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How To Reset a JVC Projector?

How To Reset a JVC Projector?

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JVC produces some of the highest quality projectors on the market, so it’s important to know how to take care of them. Part of this care includes resetting your projector when necessary. 

However, digging through the JVC manual to find answers and instructions can be tedious. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. 

When and how should you reset your JVC projector?

How do you reset your JVC projector’s lamp timer? 

How do you perform soft and factory resets on a JVC projector? 

Keep reading to find out! 

When Should You Reset a JVC Projector?

You should reset a JVC projector to revert the adjustment data to their default settings. 

You can perform three types of resets on JVC projectors: a lamp reset, a soft reset, and a factory reset. Each reset has its purpose. 

Lamp Timer Reset

Whenever you replace your JVC projector’s lamp, you must also reset the lamp timer. 

The lamp timer will alert you when the lamp life is near its end, but be aware that this is only an estimate. Your lamp could burn out before the lamp timer goes off. 

Improper care, an excess of dust around the lens, and frequent overheating are just a few reasons your projector’s lamp life could be shortened. 

Resetting the lamp timer to alert you when it’s almost time to replace the lamp will allow you ample time to prepare. You may need to order a new lamp replacement or do some reading on how to replace a JVC lamp unit.

man replacing the projector lamp

The lamp timer helps ensure that lamp replacement day won’t come as a surprise. 

Soft Reset

Soft resetting a JVC projector is similar to rebooting it. If your projector is glitching or not connecting properly to input sources, soft resetting it is always a great option. 

red reset button on a keyboard

Think of it as turning your computer off and on when something is malfunctioning, giving the software a chance to restart. 

Factory Reset

JVC projectors are known for their great picture quality, which can be adjusted to fit your viewing preferences. But these custom settings can get tricky, leaving you with a less than perfect outcome if adjusted incorrectly. 

Instead of manually configuring the setting back to its original value, you can reset it with the click of a button. Not only does this save you a lot of time and trouble, but it also ensures you can achieve the best picture settings by allowing you to experiment with your preferences without doing any irreversible damage. 

a woman push a button on a projector

How to Reset the Lamp Timer on a JVC Projector?

Follow the steps below to reset your JVC projector’s lamp timer

Only reset the lamp timer just after having replaced the lamp unit. Resetting the lamp timer when a new lamp unit has not been recently installed could cause it to burn, blow out, or overheat, leading to a fire hazard. 

smoke detector with flames and smoke

Avoid keeping used lamps in your home to prevent confusion when replacing the lamp unit. 

There are two ways to reset the lamp timer: using the menu screen or the remote while the projector is on standby. 

Resetting the Lamp Timer via the Menu Screen

To reset the lamp timer via the menu screen, first press the Menu button. Click on Function from the overhead menu and scroll down to select Lamp Reset. 

A pop-up window will appear asking for confirmation to reset the lamp timer. Press Yes, then Ok to reset the lamp timer, then you’re good to go!

Resetting the Lamp Timer with the Remote 

Alternatively, you can reset the lamp timer using your remote while the projector is in standby mode. 

man holding a projector remote with a projector beside

Put your projector in standby mode, making sure it’s plugged in but not powered on. 

Ensure your remote is working correctly and hold it appropriately close to your projector. 

Press the following buttons right after one another, making sure to not hold them down for longer than two seconds. Click Back, OK, then Hide. Afterward, immediately hold down the downward-facing error button for two or more seconds. 

Now your lamp timer has been reset!

How to Soft Reset a JVC Projector?

Reboot your JVC projector by soft resetting it.

man clicking on reboot button

JVC projectors do not have an internal battery, so they must be connected to a stable power source to turn on. They also are not powered off like other electrical appliances are. Instead, they are either turned on or in standby mode. 

To soft reset your JVC projector, place it in standby mode before unplugging it. Leave it unplugged for at least 30 minutes before plugging it back in and turning it back on. This will soft reset it.

It’s that easy!

How to Factory Reset a JVC Projector?

Factory reset adjustable settings with the click of a button!

factory reset icon

While other projectors can be completely factory reset, returning them to their out of box state, JVC projectors allow you to reset specific settings. Since JVC units cannot connect to Wi-Fi or store personal data like smart projectors, you’ll have to reset the individual settings instead. 

When altering JVC picture settings, the options almost seem endless. From changing the picture mode to calibrating the color profile, customizing the image has a lot of room for error. This is where resetting comes in handy! 

At the bottom of the Picture Adjust menu, you will see a Reset button on-screen under each picture setting. Clicking this button will reset the image settings. 

Just like that, you’ve reset the unit’s settings to their default values!

Wrapping Things Up

There are many ways to reset your JVC projector depending on if you’ve just installed a new lamp, are experiencing technical difficulties, or need to return the picture settings to their default values. 

Consult your JVC projector’s manual or contact JVC customer support if you have any more questions. 

Can’t find your user manual? Have no fear! You can view searchable PDFs of all the JVC products’ manuals at JVC Instruction Manual Download. Insert your projector’s model number and read its manual free of charge! 

What’s your experience resetting a JVC projector? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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