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Pyle Widescreen LED Projector Review

Projectors come in different sizes and the capacity of each differs according to the way it is designed.

The Pyle widescreen LED projector is a portable mini projector that has been designed to produce nice large images, perfect for whatever you intend to project.

It gives an incredible cinematic experience when watching movies, and adds fun to your gaming.

In this article, you will find the various features of this projector. This comprises its strengths and weaknesses. You will also find other things you need to know about this projector. So, let’s get to it.


Who can use this projector?

businessman using Pyle Widescreen LED Projector for presentation

It is a good projector for both beginners and experts. It is simple to use and works well, even as a small projector. You can call it, small but mighty.

As a teacher, a businessman, an analyst, or a game lover, you will find this projector very helpful. It can be used to project different images, presentations, tutorial videos for students, movies, and games. There is hardly anyone who won’t find this projector very useful.

Therefore, if it is meant for everyone, then it is also meant for you.

So, what will you find in a box of this Pyle widescreen LED projector? You are about to find out.

What is in the box?

This projector comes with different accessories and you will get to know them in this section of the article.

If any of these accessories are missing, make sure you contact the vendor as soon as you can.

A package of Pyle widescreen projector contains:

  • The projector itself
  • A power adapter
  • A remote control
  • 3-in-1 RCA to 3.5mm Cable

Features of this projector

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What are the features that you desire in a projector? Considerable image size, high brightness level, longer battery life, or even remote control.

The Pyle widescreen LED projector has different features that will thrill you. Its compact size and fantastic design make it suitable to produce large nice images for your presentations, movies and other projections.

It has an in-built speaker that produces loud clear sounds and enables you to pick the little sounds made from your movies or games. You will never miss out on anything. You want something more?

It has an audio connection jack for RCA input and output. This projector is a Full HD 1080p projector with a resolution of about 1920 × 1080.

Now here is the kicker; with the help of the digital multimedia file reader of this projector, you can easily play movies, videos such as PowerPoint presentations from your laptop or PC.

Below, you will find other incredible features of the Pyle widescreen LED projector, as well as those features that may not meet up to your expectations.

What we like

It is portable and can be easily moved from one place to another. It serves well as both a home and office projector. It can easily fit into your bag causing less stress when moving it to and fro the office.

This projector can create up to 120” inches image size, which is adjustable based on your preference. It can create a clear image on any flat surface, be it the classroom board or your bedroom wall.

It is simple to use, and is beginner-friendly. Its setup is also simple. You can easily operate the projector and adjust some of its features with the use of the remote control.

The Pyle widescreen LED projector is compatible with a lot of devices. It can connect to laptops, PC, game consoles, and several others.

It comes with a headphone jack, and it also has HDMI, AV, and VGA inputs.

It has a compact design and it is lightweight.

What we don’t like

It produces 400 lumens of brightness, and that is not enough to give clear images in bright rooms. Images that are not very bright, are difficult to picture even when the room is dark.

The cord that comes with the projector is too short.



It has a compact design.
Ease of use


It is easy to use, and is beginner-friendly


It has fantastic features
Customer service


Responsive customer service

How to set up the Pyle widescreen LED projector

In the video below, you will see how to set up this projector. The video shows the unboxing process and the setup process.

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To substitute for this projector, you can choose the Vankyo leisure 3 projector. Comparing its brightness level to that of the Pyle widescreen LED Projector, this projector offers better brightness and image quality.

It gives +60% brightness more than many other projectors of its kind and also produces colorful images.

It has a remote control, to access various features and make adjustments from a long distance. It gives room for long hours of projecting, with a lamp life of about 40000 hours.

Just like the Pyle widescreen LED projector it is compatible with various devices, including smartphones.

A unique thing about this projector is that it comes with a carrying bag and a tripod stand.

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The Pyle widescreen LED projector is a fantastic projector. It has various features that make it an incredible choice for anyone.

The remote control feature makes it easy to perform certain operations and settings on the projector, from a distance. You don’t need to struggle with buttons on the projector all the time.

Unlike some projectors which require you to be tech-savvy to operate them, this projector is easy to use and operate. You can perform different actions with the remote control.

With this projector, you can play files like movies even when they are not directly saved on your laptop. This is because the projector has a memory card port. You can easily insert your card, and play files from it.

Not every projector has a memory card port, and this is one other feature that makes the Pyle widescreen LED projector stand out amongst its competitors.

There are other features as well, and based on its overall assessment, this projector can be considered a good choice for anyone.


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