Put Photos On Amazon Fire Stick Screensavers: A Tested & Step-by-Step Guide

an Amazon Fire Stick and remote

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What To Know

  1. Download the Amazon Photos app > Log in > Upload your desired photos.
  2. Create an album within the Amazon Photos app, ensuring your smartphone and Fire Stick are on the same network.
  3. Connect the Amazon Photos app to your Fire Stick > Select your album for display.

Fire Stick’s default screensaver is kind of bland.

You enjoy seeing scenic pictures of mountains and the sea, but you’d rather customize the screensaver and display your own photos instead.

Can you change the screensaver from your Fire Stick?

If not, then how can you upload your own photos to your Fire Stick’s screensaver? 

Keep reading to find out! 

Can I Change the Screen Saver from My Fire Stick? 

No, you can not change the screen saver from your Fire Stick.

Although there is a way to change your Fire Stick’s screensaver, you can not do this process directly on your Fire Stick. 

If you navigate to Displays & Sounds in your Fire Stick’s Settings, you will see an option to change your Fire Stick’s screensaver. 

Screensaver in Fire Stick's settings

Once you click on Screensaver, you will see that your current screensaver is set to Amazon Collection. You will also notice that there is no option to create a new album or change your screensaver from the Fire Stick’s settings. 

Amazon Collection in Fire Stick's screensaver

The solution here is to use the Amazon Photos app. 

Proceed to the next section to learn how.

How to Change Your Fire Stick’s Screensaver from the Amazon Photos App

Follow the steps below to change your Fire Stick’s screensaver using the Amazon Photos app. 

So, you can’t change your Fire Stick’s screensaver in your device’s settings; now what? 

Luckily, Amazon released an app that allows you to store your photos on the cloud and share them with your Fire Stick. 

Amazon Photos app is easy to use and (currently) the only way to add photos to your Fire Stick screensaver. 

Let’s learn how! 

Step 1: Download the Amazon Photos App

The first step is to download the Amazon Photos app, which is available on the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. 

Don’t worry. It’s free to download and use. 

You will also have to log in to your Amazon account. Bear in mind that Amazon Prime customers will get an unlimited data storage plan instead of the basic plan, which includes 5GB of storage.

Amazon Photos app

Step 2: Upload Photos onto the App

Once you’ve downloaded the Amazon Photos app and logged into your Amazon account, you can upload photos onto the app. 

To do this, click on Amazon’s Smile icon on your home screen. 

From there, you must open the Settings, found in the upper-right of your screen. 

Then, select Upload Photos Manually. You may have to give the app permission to access your camera roll. 

Check the photos you want to upload to the Amazon Photos app. 

You can also find images online and save them to your camera roll if you’d like to add them to your Fire Stick screensaver. 

Once you’ve checked all of the photos you want, click Upload

It may take a few minutes for the images to finish uploading, depending on your internet speed and how many images you selected. 

Step 3: Create an Album 

Now, you’re ready to create an album and select the photos you want to be displayed on your Fire Stick screensaver. 

On the home screen, find and select Albums. Here, you will see a plus sign (+) icon. Tap it to create a new album. 

Name your album, then add photos to it. You will only be able to add photos you’ve already uploaded to the app. 

Click Create to make your album. You can always add more photos to it later if you want. 

create an album on Amazon Photos app

Step 4: Connect Your Smartphone and Fire Stick to the Same Network

Your smartphone and Fire Stick will need to be connected to the same network in order to be discoverable and pair. 

To verify which network your Fire Stick is connected to, open its Settings. Then click on Network

Then go to your smartphone’s Network settings (also sometimes labeled Wi-Fi), which is usually found in its Settings

Your phone will always need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Fire Stick for it to display your custom screensaver. 

Step 5: Connect Your Amazon Photos App to Your Fire Stick

Your album is ready, and your phone and Fire Stick are connected to the same network!

Now, you just need to connect your Amazon Photos app to your Fire Stick so it can display your album on-screen. 

Open your Amazon Photos app’s Settings, then click on Personalize Amazon Devices

personalize amazon devices

If both devices are connected to the same internet connection, your Fire Stick’s name should be in the app for you to select.

choose a device to personalize

Then, tap the album you want to display on your Fire Stick. You can also toggle Daily Memories on if you want Amazon Photos to display random photos you’ve uploaded on the app. 

Step 6: Enjoy Your Custom Screensaver! 

Now, when your Fire Stick “sleeps,” you will see your photo album on-screen. 

Just remember only to add photos you’re comfortable with the whole family seeing! 

Good luck!

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