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Why Are HDMI Cables So Hard To Plug In?

HDMI cables are an essential part of any video feed setup. They help you connect laptops, TVs, home theater systems, game consoles, projectors, and many other devices while maintaining the quality of both your audio and video.

However, using HDMI cables can sometimes be tricky, especially with how it can be difficult to align them with the HDMI port. But why are HDMI cables so hard to plug in?

The simple answer is that HDMI cables  are made of many sensitive parts that can be easily deformed with improper use, especially the pins that connect the video conductors to your device. Once deformed, these parts may not align well with the HDMI port, making it hard to plug in the HDMI cable.

Why are HDMI cables so hard to plug in?

A man plugging an hdmi cable into a TV port

To understand why HDMI cables are so hard to plug in, we need to first understand the structure of an HDMI cable.

An HDMI cable consists of a cable and a connector on each end of the cable.

The cable is made up of several conductors that relay the audio and video data. The connectors are the metal ends that are used to connect the conductors in the cable to the HDMI port in your device.

To relay the audio and video data, the conductors in the cable are connected to tiny pins in the connectors. These pins need to align perfectly with the HDMI port for the HDMI cable to be plugged in properly.

Since these pins are so tiny, it can be hard to line them up perfectly with the HDMI port, which is why it can be hard to plug in HDMI cables.

The pins are also easily deformed, so if you ever try to plug in an HDMI cable improperly, you might deform the pins and make your HDMI cable even harder to plug in the next time around.

Is there a wrong way to plug HDMI cables into HDMI ports?

A man plug an hdmi cable into a TV

Yes, there is a wrong way to plug in HDMI cables!

As mentioned above, HDMI cables are made of many tiny, sensitive parts, including both the connector pins and the conductors in the cable.

These parts can become deformed if you try to push in an HDMI cable too hard, at an angle, or with too much pressure. 

They can also be deformed if you plug the HDMI cable in properly changing the setup. For example, if you push the cable up against the wall, causing the conductors inside to bend excessively, straining their connection to the pins.

Any of these situations can cause the connector pins to be bent, twisted, or broken, and the conductors be damaged or severed. The HDMI port may also become damaged.

If any of its parts is broken, the HDMI cable will have reduced functionality or may not even function. 

Is it bad to plug and unplug an HDMI cable?

a hdmi cable is plugged in a port

Yes, it is bad to constantly plug and unplug an HDMI cable!

If you are plugging and unplugging it once to connect it properly, your HDMI cable should be fine.

However, if you are repeatedly plugging and unplugging it, you could wear down your HDMI cable, as well as your HDMI port.

Even if you plug and unplug it properly and carefully, constant use can wear down the connector pins and can pull on the conductors in the cable, loosening their connection to the pins. 

If possible, we recommend changing your setup so that you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging your HDMI cable.

But if you can’t change your setup, we recommend taking the extra time to plug and unplug properly, as well as buying good quality HDMI cables that can withstand constant use .

How to plug an HDMI cable properly and easily?

A man plugs a red hdmi cable into a port

If you’ve been having trouble connecting your HDMI cable, you might be doing it the wrong way. 

As we’ve mentioned above, HDMI cables have many parts that need to be carefully connected to an HDMI port. 

So, to plug and unplug HDMI cables properly, we need to take the time and effort to make sure all of these parts are aligned with the HDMI port and not deformed.

Whether you’re connecting to a laptop , a television , a home theater system , a game console , or a projector , we’ve got guides on properly plugging and unplugging an HDMI cable below!

A man unplugs a hdmi cable

To plug in an HDMI cable properly and easily, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Hold the solid connector end, NOT the cable.
  • Line it up in front of your device’s HDMI port.
  • Push gently and make sure you’re pushing in a straight line.
  • Do NOT try to jiggle the connector into the HDMI port. This might damage your HDMI cable.
  • If you feel any resistance while pushing the HDMI cable into the HDMI port, pull it out gently. Try to line it up better, then push it in again.
  • Once the HDMI cable is plugged in, make sure the cable has enough space and isn’t pressed up against something that may strain the connection.

This may take more time than simply shoving in the HDMI cable, but taking a few extra seconds to do it properly will save you time that would’ve been lost plugging and unplugging the HDMI cable unsuccessfully.

A person plug an orange hdmi cable into a laptop

To unplug an HDMI cable properly and easily, you can follow these simple steps:

  • If you need to plug and unplug constantly, turn off the power to the device before unplugging the HDMI cable. This will help protect it from wearing down.
  • Hold the connector, NOT the cable.
  • Pull gently and evenly, in a perpendicular line from the HDMI port.
  • Do NOT try to jiggle the connector out of the HDMI port. This might damage the connector pins.

And if you need to store your HDMI cable, coil it loosely and make sure nothing heavy is on top of its connectors. Coiling it tightly may damage its conductors, and heavy objects may deform the connectors.


A black hdmi cable next to black hdmi ports

HDMI cables connect to HDMI ports through connector pins that relay the information traveling through the conductor wires. 

However, these connector pins need to be perfectly aligned for you to plug in the HDMI cable, and they are also easily deformed.

If you plug in an HDMI cable at an angle too hard, or with too much pressure, you may damage the cable. 

And if you keep plugging and unplugging an HDMI cable, you may wear down its connector pins, as well as the HDMI port.

To plug in an HDMI cable properly, hold the connector, align it with the HDMI port, and gently push it in. 

To unplug an HDMI cable properly, hold the connector and gently pull it out in a line perpendicular to the device. 

We hope that this article helped you learn more about HDMI cables, how they work, and how to use them properly!

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