV has one, check its user manual or physically look for any flushed lenses or retractable cameras on the top or bottom of the screen.

Be less vulnerable to cyber attacks by staying on top of your internet and data safety.

Home appliances are usually easier to breach and give hackers access to the rest of your devices via the router. A few simple security adjustments can help minimize the risks of that happening.

If used correctly, Smart TVs are a great feature in your home. Camera or no camera, Smart TVs offer a more dynamic entertainment system for you and your family to enjoy.

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