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Why Does My Sceptre TV Blink/Flicker?

Why Does My Sceptre TV Blink/Flicker?

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Your Sceptre TV blinking or flickering is never a welcome surprise. Your TV may be suddenly turning off or flashing random colors. 

If you’re trying to watch your favorite TV show or are highly sensitive to flashing lights, this glitch can quickly become very annoying. 

Before you decide to throw your entire TV away, try our tips to get your Sceptre TV working as usual. 

Why is your Sceptre TV blinking? What can you do to fix it at home? 

Keep reading to find out!

Check and Adjust the Cables

check and adjust the cable

Ensure all your cables are securely attached. 

The screen flickering is often a sign that one of the cables is misplaced.

Always be sure to turn your TV off before handling the cables with dry hands to avoid being electrocuted. 

Check that each cable is securely attached to both the TV and power source and plugged into the correct port. If you’re using a power strip, ensure it’s turned on and not overcrowded. 

If you’re using an HDMI or Scart cable, make sure it’s firmly attached to the input source. Consider that adapters may cause the signal to lag. Avoid having your cable or adapter hanging from your TV, as it could cause the cables to come loose and disrupt the signal. 

Ensure that all cables and ports are clear of any dust or debris. If the port is dusty, clean it using a soft brush or a can of compressed air. Always make sure the device is completely cooled before using compressed air, as it is highly flammable. 

If your HDMI cable is a few years old, consider replacing it. 

Make sure all cables are free from any tears or creases. Ensure your cables are not bent, as this will damage the chord and block the signal

Your Sceptre TV Needs to be Soft Reset

Try soft resetting your Sceptre TV. 

Most technology in our home needs to be reset at one point. If your Sceptre TV is flickering, it may be good to soft reset it to reboot the software. Rebooting the software allows the system to restart, fixing the glitch. 

to reboot the software

Don’t worry. It’s easier than it sounds. 

Turn off your TV, then unplug it from the power source. Always take care that your hands are clean and dry whenever handling electrical appliances or outlets. 

You must leave it unplugged for at least 60 seconds, so use a timer if necessary.

Afterwards, plug the TV back in, ensuring all cables are secure, and then turn it on. 

If the problem is still unresolved, follow our other suggestions below. 

Adjust the Sharpness

Adjust your unit’s sharpness level. 

Your Sceptre TV’s sharpness levels may be affecting the image quality. A TV’s sharpness levels control the amount of detail and contrast in the image and, if set incorrectly, could cause the screen to flicker. 

Thankfully, it’s an easy fix. 

Using your remote, open the TV’s settings menu. Select Picture, then click on Picture Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click on Sharpness. Use your remote’s right and left arrow buttons to adjust the sharpness.

📺 Sceptre 50 inch TV Best Picture Settings X505BV-FSR

A lower value will make the TV’s image less sharp, while a higher value will make the image sharper. 

Try turning your TV on and off again if you don’t see any results. 

Your Sceptre TV Needs to be Factory Reset

Factory Data Reset

Try factory resetting your Sceptre TV. 

Factory resetting your Sceptre TV will restore it to its out-of-the-box settings and erase all data. This means that any custom settings will be reverted to their original values. 

Factory resetting your TV is a good idea since it may be flickering due to incorrect settings, causing the picture to blink. 

To factory reset your Sceptre TV, open the Settings using the remote. Go to Device Preferences, then select Reset. Choose the Factory Data Reset option and click Erase Everything. 

Do not attempt to use, turn off, or unplug your TV while it’s factory resetting. 

Once reset, try to play something and see the results. 

Watch the video below to learn how to soft, and factory reset your Sceptre TV. 

How to Reset SCEPTRE TV to Factory Settings

Change the Picture Mode 

Try changing your Sceptre TV’s picture mode.

change the picture mode

Your Sceptre TV blinking or flickering may result from the current picture mode glitching. Changing the picture mode and observing the results is a good idea before trying to perform other technical repairs. 

To change your Sceptre TV’s picture mode, use your remote to open the settings menu. Select Picture, then open Picture Settings. 

Try changing the picture mode to the other preset options and see the results. Note that the picture mode User allows you to set custom values. 

Adjust or Change the Input Source

change the input source

Change your Sceptre TV’s input source. 

If your TV is blinking or flashing while connected to an outside source, like a computer or gaming console, you may need to adjust or change the input source.

Check that all cables are secure and are plugged into their respective ports. If you’re using an HDMI cable, try plugging it into your Sceptre TV’s other HDMI ports. 

Try connecting your Sceptre TV to a different input source and see the results. 

Sometimes, HDMI cables over 15 meters (or 49 feet) can disrupt the signal. Try using a shorter HDMI cable. If you’re looking for a shorter HDMI cable compatible with televisions, check out the No products found.

Check and Adjust Your Satellite 

check satellite dish and cables

Ensure your satellite dish and cables are positioned properly. 

If your Sceptre TV is flickering while watching satellite TV, your satellite dish or cables could be misplaced. This is especially common after extreme weather, as the wind and rain can shift the satellite dish. 

Check that the cable from the satellite dish to the receiver is not torn or twisted. If you find any imperfections, consider replacing it. 

Change the direction of the satellite dish to see if the signal improves. Consider consulting a satellite technician for this process.

You can also try resetting your unit’s set-top box. The resetting process will vary depending on your set-top box’s model, so consult the user manual for further instruction. 

The Inverter Board Must be Fixed or Replaced

Sceptre TV’s inverter board

Your Sceptre TV’s inverter board may need to be fixed or replaced. 

A TV’s inverter board control’s the unit’s backlight, which lights up the screen. If the inverter board is malfunctioning, the screen will blink on and off or simply not turn on at all. 

Turn your TV on and listen for a low buzzing sound, which is a common symptom of the inverter board malfunctioning. 

Checking and replacing your Sceptre TV’s inverter board is possible to do at home, but the process is highly technical. If you’re a TV novice, we recommend bringing your Sceptre TV to a repair shop. 

Inverter board repairs and replacements costs may vary and will sometimes cost about the same as purchasing a new unit. 

If a TV technician confirms that the inverter board needs replacement, consider your options and consult your unit’s warranty policy. 

The Capacitors are in Need of Repair or Replacement

TV’s capacitor

Try repairing or replacing your unit’s capacitors. 

A TV’s capacitor controls and power’s the unit’s electrical output. It’s not uncommon for them to fail or burn out because of an excessive electrical charge or overheating. 

If your Sceptre TV is turning on for a few seconds and then suddenly turning off, your unit’s capacitor may need replacement or repair. 

Because capacitor failure is a common problem, the repairs are usually reasonably priced. 

Alternatively, you can order the needed parts (which will vary on your TV’s model) and repair the capacitor yourself. However, not only is this a technical process, but it is also dangerous since touching your TV’s power supply will electrocute you and could be lethal. 

Always proceed with caution whenever handling any appliance’s power supply.

If you’re interested in repairing your Sceptre TV’s capacitor at home, watch the video below demonstrating how to repair an LCD TV’s capacitor safely. 

Sceptre X320BV-HD 32" LCD TV Flickering / Turning Off and On FIX

Contact Sceptre Inc. Customer Support

Get in touch with Sceptre Inc. customer support for additional guidance. 

customer support

If you’ve tried our suggestions above and your Sceptre TV is still blinking or flickering, it may be time to contact Sceptre Inc. customer support. 

Sceptre Inc. customer support can be contacted via phone or email. Have your unit’s model number ready, and mention which troubleshooting tasks you’ve done so that the agent does not ask you to repeat them. 

Wrapping Things Up

Troubleshooting your blinking or flickering Sceptre TV may seem daunting, but it could save you both time and money on repairs. 

Resetting your unit and checking the cables are great first steps before addressing any issues with your TV’s internal hardware. 

Always exercise caution when handling electrical appliances, and don’t hesitate to contact Sceptre Inc. customer support for help. 

What’s your experience with your Sceptre TV blinking or flickering? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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