30 Aesthetic Blue Wallpapers for iPad

blue wallpapers for ipad

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If you love the vibrant hues of summer and the aesthetic appeal of blue, and want to freshen up your screen with artful, pretty scenery, you’re in the right place.

I’ve gathered 30 aesthetic blue wallpapers perfect for various iPad versions, including iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Featuring everything from calming dark blue ocean views to cute flower patterns, these designs are available in both horizontal and vertical formats, ideal for beautifying your lockscreen or homescreen.

Whether you prefer dark tones for a mysterious vibe or bright blue skies to brighten your day, there’s something here for everyone.

These wallpapers are in HD 1080p, featuring elegant marble and galaxy patterns for a sharp, clean display.

As you explore the collection, you’ll find a delightful range of styles, from the soothing blend of pink and blue to classic blue and white themes, all designed to perfectly suit your style.

10 Jellyfish Wallpapers


Blue Jellyfish 1

Blue Jellyfish 2

Blue Jellyfish 3

Blue Jellyfish 4

Blue Jellyfish 5


Blue Glowing Jellyfish in the Deep Blue Sea

Blue Transparent Jellyfish In Deep Dark Blue Sea

A pack of blue glowing jellyfish in the ocean

Blue Transparent Jellyfish

A Blue Glowing Jellyfish Swiming alone in the deep dark blue sea

10 Abstract Wallpapers

Abstract_Blue_and_Gold_Wallpaper 1



Abstract_Blue_and_Gold_Wallpaper 4


Abstract_Blue_and_Gold_Wallpaper 6




5 Horizontal Wallpapers

Horizontal Blue Wallpaper 5

Horizontal Blue Wallpaper 3

Blue Ipad Wallpaper Ocean -1

Blue Ipad Wallpaper Ocean -2

Horizontal Blue Wallpaper 2

Horizontal Blue Wallpaper

Horizontal Blue Wallpaper 6

Blue Night Sky View in The Forest


Deep Blue Ocean Aesthetic

5 Vertical Wallpapers

Vertical Blue Wallpaper 6

Vertical Blue Wallpaper 8

Vertical Blue Wallpaper 7

Vertical Blue Wallpaper 5

Birds eye view of the misty mountains

Vertical Blue Wallpaper 3

Vertical Blue Wallpaper 2

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