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Sceptre TV Will Not Connect to Wi-Fi: How Can I Fix It?

Sceptre TV Will Not Connect to Wi-Fi: How Can I Fix It?

Sceptre is a credible TV brand with excellent features, at least going by the many reviews I have come across online. That, however, does not mean that it’s flawless. In fact, one of the most common glitches with these TVs is that they keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi. 

 To fix this glitch:

  1.  Start by checking the router’s position to establish that no objects are interfering with its signal. 
  2. Reset your router and television to the factory default state.
  3.  If that fails, contact your ISP to determine if the problem is coming from their backend.  

So how can you make sure that you encounter minimal or no TV/Wi-Fi-related issues? 

Keep reading to find out.

Why Does Your Sceptre TV Keep Disconnecting From the Internet?

Smart TVs are undoubtedly a great invention, but they are not without problems. There are many reasons why you may be encountering Wi-Fi glitches. 

1. Connection Buffering

To use a smart TV, you must have a strong internet connection. If not, you are in for an unpleasant experience because a slow connection leads to buffering issues.

Wifi Router

Always go for a faster internet speed for a good streaming experience. Alternatively, you can opt for a bigger bandwidth by upgrading your Wi-Fi plan. 

2. Wi-Fi Signal Interference

Generally, you will incur internet connectivity hitches if you use wireless connections. If you have placed your screen near metallic objects, they could interfere with the Wi-Fi signals your Sceptre TV needs. 

The location of your router is also crucial because it determines your internet signal. It’s pretty impossible to use your screen when there is frequent signal disruption.

3. Guest Wi-Fi Network

 You could have set your Wi-Fi to guest mode. The difference between the main Wi-Fi and the guest mode is that the latter limits one’s access to some files and data available in the main network.

It’s easier for hackers to exploit your network if you are on guest mode. Unauthorized users and devices may be accessing your Wi-Fi without your knowledge, thus slowing down the internet speed. 

How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Problems in Sceptre TVs

Now that you are all caught up on the probable causes of smart TV internet connection problems, let’s look into the viable fixes.

1. Checking and Adjusting the Position of the Router

Always check on your router before resorting to other solutions. Remove anything that may be placed between the TV and the router: this will create a stable signal.

a router and remote place near a TV

If the problem is still persistent, change the position of either the router or the TV. Neither of them should be put in a spot with objects like baby monitors, phones, microwaves, or video game controllers. 

Supposing that also fails to work, try using a Wi-Fi range extender to improve your Wi-Fi coverage by enhancing connection in the dead spots in your home. 

2. Using Ethernet 

From my personal experience, when it comes to a smart TV, it’s better to use an Ethernet connection instead of a wireless connection. An ethernet connection is ideal for a speedy and stable smart TV connection

If you connect an Ethernet cable to your Wi-Fi router, you’ll have a higher and more stable bandwidth which means there will no longer be frequency interruption from other devices. Ethernet connection is also much safer because it’s impossible to hack.

A wifi connection

The only downside is that the long Ethernet cord will always be visible. Although you can always get a cord cover to conceal it. An ethernet connection is the best choice for a smoother streaming experience. 

3. Turning off the Guest Wi-Fi

People love the guest Wi-Fi mode for numerous reasons but trust me, you do not need it. It interferes with Scepter TV’s automatic internet connection set-up mode. Also, disabling this mode would disconnect all the devices or users who might be using your network without your consent. 

So how do you get rid of the guest mode? 

Login to your account and open the wireless tab to navigate your Wi-Fi settings. Click on the guest network option and disable it.

Finalize by clicking on “Apply” at the bottom of the page. If this solution doesn’t fix your problem, move to the next one. 

4. Resetting the TV and the Router

Suppose you have used your smart TV for an extended period before encountering Wi-Fi connection problems. The issue could be that your TV and router have stored so much information, hindering their functionality.

When you reset your TV or router, you delete all configuration files from their systems and enable them to function as required. How do you factory reset a Sceptre TV? 

How to Factory Reset Sceptre TV - Fix it Now

Go to your TV settings, look for device preferences, and select factory data reset. Click on the “Erase Everything” option. In other Scepter models, you will reset the device by clicking on the menu button, looking for the set-up menu, and choosing the “All Reset” option. 

To reset your router, you’ll need a paper clip. Check the bottom or back of the device, and you’ll see a button marked “reset.” Use the paper clip to hold down the reset button for about 30 seconds, then wait for your router to be powered back on. Here’s an excellent video tutorial to guide you.

How to Reset a Router | Internet Setup

You can also reset your router from the configuration page. Key in your router’s IP address on a web browser, then navigate the system tools to find the factory default tab. Click on reset or restore, then wait for the router to reboot.

After resetting both devices, don’t forget to connect your Sceptre screen to your Wi-Fi. 

Sceptre Android TV: How to Setup for Beginners

5. Contacting Your ISP. 

If all the hacks I’ve given prove futile, you have no option but to contact your internet service provider. Though rare, the ISP could be running maintenance or updating their database: you will be instructed to wait for a specific period before the issue gets resolved.


As you can see, it’s pretty easy to fix a Sceptre TV internet disconnection problem. Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do to avoid experiencing Wi-Fi glitches unless, of course, you opt for an Ethernet connection.

If you still have disconnection problems despite doing everything I’ve mentioned, don’t hesitate to contact Sceptre Inc. support. All the best!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.