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Why is my Epson projector is Upside Down? Here’s the Fix.

Why is my Epson projector is Upside Down? Here’s the Fix.

Is the image from your Epson projector upside-down? A good number of projector users will have to cross this bridge at some point. 

Nobody wants to watch an upside-down video. There is nothing remotely appealing about it, and when your image flips for no reason, it may cause you some concern.

You have absolutely nothing to panic about, however. This article will tell you why your Epson projector image is upside-down and the various ways to fix it. 

Why is My Epson Projector Upside-down? 

If your projector begins to display images upside down, the first thing to do is identify the cause. Once you do this, it is easier to solve the problem.

Several factors can cause flipped images on your screen. Let’s explore them below.

1. Wrong Projector Configuration

Many of the problems you may encounter with your Epson projector are a result of the wrong configuration. 

Projector settings are critical and require precision. If just one toggle that should be switched off is turned on—or vice versa—the whole projection system may begin to act up. 

2. Mounting Position

a ceiling-mounted projector

There are many ideas and positions for mounting your projector, but ceiling mounts are some of the most common. 

Specific compartmentalized models of Epson projectors are manufactured to be mounted from a ceiling. Ceiling mounts allow for fewer interruptions and easy access. 

Ceiling mount setups are used in cinemas, classrooms, conference halls, and other places where installation can be permanent. 

Ceiling-mounted projectors are often suspended upside down, causing the projected image to be upside down as well. 

Wondering why anyone would mount a projector upside down? One reason is that the upside-down feature makes it easier to access the control buttons. 

When the projector is suspended upright from the ceiling, it will be hard to reach the control buttons. However, when mounted upside down, the buttons face downwards and become easier to access.

However, some projector settings allow you to flip your image into the correct position. 

3. Faulty Projector Lens

zooming in a projector lens

The lens is indispensable for image projection. Its quality, focal length, and positioning are of great importance. 

If your Epson projector has a low-quality lens, this can result in distorted or upside-down images. If your lens has recently been replaced, you likely got a faulty lens. 

Wrong positioning of the lens can also cause the problem. It is possible that the manufacturers or repair technicians made a mistake and installed your lens incorrectly.

4. Maximum Resolution and Size

maximum lens zoom

This problem is improbable to occur in an Epson projector, but it has been found to cause upside-down images. 

For some projectors, maximum resolution and the large image size are a kind of trigger. When the projector lens is maxed out, the picture may blur over and rotate automatically. 

How Do I Fix My Upside-down Projector?

You now know the various reasons for an upside-down image. The next step is to learn how to fix them.

Depending on the cause of your upside-down image, you can easily reset your Epson projector yourself. In some cases, you will need to call in a technician. 

1. Configure Your Projector

It is essential to understand the features and settings of your projector. This knowledge will help you inspect them and change them when they are incorrect. 

If you are not very familiar with projector settings, we advise hiring a technician to configure your projector correctly. 

2. Change the Projection Mode

This solution is applicable when you are dealing with an Epson projector mounted upside down from the ceiling. 

Some Epson projector models are equipped with a G Sensor that detects the projector’s position and turns the projected image accordingly. 

Some other models do not have this feature. However, some settings allow you to turn the projected image yourself.

You can change these settings with the remote or the control buttons. Navigating through the menu options can be tasking, but it gets the job done.

Here are two ways to change your projection mode:

  • Through the Menu

projector remote control

Step 1: Connect your computer, cable box, or any other media source to the projector. 

Step 2: Power up the projector manually or with the remote control.

Step 3: Press the Menu button to extend the menu options tray. 

Step 4: Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the menu options. Click on Extended.

Step 5: Navigate through the displayed options and select Projection.

There should be at least four options in this menu tray.

  • Front: This option projects the image straight to the front of the screen when the projector is upright.
  • Rear: This option projects a reversed image onto the screen and is used for rear projection when the projector is upright.
  • Front Ceiling: This option is for projectors mounted upside down from the ceiling. It flips the image top/bottom and reverses it left/suitable for front projection. 
  • Rear Ceiling: This option flips the image but does not reverse it. It is for rear projection when the projector is upside-down.

Step 6: Navigate to your desired option. If your projector is mounted upside down for front projection, choose the Front Ceiling option. 

Your projector should be displaying an upright image now.

Step 7: To exit the menu, press the Menu button again. 

  • Automatic Image Reset

a person pressing menu button on remote control

This method is an easier way to change your projection mode. However, not all Epson projectors allow this function.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Turn on the projector and make sure you are projecting an image. 

Step 2: Press the ‘Mute’ button on the projector remote and hold it for up to five seconds.

The image will disappear for a while as though you turned off the projector.

It will reappear again, but the image will be flipped top/bottom and reversed left/right this time. 

The only downside of this method is that you can only flip the image in one direction. It is only suitable for the ‘Front Ceiling’ projection mode.

3. Change the Projector Lens

inside a projector

If your Epson projector is new, properly configured, and in an upright position, it should display images correctly.

In this case, an upside-down image is most likely due to a manufacturing problem with the lens. The best option is to return it and get another one. 

If the upside-down image only started after a lens replacement, this points to poor quality. Return the lens and purchase an original one from the manufacturer’s website. 

Make sure you know how to remove and attach an Epson projector lens properly. You can also contact a technician to do it for you. 

4. Reduce the Image Size

This fix is probably the first thing to try when faced with a huge upside-down image. It is easy and completely harmless. 

Use the remote or projector control buttons to zoom out on the image and make it smaller. If you’re lucky, this will be all you need to set your image right.

Tips for Epson Projector Users

  • Sometimes the settings of projectors from the same manufacturer can vary by model. However, general knowledge of how most of them work will go a long way. 
  • When in any confusion, refer to your user manual to confirm the functions your projector uses. 
  • Make sure your projector is perfectly centered to avoid keystoning. 
  • If your new projector is upright and you have a flipped image, it’s often a factory fault. Return it immediately and have it exchanged for another one.


How do I zoom out on my Epson projector?

zoom in and zoom out button

Zooming out on an image creates a broader angle of view and a smaller image. You only have to zoom out on an image if you have previously zoomed in on a particular section. 

To use the Zoom feature on an Epson projector, you only need to locate the E-Zoom buttons on the remote. 

  • Press the E-Zoom + button to zoom into the image. 
  • A crosshair will appear on the screen, and you can use the arrow buttons to navigate to the area you want to enlarge.
  • Press the E-Zoom + button repeatedly until the area is enlarged to your satisfaction.
  • To zoom out on the image, press the E-Zoom – button repeatedly until you’re satisfied with the image size. 
  • Press Esc to return the image to its original size. 


Everybody hates an interrupted entertainment session, either from buffering, power outages, or faulty machines.  

When your projector malfunctions, we recommend an immediate fix to avoid further complications.

Sometimes these issues are straightforward to fix. The first step is to identify the problem; then, you can follow a solution guide and DIY!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.