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Will PS5 Require a 4K TV?

Will PS5 Require a 4K TV?

Each month since the much-anticipated launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X, two days apart, the number of players buying both gaming consoles continues to grow steadily. Gaming enthusiasts keep raving about these newest gaming consoles. 

If you’re ready to join the PS5 gaming party, but don’t know whether you require a 4K TV. Keep reading to find out below.

Is 4K TV necessary for PS5?

No, you don’t need a 4K TV to use PS5. Other than 4K, PS5 also supports 1080p, 1080i,and 720p. The console outputs through HDMI, and therefore, it will connect to any TV with an HDMI port. 

But what if your TV doesn’t have HDMI? 

You can try using an adapter to link the TV to your PS5. 

That’s because, for display out, PS5 uses HDMI only. So an adapter is your only way out when you cannot connect the TV directly using HDMI. For example, you can use an HDMI-to-DVI adapter  to connect your PS5 to a TV with a DVI port.

HDMI to DVI Short Cable

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Be careful to choose the correct adapter so that you’ll have no trouble linking your devices. It should be HDMI to DVI if you’re using a DVI port on the TV. 

Or HDMI to DisplayPort if you’re using the TV’s DisplayPort port. Or bidirectional, meaning you can connect it from HDMI to DVI/DP or from DVI/DP to HDMI. But it cannot be DVI/DP to HDMI. 

In this last option, signal flow is one way, from DVI or DP to HDMI. Using the cable to try and transport the signal from the HDMI port to the TV’s DP or DVI port will not work.  

Is PS5 Worth It Without a 4K TV?

Yes. Absolutely. PS5 offers plenty of upgraded features unavailable in its older counterpart, PS4. And you can enjoy all these even without a 4K TV.

First, PS5 is compatible with most games available in older PlayStation consoles. And because of PS5’s better performance over older PS consoles, some of these games run better, too. Some run at higher refresh rates, for example. 

Second, among the most impressive factors is faster loading time, courtesy of an 825GB solid state drive (SSD). 

Previous generations of PlayStation use hard disk drive (HDD), which relies on mechanical platters to store and access data. On the other hand, SSD uses readily-accessible memory chips to store and access data.

With SSD comes faster load times, so your PS5 games load and run faster than games on consoles that rely on older, mechanical hard drives. It’s not uncommon for games that load in 2-3 minutes on the older PS4 to load in sixty seconds or less on PS5.

PS4 VS PS5 : Insane Load Time Comparaison (GTA 5, RDR2,Days Gone)

You also get to enjoy the immersive, unintrusive and realistic surround sound of PS5’s Tempest 3D Audio Tech. Even better, Tempest 3D is now updated to work with TV speakers, soundbars, and compatible headphones , giving you more ways to enjoy 3D sound.

PS5 runs quietly and has better thermal control. Therefore, it does not get hotter the longer you use it. Compare that with the PS4, which emits tons of heat and gets rather loud when playing some games, and you’ll agree the PS5 is a winner. 

Finally, PS5 renders light and shadows more realistically to give you a gaming experience that reflects real-life lighting and shadows in different environments as closely as possible. It does this using Ray tracing, a technology hitherto only available in PC gaming. 

Ray tracing works by computing the distance light rays travel between the player’s eye and in-game light sources as the rays hit different surfaces. And it shows how various surfaces absorb, reflect, and refract light.

So, even without a 4K TV, a PS5 console provides a fail-proof way to enjoy your favorite PlayStation games on better hardware.

And the other benefit of having a PS5 is that when you finally get a 4K TV—if that’s something you’re hoping to do—you’ll enjoy all the 4K features the console offers. These include 4K streaming on platforms like Netflix for games that support native 4K gaming and a built-in 4K Blu-ray player. 

You also get all the other standard 4K features, such as higher resolution, higher refresh rates, dynamic HDR, etc.

Will PS5 work on 1080p TV?

Yes, PS5 works on 1080p. When you connect the console to a 1080p, it automatically adjusts to display in 1080p resolution instead of 4K.

VIZIO 40-inch D-Series Full HD 1080p Smart TV

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Nonetheless, the video quality will be noticeably different. And this difference is most apparent when comparing PS5 games on 4K and PS5 games on 1080p side by side. 

On 1080p, the video won’t be as sharp as on 4K because it doesn’t capture image details as intricately as 4K does. But you’ll still experience most of the advanced features in PS5.

Also, a 4K TV can support a 120Hz refresh rate, which is more responsive and has minimal to zero lag. If your 1080p TV gives 120 Hz, you’ll have a more immersive gaming experience than you would get from a 60Hz, 1080p TV.

But the good news is, even with the lower capabilities of a 1080p TV, you’ll still be able to enjoy the enhanced gaming experience PS5 offers. Plus, if your TV is 3D enabled, you’ll have a great time playing 3D PS5 games with virtually no hindrance.

Does Xbox Series X need a 4K TV?

No. You can connect any TV to your Xbox Series X, as long as the TV has an HDMI port.

The Xbox Series X console uses an HDMI 2.1 port to output. And because HDMI 2.1 is backward compatible with all other HDMI specifications, it will transmit to a TV with HDMI 2.0 or 1.4.

Although the quality of PS5 video is lower on non-4K TVs than on 4K, you will have access to all Series X features. These include Quick Resume, which allows you to switch between games. 

Quick Resume automatically saves the game, so you don’t need to do it manually. And you can play more than two games seamlessly. 

Other cool features are higher frame rates, more powerful hardware, and the fastest load times of any Xbox console. What’s more, you get exclusive games not available in older Xbox generations.


You don’t require a 4K TV to use PS5. You can connect the game console to any TV, including 1080p. 

Because PS5 comes with only one HDMI output, your TV should have an HDMI input for you to link directly to the PS5. 

If your TV does not have HDMI IN, opt for an adapter.

You can do the same with the Xbox Series X since, like the PS5, it also comes with a single HDMI output.

Even without 4K, the experience with both consoles is glaringly different (in a positive way) from what their older siblings give, which makes them worth buying.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.