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What Can Alexa Do Without Wi-Fi/Internet? All Alexa-Compatible Devices Explained

What Can Alexa Do Without Wi-Fi/Internet? All Alexa-Compatible Devices Explained

Your Alexa is the backbone of your home. From morning to night, you’re giving your Alexa commands to send emails, play music, and give you weather updates. However, you’re moving to a new home in a few weeks and won’t have Wi-Fi for at least a month. 

Will your Alexa still work without the internet? What can Alexa do without a network connection on different Alexa-supported devices?

Keep reading to find out! 

What Is Alexa?

Alexa is a virtual assistant technology that helps you easily complete daily tasks. It is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service that is used on over a hundred million compatible devices. 

It responds to the users’ voice prompts to control your phone, speaker, laptop, and more! 

a hand is holding a smartphone showing amazon alexa app's startup screen with a tv in the background

While Alexa is a luxury to some, it can be a necessity to those with physical disabilities who struggle to read their electronic’s screen or perform simple manual tasks, like typing. 

With the help of Alexa, you can perform any of the following tasks

  • Turn on/off and adjust your smart home devices (e.g. smart light bulbs, smart TVs, smart locks, etc.) 
  • Play/Pause music, audiobooks, or podcasts
  • Send text messages
  • Make phone calls
  • Create and manage to-do lists 
  • Get the latest news and weather updates
  • Set alarms
  • And more! 

Can Alexa Devices Work Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, they can still work without Wi-Fi. However, there are some limitations.

a man lying on the counch with a tablet on his hands, no wi-fi symbol shown on the tablet

All Alexa-supported devices are smart, meaning they must be connected to the internet to have full functionality. While these devices will still work without the internet, many of their features will be disabled or severely limited. This includes their Alexa function, which will be immediately disabled once it loses a network connection. 

Alexa-Supported Devices Without Wi-Fi (or No Internet) Capabilities With Wi-Fi
Smart Speakers & Earphones (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot,…) They can be used as normal Bluetooth speakers/earphones. All Alexa functions mentioned in the first section together with their own device-specific capabilities.
TVs & Streaming Devices (Fire TV Sticks, Cubes,…) Smart TVs will work as non-smart TVs, as all of their apps are network-enabled. Streaming devices will become nearly useless as you will only be able to use the installed apps that do not require the internet
Phones & Tablets (Amazon Fire, Fire HD,…) They can only be used for cellular (calls and SMS/MMS) and offline features. You will still be able to open network-enabled apps, but they will not load. 
Laptops & Desktops Will simply work as a normal computer without Wi-Fi. For example, you can still use the basic Microsoft Office tools, Adobe Suite, etc.
Smart Home If you’ve already activated Local Voice Control on the Alexa app, these devices may still be able to control certain smart appliances. 
Wearables (Smartwatches) You can use some basic functions that still work on your smartwatch without connecting to Wi-Fi and your phone (e.g. alarms, time/date, step count, etc.).
Automotive (Cars) Some will still work as a miniature Alexa version, allowing basic voice interactions (e.g. adjusting the car’s heating/cooling functions, making calls, GPS, etc.).

Wrapping Things Up

Alexa was designed to be used with a network connection, thus the majority of its features are network-enabled. With the internet, your Alexa can perform a variety of tasks from making a pesky to-do list to locking your home’s doors at night. 

However, without an internet connection, your Alexa and Alexa-supported device’s abilities will be severely limited. All of these devices are smart and must have an internet connection to function fully. You will still be able to use your smart device’s offline functions, but you will not be able to control them with Alexa. 

Some cars’ Alexa functions may still allow you to make calls, use GPS, and so on, but you won’t be able to access any online information. 

What’s your experience using Alexa without Wi-Fi? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.