Does PS4/PS5 Headset Work on PC?

A green Sony headphones with a PS4 with a monitor showing Dota 2 from steam

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What To Know

  • PS4/PS5 headsets are compatible with PCs. These headsets can be paired with a PC either wired or wirelessly using a USB dongle.
  • To connect the PS4/PS5 headset to a PC, plug the USB dongle into the computer’s USB port and turn on the headset.
  • Subsequently, the audio output of the computer needs to be directed to the headset.

In this article, we’ll explore how to connect your PS4/PS5 to your PC, optimize settings, and enhance your gaming audio experience.

Let’s dive into the setup process and discover other valuable insights!

An Overview About PlayStation Headset

As mentioned above, Sony creates unique peripherals for each new PlayStation it releases.

Just because the PS4 headset can be paired with a PS5, the PS5 won’t come without its own, or Sony doesn’t expect its patrons to buy a PS5 headset separately.

Let’s learn more about the headsets Sony makes for its latest two gaming consoles.

PlayStation 4

PS4 controller and spider-man game with TV at the back

For the PlayStation 4 consoles, Sony has specially designed two headphones: Platinum Wireless Headset and Gold Wireless Headset.  

The Platinum headset’s build is a mix of different materials. The top band is two metal bars. Underneath it is a rubber strap, and everything else is plastic. The packaging consists of the USB dongle and the 3.5mm audio cable.

The Platinum headset provides 3D surround sound, albeit not every game will support it. The headset is not ideal for music but can manage tunes nonetheless.

The sound quality is excellent for a gaming headset. It’s punchy, crisp, and balanced. It isn’t muddy, and the treble and midrange don’t sound overwhelming.

The microphone quality is decent, thanks partly to Sony’s noise-cancellation software. But that’s about it.

On the other hand, the Gold headset comes with a micro-USB cable and a USB RF dongle. The headset is primarily plastic and extremely lightweight.

The round, low-profile headphones are contrastingly steeper inside, offering a nestled and comfortable feeling for those with small to medium-sized ears.

The left headphone has a smorgasbord of switches and buttons, including the volume rocker, mic mute button, and surround sound button. The arrangement and placement of the controls on only one side can be confusing and overwhelming.

The headset’s audio chops are similar to the Platinum version. It’s decent, accurate to a great extent, and with less emphasis on the bass. The microphone has minimal bass, which may add distortion to deeper voices.  

PlayStation 5

PS5 console and controller in blue background

Sony came up with two new series of headphones for its PS5 gaming console: The Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and several Inzone Wireless Headsets (H3, H7, and H9).  

Besides, the above-mentioned PS4 headsets work with your PS5 and a host of third-party headphones.

The PS5 headset Pulse 3D with the box at the back on a white table with black background

We’ll not delve deeper into each of the headsets mentioned above for brevity sake. Click the links above to learn more about the specific headsets and their configurations.

As far as their performances go, they are not very different from the PS4 headphones discussed above. You can expect a sound signature that’s not excellent but functional enough.

Needless to say, all the PS4 and PS5 headsets mentioned support Windows and Mac computers, as confirmed in the PlayStation-provided manuals for each headset.

How to Connect PS4/PS5 Bluetooth/Wireless Headset to PC

The green Sony headphones hanging on the PS4 with the controller and the monitor is showing the Bluetooth connection

As mentioned above, the PS4/PS5 headsets can connect to your PC wired or wirelessly.

To enable a wired connection, insert the USB dongle into your computer’s USB port. The headset has a power on/off button. Press the button to power on the headset.

After powering it on, change your computer’s sound output to your PS headset. Based on your computer’s OS, the steps to enable the same may vary.


If you’re using Windows, look for the sound output logo in your screen’s bottom left corner. Left-click the logo to open the audio menu.

Windows 10

The image shows the buit-in speaker of a Asus laptop and highlighted with a red box with the level of the volume is set at 50

Click on the upward-pointing arrow from the Sound menu to show all the available headset options, which will have your PlayStation headset or any other pair of headphones you may have connected. 

The select playback device list from Windows 10 and the Beats Headphones is highlighting

Windows 11

Click on the headphones or speaker icon to invoke your sound output options.

The image showing the panel of the Windows 11 and the headphones logo is highlighted with a red box

From the list, choose your PlayStation headset to modify the audio output.

The headphones Tecno is conncted to Windows 11 and being selected from the sound option


If using a Mac, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Apple logo/menu at the top-left of your screen.

Step 2. Go to System Preferences.

The System Preferences on MacBook is highlighted with a blue color when the mouse is hovered

Step 3. Next, select Sound.

The sound option from the System preferences from the MacBook

Step 4. In the Sound window, choose the Output tab.

The AirPod is connected to MacBook and being selected from the Sound setting

Then choose the headphones or headset connected to your Apple computer.

PS4/PS5 Headset Mic Not Working on PC

Although connecting a headset to a computer via Bluetooth or wire is straightforward, things may not always work as planned.

The Bluetooth connection could be sloppy, the headset’s built-in mic may not work properly, etc.

Many users have faced issues connecting their PS4 or PS5 Pulse 3D headphones to Discord on their computers.

They can listen to others but not send their voice across through the microphone enough or could be inaudible.

Often, people forget their PS5 PULSE headset has a physical button to activate/deactivate the mic. So, if you face the same mic issue, ensure the button is pressed.

If the mic still doesn’t work, try the following:

Change the Settings in Discord

Step 1. Choose the User Settings (gear icon) situated near your profile image at the bottom.

The gear logo from the Discord app is highlighted with a red box next to the headphones and microphone logo

Step 2. Go to Voice & Video.

Step 3. Under Voice Settings, choose the input device, which is your headset. If your PlayStation headset doesn’t appear in the options, ensure it’s properly connected.

The voice and video option from the Discord's settings, with the Sound input is changing to a different microphone

Enable Headset Mic on the PC Settings

Step 1. On your Windows computer, right-click the sound logo at the bottom right and select Sounds.

The sound logo at the bottom right from the Windows 10 is highlighted with a red box following up is the Sound option

Step 2. In the Sound window, select the Recording tab.

The dialog box of the sound settings with the Recording tab is highlighted with a red box

Step 3. Locate your PS5 headset from the device list. Right-click on the device and select Enable if the device’s mic is disabled.  

The microphone is being enabled from the settings of Windows 10

Step 4. Make sure the Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices options are checked.


How to Use a 3.5mm Headset on a PC

Pairing a 3.5mm headset with your computer is straightforward.

Locate the audio jack on your computer. If it’s a laptop, it should be on the right or left side of the keyboard deck.

If using a desktop PC, the cabinet must have the headphone jack at the front or top.

Your monitor usually doesn’t sport a headphone jack. It packs in built-in speakers instead. But if it does, then opt for that audio jack instead since it’s likely more convenient to access.

Once you’ve located the audio port, insert the 3.5mm connector of your PS headset into the computer’s audio jack. Ensure the male connector is inserted correctly and the connection is secure.

After plugging it, ensure your computer is ready at the software level to send audio output through the headset.

As mentioned, dig into your computer’s audio output settings and make the necessary modifications.


Your PS4/PS5 headsets will pair and work with your PC without issues. You can use them wired or connect them wirelessly to your computer.

But whether wired or Bluetooth, remember it’s not purely a plug-and-play operation.

You’ll have to modify the audio settings in your computer so that the sound comes through the proper channels. And if using the microphone, enable it physically and also in your PC’s software settings.

If using the headset with a particular app, like Discord, ensure the in-app settings are set correctly to play or receive audio through the headphones. 

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