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[Review] Red Star Tec PR-819 Laser Pointer

Review of Red Star Tec Wireless Clicker

Wireless Range

The 50-foot working range is lacking compared to similar models

Ease of use

The buttons are comfortable to use and the setup is simple


This presentation remote lacks a volume control feature


The price point is fair and affordable

What We Like

  • Great value for money
  • Built-in red laser pointer
  • Integrated power indicator
  • Straight forward setup

What We Don’t Like

  • The working range is a bit disappointing
  • Volume control is missing

The Red Star Tec Wireless Presentation Remote is a handy little tool with quite a few impressive features under its sleeve. It has a decent 50-feet working range, a built-in red laser pointer, as well as a housed wireless receiver. The setup is super simple and the wide compatibility allows for smooth performance.


Produced by Red Star Tec, a company owned entirely by Active Training Organization Ltd., the Red Star Tec Wireless Presentation Remote is a novelty electronic accessory designed specifically to make your presentation experience smoother.

This innovative tool works by joining 2 parts together; a wireless transmitter and a remote control type of device, allowing you to go through your presentation without the need of remaining close to your laptop or computer.

Established in 2014, Red Star Tec released its Wireless Presentation Remote shortly after in 2015, receiving an overwhelming number of positive reviews. The affordable price coupled with the practical functionality of the wireless remote managed to attract thousands of customers interested in the extra convenience.

Red Star Tec doesn’t offer any sort of official warranties, however, the company does outstanding customer service which seems to make up for it. Moreover, they back up their product with a 100% money-back guarantee which really speaks for their confidence in the performance quality.

This particular model of the Wireless Presentation Remote is called the PR-819, which was later upgraded by Red Star Tech into the PR-820 version to include volume control and wireless mouse features.

Who is this Product for?

The Red Star Wireless Presentation Remote is an ideal tool for any individual whose work circumstances or job description includes providing presentations to an audience on a semi-frequent to a regular basis.

This Wireless Presentation Remote allows the user to control all the elements of his/her presentation while being away from the keyboard of a laptop or a computer. This grants him/her the freedom of roaming or moving around the room with far fewer restrictions of control range.

You’ll find the Red Star Tech Wireless Presentation Remote advantageous if:

  • You’re a lecturer or an educator who’s always presenting materials to numerous classes through visual-aid methods.
  • You work in a firm or company where you primarily handle presentations during meetings, discussions, and conferences.
  • You’re often too distracted with the task of “presenting” which causes you to lose focus on correctly timing your slides.
  • You seem to often fail in keeping your audience attentive and interactive because you take too many “pause breaks” for clicking through to the next slide.
  • You’re a student of a certain field that requires you to make presentations on the regular.
  • You like or need to move across the room while giving a presentation.
  • You want to develop your presentation skills.
  • You’re already looking for a wireless presentation remote but you’re on a budget.

It’s pretty obvious how the Red Star Tech Wireless Presentation Remote can make the presentation aspect of your professional life easier and simpler, allowing you to make a great first impression as well as maintain an impressive record of smooth presentations.

However, there could be a chance your encounter with such a product won’t be very productive, in which case you may want to reconsider. For example:

  • If you struggle with handling wireless tools being too “sensitive” to accidental clicks rather than keyboards that require you to actually use it. You may need some time to adjust to using a wireless presentation controller.
  • If you often forget to buy batteries, this product may be a hassle since it’s battery-powered.

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What’s Included?

The Red Star Tech Wireless Presentation Remote comes in a black box sporting the red company logo which contains the following:

  • 1 black leather travel case equipped with a zipper to safely store the device.
  • 1 wireless presentation remote carrying all the control buttons.
  • A wireless USB receiver
  • 1 user manual in multiple languages

The Red Star Tech Wireless Presentation Remote package doesn’t include batteries, so you’ll have to purchase 2 AAA batteries  to use the device.

Overview of Features

The Red Star Tec PR-819 Wireless Presentation Remote didn’t gain its wide popularity just based on its affordable price compared to other brands on the market, it also packs some impressive features including:

1. Red Laser Pointer

A laser pointer can come in quite handy during a presentation, it’s a perfect way to keep the audience engaged and highlight the most important parts of your work.

Red Star Tec definitely took this into consideration, offering the built-in red laser pointer to help you deliver the best possible performance.

2. Multiple Platform Compatibility

The Red Star Tec Wireless Remote Clicker is also very convenient to use on almost any device or operating system. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac OS, so whether you’re working with a Chromebook, Laptop, Desktop, or MacBook/ MacBook Pro, you can rest assured the operation will go smoothly.

Wondering which presenter model works best for your Macbook? Here’s our fully round-up to answer this question!

3. Plug & Play

The Plug & Play feature is one we’ve seen on several other presentation remotes, yet we’re just as happy to see as the first time.

Why? Well, this feature basically translates into a hassle-free setup process, meaning you don’t have to install software to use it on PC or Mac. However, if the controller gives you a hard time working for Mac, the company urges you to contact them and they’ll gladly talk you through it.

4. Housed Receiver

The wireless receiver comes with an integrated slot that you simply slide it in. This means the chances of losing the receiver are practically gone.

5. Power Indicator

The Red Star Tec Presentation Clicker also includes a power indicator right on top of its control panel to keep you updated on the power/charging status of your device.

The Red Star Tec Wireless Presentation Remote is surely a reliable tool, however, the working range of 50 feet can be improved. Additionally, the PR-819 clicker doesn’t feature volume control options or a wireless mouse function, but both were added in the upgraded model PR-820.

Using the Red Star Tec Wireless Presentation Remote

Getting the Red Star Tec Wireless Clicker up and running is quite easy to figure out.

  • First, insert 2 AAA batteries  into the clicker. (not included)
  • Next, plug in the wireless USB receiver into a matching USB port on your laptop to pair them up.
  • Hit the power button and start using the remote.

The control functions of the Red Star Tec Wireless Presentation Clicker include page up/down, blank screen, and launch PowerPoint slide show.


If you’re having second thoughts due to the absence of volume controls on the PR-819, you should definitely check out the Red Star Tec PR-820 Wireless Presenter.

Wireless Powerpoint Presentation Remote Clicker and Keynote Presenter with Wireless Mouse (PR-820) from Red Star Tec
  • Wireless Presentation Clicker that is compatible with both Mac's & PC's. No wires needed, no pairing...
  • As well as the "air mouse" the remote INCLUDES Volume Control, Red Laser Pointer, Hyperlink Ability,...
  • The PR-820 presenter comes with a wireless USB receiver smartly housed within the remote control...

On the other hand, if you’re set on a rechargeable model of presentation remotes, the Dinofire Wireless Presenter can be the one for you.

Wrap Up

There’s no doubt that the Red Star Tec Presentation Remote offers incredible convenience and dependable performance, however, the decision is ultimately yours. We sincerely hope this detailed review was able to answer all your questions regarding the PR-819 Presentation Clicker.


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