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XGIMI H2 Projector Lamp Replacement

a XGIMI H2 projector

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After years of use and abuse, your XGIMI H2 projector lamp has finally decided to give up. 

But because it’s been so long, you’re now worried if you will still be able to find a compatible lamp to replace it with.

Unfortunately, XGIMI H2 does not offer lamp replacements, and neither do other projector brands.

Wait! Before you click away, we need to tell you why XGIMI doesn’t offer projector lamp replacements and how they are still able to help their buyers once their lamps are on their last legs.

We’ll also talk about the signs that your projector lamp needs to be replaced or repaired by XGIMI. 

Interested? Then keep on reading!

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Projector Lamp

Before you check out online stores for your XGIMI H2 projector lamp, you need to be sure that your lamp really does need replacing and that you’re not throwing money out the window.

So we’ll go over the signs that you need a new projector lamp!

Indicator Light

Most XGIMI projectors have built-in indicators that warn their users if the lamp bulb’s life is about to run out.

Don’t worry, if you can see this notification appearing on your screen, that doesn’t mean that you need to replace your lamp immediately. But it does give you a good heads-up to buy a spare for when the lamp finally dies.

Dimming Light from Your Projector

dimming image on projector screen in a living room

Another tell-tale sign that you need to replace your lamp is a dim display. 

If your room is brightly lit, it would make sense that the projected images don’t appear crisp and clear. But if the projected images still look dull even after you get the room as dark as possible, then it’s time to replace your lamp.

But before you buy anything, be sure to check if you set the projector’s brightness correctly. 

If it’s still dim despite being in its brightest settings, it’s time to start looking for new projector lamps.

Image Flickers

Projected images should not be flickering. If your XGIMI H2 projector has not been dropped, exposed to intense heat or cold, or shows any signs of damage, that flickering can mean that the bulb is on its last legs.

Washed Out Colors

XGIMI H2 projectors typically display clear and crisp images. If you start to notice that the images projected by your unit look muddy, it is possible that the bulb can no longer handle the demand of displaying accurate colors.

XGIMI H2 Video Projector

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Popping Sound

Like an aged incandescent light bulb going out, a projector bulb can fail and make a loud popping sound. 

If you’re using your projector and you hear a sudden *POP* and the screen goes completely black, get a new one right away.

This can be caused by constantly ignoring the warning to replace the bulb – which we are all guilty about. But it can also mean that your bulb failed prematurely.

Now that you know when to replace your bulb let’s talk about compatible bulbs.

XGIMI H2 Projector Lamp Replacements

Now, for the main concern in this article: XGIMI H2’s replacement lamps.

They don’t have any, at least not for XGIMI H2.

While XGIMI can repair your projector lamp and make it operate good as new, they have not made any announcements regarding projector lamp replacements or a list of compatible projector lamps from other brands. 

But with 30,000 Hrs of lamp life, you don’t really have to worry about needing a replacement any time soon.

Xgimi H2 LED Smart Projector

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And by the time your projector starts to show signs of wear, you’ll be due for an upgrade!


XGIMI may not offer lamp replacements, but they are more than willing to help out their buyers.

Once you see the signs of your bulb’s lifespan coming to an end, don’t wait to hear that *POP* before you buy a new one. XGIMI offers repairs, so visit XGIMI’s official website to learn about the ways they help their H2-buyers.

In all honesty, if your projector is over 10 years old, you may want to start looking into the latest models only because these have better features that can increase your movie-night experiences. 


Technology has made many things more convenient for us, but it’s not without some caveats. Here are a few FAQs you may be wondering about regarding XGIMI H2’s lamp replacements:

How do I check the life of my projector lamp?

This will depend on the model of your projector. For newer units, you can check the lamp life by:

  1. Going to the menu
  2. Check the ‘information’ tab
  3. Locate the ‘lamp hours’ tab

For older models, you can:

  1. Press and hold the power button of your projector for around 20 seconds and the lamp hours will be briefly displayed on the screen
XGIMI H2 Video Projector

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What will happen if I don’t replace my projector bulb?

The images projected from your XGIMI H2 projector will dull as you use it and you will eventually be unable to make out the images.

It may even explode and ruin your entire unit. So we suggest replacing the bulb as soon as you see the signs.

projector lamp bulb

A bulb exploding may not seem much, but it can cause a chain reaction to bigger damage and personal injury.

Can my projector lamp be repaired?

Yes, it can. Luckily, XGIMI can repair dull lamps and get them going good as new! Just visit their official website and go to the ‘customer service’ tab

What will happen if my projector build is not compatible with my XGIMI H2 projector?

It won’t work.

Or it may work but the lifespan won’t be as long. You can also risk damaging your projector if your bulb explodes while in use. 

How often should I replace my XGIMI H2’s projector Lamp?

Luckily, not that often. XGIMI H2’s lamp is made with quality materials. With 30,000Hrs of lamp life, this projector will last you at least a decade of use. Just don’t abuse it or accidentally drop it.

Xgimi H2 LED Smart Projector

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Too much exposure to the heat and cold can also ruin it. So, please store it somewhere safe!

Can I replace my projector’s bulb myself?

Yes, you can if you know how to do that. If not, we suggest calling up someone who does. You don’t want to install your projector bulb the wrong way and end up ruining your unit in the process.

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