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How to Connect Your Apple TV to a TV Without HDMI

How to Connect Your Apple TV to a TV Without HDMI
What To Know
  • To connect an Apple TV to a TV without HDMI, adapters such as an HDMI to AV converter, USB power plug, and Composite RCA cables are necessary.
  • The connection process involves using an HDMI cable to link the Apple TV to the converter, connecting the converter to the TV with RCA cables, and powering the converter with a USB cable.
  • Ensure the TV has an AV port and prepare for proximity to a power outlet due to the short USB cable length for the converter.

In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know to connect your Apple TV to a TV without HDMI.

Let’s get started!

Necessary Adapters for the Connection

You need a few adapters to achieve this.

What you will need are:

Yes, this is a lot of stuff for a single device, but what are you gonna do? This is the Apple life.

At least all these items can be easily bought from Amazon! 

Now, let’s talk about how you’re going to connect these to your TV.

How Can You Connect Your Apple TV to a TV Without HDMI? 

Once you’ve bought all the items we mentioned above, you will now be able to connect your Apple TV to your television.

Sidenote: Make sure that your TV has an AV port. You can find this at the back of your unit. There should be a small port labeled “AV.”

connect Apple TV to TV with HDMI to AV converter and RCA cables

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Connect the converter to your Apple TV using an HDMI cable
  2. Connect the converter to your TV using the RCA cable
  3. Power the converter using the USB cable

Make sure that you’ll have a power outlet near your HDMI converter for convenience. This is because the USB cable that comes with the converter tends to be short.

You can now activate your Apple TV – you only need to switch it to the correct input setting once you’ve turned on the TV.


Do I Have to Buy the Apple TV Box if I Have a Smart TV?

No, you don’t need to buy an Apple TV box if you already have a Smart TV. Most Smart TVs are able to download the Apple TV app, so you easily do away with the box. 

If your Smart TV can’t support the Apple TV app, that’s when you need to start considering investing in the Apple TV box itself.

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