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Why Can’t PS5 Do 4K 60FPS?

Why Can’t PS5 Do 4K 60FPS?

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Gaming has revolutionized. 

Innovative new technologies, immersive and memorable games, up-and-coming gaming studios, and an ever-growing community of players have made the gaming industry one of the best in the entire world.

But ever since the release of the PS5, the gaming industry has changed forever. Having hit the markets only a year ago, Sony’s new product has hit a whopping 13million sales, increasing day by day. 

The PS5 got fantastic new features: Incredibly fast loading times, exclusive free games, exceptional video and audio, and a variety of other cool features. It is no surprise it is considered one of the greatest consoles of all time. 

But there is one question people always ask: Why can’t the PS5 run 4K 60 fps? And if not, what can it run?

Below, I have gone in-depth, offering you everything you need to know about the PS5 and its graphics.

Why Can’t the PS5 Do 4K 60 FPS?

PS5 console and controller in blue background

Simply put, hardware limitations.

Considered one of the highest levels of resolution, 4K graphics are extremely straining for the PS5, and combined with 60 frames per second (fps), the PS5’s hardware can’t always manage such high settings

Due to the powerful nature of both the graphics and the resolution, the hardware would drain up too many resources, ultimately slowing down the hardware

That being said, there are a few select games that CAN run 4K 60 fps.

Which Games Can Run at 4K 60 fps on the PS5?

PS5 controller in front of background of blur game images

Although most games on the PS5 do not run 4K 60 fps there are a few notable exceptions. 

Games include many triple-A titles such as: 

Despite a limited number of games on the list, there is some good news. Game developers have recently been rolling out many updates to upscale their games to the best graphics possible, which means we should see more games added to the list. 

Keep an eye out for those updates!

Can the PS5 Run 4K 120 fps?

You may be wondering: if the PS5 can run some games on 4K 60 fps, can it also run 4K 120 fps? 

Well, you’re in luck because a few games that can properly run 4K 120 fps on the PS5. 

Currently, four games support this setting:

  • Rouge Company
  • Monster Boy
  • Cursed Kingdom
  • Centipede Recharged

The list contains rather small and simple games but since they are rendered at the highest possible graphic setting,  

So although the list is few, it’s quality, not quantity, that matters.

Can the PS5 Run 4K 60 fps With Ray-Tracing?

Ray Tracing is a rendering technique that produces incredible lighting effects and it’s being hailed as the most significant graphics update in the gaming industry in decades. With ray- tracing you can expect highly realistic, lifelike, and stunning graphics.

So, can the PS5 run Ray-Tracing on a 4K 60 fps setting?

playing games at home with PS5

Well, it’s yes and no.

Ray-tracing is in its infancy which means it demands huge amounts of resources and energy. The PS5 cannot output 60 fps on 4k resolution with ray tracing enabled. Hardly any graphics card out there can pull that off unless you’re willing to spend big bucks. 

However, there is another way in which the PlayStation 5 enables Ray-Tracing. 

The PS5 can run games either in performance mode or quality mode. In performance mode, you will get the highest fps but with limited ray-tracing. In quality mode, you will get a ray-tracing option with fantastic visuals but with limitations on fps.

For example, playing Assassins Creed Valhalla in performance mode,  will get around 120 fps on 1080p but with no ray tracing. Meanwhile, if you play in quality mode, you will get around 30 fps in 4K but with ray tracing enabled. So, unfortunately, you can’t have the best of both worlds at this stage and will have to rely on either of the two modes; the preference is yours.

That being said, there is one game on the PS5 that runs 4K 60 fps with Ray-Tracing enabled and that game is Returnal. With fantastic visuals, high resolution, and fast gameplay, Returnal provides a gaming experience unlike any other.  

Returnal - PlayStation 5

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What Settings Does the PS5 Run?

You may be wondering, what can the PS5 run?          

Despite the hardware limitations, the PS5 can still run a lot, and that too at fantastic settings.

For those of you users with 4K resolution screens, the PS5 offers an acceptable 30 fps. At first glance, it may not seem like much, but the difference is almost unnoticeable when played on a 4K screen  

A variety of triple AAA titles are available for 4K 30 fps, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Rocket League, Skyrim, and many more. 

For the limitations on 4K, the PS5 makes it up for a whopping 120 fps on 1080p. Running 120 fps at 1080p is not the same as 120 fps on 4K, but is certainly not bad. The extremely high frames per second make up for any defects in resolution, allowing for smooth and enhanced gameplay, improving your overall gaming experience on the PS5.

There are hundreds of titles running 120 fps on 1080p, including top games such as:

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Deluxe Edition (PS5)

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Wrapping Up

The PS5 was released only a year ago and despite the many hardware limitations, it has still been able to run a few games on high and superior settings. 

And with developers rolling out games with new updates and settings, we will see more and more games added to the list in the years to come. 

Good luck gamers! 

I hope you found this article helpful,

Let us know if we’ve missed anything.

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