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Can I Use an USB-To-HDMI Adapter To Connect a PS4 To a TV?

Since its inception, the Playstation has evolved and now, there are many different gaming consoles for you to enjoy. Over the years, one advancement that the Playstation has undergone is video. While video used to be highly pixelated, it is clear with a higher resolution now.

The new Playstation, the PS4 uses an HDMI cable to transmit audio and video signals to an external device like the television. Now we come to a more pertinent question: can you use a USB-to-HDMI adapter on a PS4? Let’s find out!

Can I Use a USB-To-HDMI Adapter To Connect a PS4 To a TV?

No, USB-To-HDMI adapters do not work on a PS4.

The PS4 has an HDMI video output that can transmit audio and video signals with an HDMI cable. It is unable to transmit audio or video signals via USB. 

USB to HDMI Adapter

What Do I Do if the HDMI Port of My PS4 is Damaged?

Hence, if the HDMI port on your PS4 is broken and you want to connect it to a TV, you will need to get it fixed as you can’t make do with a USB adapter.

The reason behind this is that USB ports are for data transfer and not for video transmission. For that, you will need an HDMI cable.

Since your PS4 does not even provide a USB port (the front USB port is for charging only) in the video output settings, there is no way you can make a USB-to-HDMI adapter work to connect the PS4 and TV.

the back of a ps4 with hdmi usb ports

About the PS4 HDMI Port

The PS4 uses HDMI to transmit audio and video signals to a television.

The PS4 comes with an HDMI output port located at the back of your console.

You can use an HDMI cable to connect to a video output device like a TV. This will transmit audio and video signals.

The quality will depend on the type of HDMI cable you choose, with all things considered, including the length of the cable and the bandwidth. 

It is important to note that the output device (TV in this case) will also need to be HDMI compatible and have an input port for this to be possible.

Why Can’t I Use the USB Port in My PS4 To Connect to a TV?

USB to HDMI Adapter

While you can use a USB-to-HDMI adapter to add an extra HDMI port for a laptop, you cannot use that adapter on a PS4.

This is because the PS4 doesn’t support the transmission of audio or video signals through the USB port.

It can only do so through a standard HDMI. The USB port is just for charging controllers.

Can I Activate the USB Port To Output Videos in PS4?

Unfortunately, no. 

The PS4 operating system does not have the required drivers to activate the USB port.

If you checked the video output settings of the PS4, you wouldn’t find the USB port as an option that you can activate and then use.

You can use USB-to-HDMI adapters for computers and laptops with the necessary drivers to transmit audio and video signals through USB.

However, this doesn’t work for the PS4.

Why Are USB Ports Present on PS4?

SONY PlayStation 4 Slim
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Now you may be wondering, why are there USB ports on a PS4 then?

The main purpose of the PS4 USB ports is to transmit data or charge wireless devices like controllers and headsets, but not to connect PS4 to the TV.

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