How to AirPlay iPhone, Macbook to a Roku: Easy Steps Guide

iPhone 13 is being AirPlay onto the Roku Ultra

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What To Know

  • For AirPlay functionality, both devices (Roku and iPhone) should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • To AirPlay from iPhone to Roku, go to Roku’s Settings, turn on Apple AirPlay, then tap the Cast icon on your iPhone and select the Roku device.

Roku offers thousands of streaming and gaming apps, but sometimes it can still be difficult to find something that tickles your fancy. However, there are a couple of apps on your iPhone that you’d love to watch on the big screen.

You could connect your smartphone to your TV via an HDMI cable, but you prefer wireless connections. 

Can you Airplay to a Roku from your iPhone? Yes, you can! 

Roku streaming sticks and TVs support AirPlay, so you can wirelessly cast your iPhone or iPad’s apps in no time!

How can you AirPlay to a Roku from your iPhone? What should you do if you’re having trouble AirPlaying to your Roku?

Keep reading to find out!

How to AirPlay to a Roku From an iPhone?

3 BEST Ways to Mirror iPhone to ANY TV Screen

Follow the steps below to AirPlay to a Roku from an iPhone. 

This process applies to both Roku TVs and Roku streaming sticks. 

Step 1: On your Roku’s Home page, go to the Settings

The settings option from Roku is being selected

Step 2: Navigate to the left and select Apple AirPlay and HomeKit

apple airplay and homekit option on a roku is highlighted

Step 3: Once you’ve selected Apple AirPlay and HomeKit, you will see a message on-screen informing you that you’ll be redirected to the Apple AirPlaying and HomeKit settings, which is a separate menu. 

If you aren’t automatically redirected within a few seconds, try re-selecting Apple AirPlay and HomeKit

Step 4: In Apple AirPlay and HomeKit Setting, ensure that AirPlay is turned on. You can click the tab once to enable or disable this feature.

airplay option on a roku is toggled on

Here, you can also manage your device’s Subtitles and Captioning. 

Step 5: Next, click on Require Code

This function displays a code on your TV for you to enter into your phone and will prevent others from randomly connecting to your Roku TV or streaming stick. 

Here, you can choose between three code options: First Time Only, Every Time, or Use Password Instead. 

The require code for AirPlay feature on Roku Ultra

Step 6: Once you’ve finished setting up the AirPlay and HomeKit Settings, turn your attention to your iPhone. Then, select the mirror feature from the control panel, and a list of devices will appear, then select your Roku device  

The mirroring feature on iPhone is highlighted with a red box

The list of devices that iPhone can screen mirroring onto and the Roku Ultra is being selected by highlighted with a red box


Step 7: Your Roku will provide a 4-digit code, enter the code into your iPhone to start screen mirroring.

4-digit code appears on Samsung TV screen while using Roku ultra

iPhone 13 is being AirPlay onto the Roku Ultra

Make sure to enter the code promptly, as it has a limited time window. If the time runs out, the code will disappear, and you’ll need to restart the screen mirroring process from step 6.

Like that, you’re AirPlaying your iPhone’s apps on your Roku. We told you it was easy!

How to AirPlay to a Roku From a Mac?

Before you start, make sure your Roku devices and the MacBook are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Below are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Turn on the Roku’s AirPlay feature. From the Roku homepage, go to Settings > Apple AirPlay & HomeKit > set the Airplay function to ON.

The settings option from Roku is being selected

apple airplay and homekit option on a roku is highlighted

The AirPlay feature is set to On

Step 2: Below the AirPlay option, you’ll find the Require Code. Click on this option and set it (according to your preference) to one of the three options below:

  • First time only
  • Every time
  • Use password instead

The require code for AirPlay feature on Roku Ultra

This step will complete the setup process for your Roku device.

Step 3: On your MacBook, click the Control Center icon on the menu bar.

Step 4: Access the AirPlay feature by clicking on Screen Mirroring.

The screen mirroring feature on MacBook

The list of devices for ready to screen mirroring from MacBook

Step 5: You’ll see a pop-up list of nearly AirPlay-enabled devices. Select your Roku device from the list.

Step 6: A passcode will appear on your Roku screen (if you set the Require Code option to “First Time Only” or “Every Time”). Enter this code into the passcode prompt on your Mac.

After completing these steps, your Roku screen will become a mirror of your Mac.

MacBook prompting to enter a 4-digit code to start screen mirroring on Roku Express

Troubleshooting: Roku AirPlay is Not Working

Is your Roku device unable to establish a connection with the Mac or iPhone? Perhaps it keeps taking you back to the passcode prompt, or you cannot find the Roku device among the AirPlay-enabled devices listed on your Apple device.

Below are two troubleshooting tips for you.

1. Things You Can Try Before Breaking Things Down

  • Check to confirm that your Roku device and iPhone or Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Ensure that you turn on the AirPlay feature on your Roku device. If it is turned off, your Roku will not show up on the list of devices available for screen mirroring.
  • Rebooting can remove temporary bugs or glitches that affect a device’s performance. Restart your Roku device, iPhone (or Mac), and Wi-Fi router to see if it fixes the issue.

2. Your Apple Device Needs OS Update

Outdated system software may be holding you back from using AirPlay. According to this Reddit user, he kept struggling with mirroring his Apple devices to his Roku streaming stick, until Apple’s iOS got a new update.

Before the update, he tried to enter the passcode numerous times. Sadly, the system kept reporting that he had entered the wrong code, even though the codes were correct.

After installing the new OS update on his Apple device, the AirPlay function started to work smoothly.


Apple’s AirPlay function makes it easy to cast from iOS and Mac devices to any media device that supports AirPlay. These AirPlay-supported devices include soundbars, smart TVs (LG, Samsung, Vizio, Fire TV), and streaming devices like Roku.

If you have a Roku Smart TV or Roku streaming device (connected to your TV), all you have to do is locate and turn on the AirPlay feature. Follow the steps in the article above to connect and cast to Roku from your iPhone or Mac.

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