How to Block Ads on Roku? Explore Effective URL Filtering

Roku menu without ads and using Samsung TV to display with a blue backlight

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What To Know

  • Block ads on Roku by adding specific URLs like to your router’s URL filter list, effectively stopping ads without disrupting streaming functionality.
  • Limit exposure to inappropriate ads on Roku through ‘Privacy’ settings, allowing customization of ad content.
  • Access Roku’s secret menu to try disabling ads. This method’s success varies and involves changing settings related to scrollable and banner ads.

In this quick guide, we’ll dive into three simple yet effective ways to block those annoying ads on your Roku. 

You’ll learn how to use your router’s URL filter, adjust your Roku’s privacy settings, and explore a hidden menu for more control. 

Let’s make your streaming experience better, without the ads!

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ROKU HACK | 3 BEST Ways to BLOCK Ads Completely

Using URL Filter on Router

After some hands-on testing with my Asus router, I’ve cracked the code to blocking ads on Roku. The secret lies in filtering out specific URLs associated with Roku ads.

Here’s what I found:


Now, let’s walk through the process of blocking them using the URL filter feature on an Asus RT-AX58U router.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Log in to your router’s admin interface. In my case, the interface looks like the below image.

The Asus router interface on website

Step 2: Head to Firewall → URL Filter → make sure the feature is set to Enable and the filter table should be set to Deny List

The URL filter feature from the Asus router is being highlighted with a red box

Step 3: Now, enter the URLs from the list provided above. Add each URL to your router’s filter. After adding all the URLs, click ‘Apply‘ to finalize the process.

The URL filter list on Asus router is highlighted with a red box

After completing the steps outlined above, you’ll notice that ads are blocked on your Roku whenever the Roku is connected to your router’s Wi-Fi.

The About option from Roku Ultra streaming device

Below are my results showcasing the difference before and after implementing the URL filter.


The image describes the Roku home menu before using the URL filter feature on router


The image describes the Roku home menu after using the URL filter feature on router

After implementing the ad filters, I’m pleased to report that all the streaming apps on my Roku are still functioning perfectly, with no issues encountered.

Enable Personalize Ads

The ‘personalize ads’ method doesn’t block ads entirely but filters out those that don’t align with your preferences.

This section focuses on how to limit your exposure to certain types of ads, such as those with sexual or horror content, which you might find inappropriate or disturbing. 

Here’s a straightforward way to personalize the ads on your Roku:

Step 1: Go to Settings → Privacy → Advertising → Check for Personalize ads → Sensitive ad content → Simply place a checkmark next to the content categories you wish to avoid.

The Settings option from the Roku Ultra's menu is being selected

The Privacy option from the Roku Ultra's menu is being selected

The Advertising option from the Roku Ultra's menu is being selected

Personalize ads on Roku from the advertising is enabled

The sensitive ad content categories are checked mark to filter the inappropriate contents

Step 2: For the settings to take effect, you’ll need to reset your Roku device.

And here is the result.

Before Roku ads using personalize ads

After Roku ads using personalize ads

Disable Ads on the Menu Screen From the Secret Menu

Roku’s secret menu is not widely known, but it’s been a hot topic for those looking to get rid of ads on their home menu screen. 

The effectiveness of this method can differ from user to user, especially with Roku’s frequent system updates. 

However, it’s an intriguing option that might just do the trick for you. 

Let’s take a look at how you can give it a try:

Step 1: To start, use your Roku remote to enter a special code.

Home → Home → Home → Home → Home → Up → Right → Down → Left → Up

The Roku Ultra remote with the code to enter the secret menuThe Roku Ultra remote with the code to enter the secret menu

This sequence will lead you to Roku’s secret menu.

The secret menu on Roku Ultra interface

Step 2: Once in the secret menu, look for the option ‘Cycle scrollable ads‘. Change the status to ‘Always Disable‘ using the ‘OK‘ button on your remote. This step aims to reduce the presence of scrollable ads.

The cycle scrollable ads is set to always disabled

Step 3: To address the banner ads on the home screen, navigate to ‘Cycle Home screen ad banner server’. Start by setting it to ‘Demo1‘. If this doesn’t yield results, you can try ‘Demo2‘ or ‘Demo3‘.

The cycle home screen ad banner server is set to Demo1 on Roku Ultra secret menu

Step 4: After making these changes, press the ‘Back‘ button on your remote to exit the secret menu.

The back button on Roku Ultra remote

If successful, this process will replace banner ads with a blank box, making your Roku home screen cleaner and less cluttered. 

The Roku Ultra Home menu and the ads space is left with a blank space

However, keep in mind that due to ongoing updates to Roku’s system, this method might not work for everyone.


Wrapping up, we’ve navigated through three key strategies to manage ads on Roku. 

From blocking certain ad URLs via your router’s URL filter to customizing ad preferences in Roku’s settings, each approach offers a way to lessen ad interruptions. 

The secret menu method, while less predictable, adds another layer of control for those willing to try.

While these methods may not completely eliminate ads, they significantly improve your streaming experience by reducing intrusiveness.

As the digital landscape evolves, these strategies stand as a testament to our ability to adapt and enhance our interaction with technology. 

Here’s to a more enjoyable Roku experience with minimal ad interruptions!

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