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Projector or TV for Bedroom?

Projector or TV for Bedroom?

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Projectors are fun. They save a lot of space, and the size of the projected screen is entirely up to you. So, it makes you wonder, why have a TV at all? In this case, does it make sense to have a projector or TV for the bedroom?

For the longest time, most of us have had a TV in our bedroom. But, even the flattest of flatscreens are bulkier than any projected image. So does a projector make sense as a replacement?

First, we need to touch on a few key topics. Can a projector replace a TV? If so, which projectors are best?

As an avid projector lover, we can say a projector is great for any room of the house, including your bedroom.

Are Projectors Good for Bedrooms?


Projectors are great for bedrooms. 

As the need for live television and cable TV decreases, the less a regular TV makes sense. So why not opt for a projector?

You can easily view on-demand movies and shows from your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and other similar apps. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop.

But let’s say you’re hooked on regular programmed TV. You can always download Sling TV or similar apps to watch live programming. With this said, you won’t miss a traditional TV.

If that’s not enough, a projector takes up far less space than any TV you could purchase. Even the flattest flat screens take up space.

A projector works great on a shelf or a stool. If you have a nice portable projector, you can place it on your bed to watch. 

But let’s say you purchased a projector screen. The projector screen takes up some space. However, a screen rolls up neatly and tucks away near the ceiling. Therefore a projector, even with all of its accessories, still takes up less space.

So if you live in a small apartment with a small bedroom, it’s probably the better option.

Another plus is you can find an extremely affordable projector. 

TVs are usually more expensive than projectors. All the new TVs want to immerse you in a fantastic movie-viewing experience, but the immersion a TV provides is different than a projector.

A projector makes every movie, every scene, and every show, feel special. It is a very immersive experience.

Can a Projector Replace a TV in the Bedroom?

Yes. A projector can 100 percent replace a TV in the bedroom. However, it depends on who’s watching, what they’re watching, and how much they’re watching.

So let’s break down a few things you need to learn if you’re thinking of replacing your TV with a projector.

Projector lifespan

Projectors for bedroom

If you’re watching your TV every day, all day, there are certain things to consider if you’re replacing your TV with a projector.

For instance, the type of technology a projector uses is something to consider if you watch TV every day. As an example, some technologies like DLP last around 2,000 hours. But LED projectors last 30,000.

So let’s say you purchased the projector with a short lifespan and watch it eight hours a day. If you multiply eight by 30 days in one month, then by 12 months for a year, you get 2800 hours of projector time. In other words, your projector doesn’t last a year.

However, with an LED projector, you can enjoy it for 10 years or so.

Audio setup

Although many projectors come with small speakers, the chances of purchasing a projector with no speakers are high. Therefore it’s vital to understand that even the best projectors with speakers lack in the audio department.

So, if you’re considering purchasing a projector, make sure you also think about an audio system.

Which Projector is Best for the Bedroom? 

Now that we know a projector is perfect for the bedroom, let’s look at a few projectors and see how they work.

I should mention, it depends on your taste. Nevertheless, we will look at extremely different projectors to show you the wide range of options you have.

Optoma CinemaX P2

Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw 4K

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The Optoma CinemaX  P2  is a great projector for your new bedroom home theater. Although, I should mention that it’s on the high end when it comes to prices.

Optoma CinemaX P2 is great for many reasons. The first one is the ultra short throw it contains. A short-throw means you can place a projector close to your wall. With the Optoma CinemaX P2 you can put it as close as one foot to 12 feet far.

If you have a small apartment or tiny room, having a short-throw projector is excellent. 

This Optoma projector also contains 3,000 lumens of brightness which means you can watch it with ambient light in the room. Although the darker the room, the better, in any case.

This bright laser projector lasts about 30,000 hours which means you’re good for almost 10 years.

The CinemaX P2 is equipped with a beautiful 4K image, perfect for gaming and better for watching your favorite shows.

It comes with Alexa integrated as well as Android and iPhone compatibility.

The CinemaX P2 comes integrated with a 40w audio soundbar which gives you great sound clarity. This is great because now you don’t have to worry about purchasing a separate sound system.

PVO Mini Projector

Mini Projector, PVO Portable Projector

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The PVO Mini Projector  is cute and colorful. It’s also at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to price.

It’s portable and small enough to carry anywhere. The dimensions are ‎5.6 inches by 3.7 inches by 2.1 inches and weigh less than a pound.

It’s a Pico LED projector which means it has a long lamp life (20k hours.)

Although the native resolution is not that stellar (at only 640 by 360p resolution), it supports high definition 1080p.

The PVO is smartphone compatible with Lightning and HDMI cables. 

The mini projector has plenty of ports for all your devices. It includes USB, audio, Micro SD, TF, and AV interfaces for easy adaptability. So bring your laptop, desktop, or even digital camera, and let’s get the show started.

With the PVO mini projector, you don’t just get an extremely affordable projector for your bedroom. You get a projector that’s bright enough for the family to enjoy, and that’s what a new home theater system for your bedroom should accomplish.

DBPOWER Projector

DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector

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The DBPower Projector  is a beast. It’s a mini projector that packs a lot of power in one tiny compartment.

With 8,500 lumens of brightness, this projector is perfect for any room in the house, including your bedroom. However, that amount of brightness is also great for taking outdoors. Its portability makes this projector ideal for almost all situations. 

The DBPower projector is also reasonably priced for everything you get.

The native resolution is high definition 1080p. It utilizes LED and LCDs. It’s built to connect to smartphone devices using wifi easily. Therefore no need for HDMI or dongles for connecting purposes. However, it does come with proper HDMI, USB, AV, and VGA ports because you never know where this projector will take you.

Because of the LCD and LED combination, the lamp life of the DBPower is around 100,000 hours. In other words, this might be the last projector you ever buy.

You can blow up your image to an astounding 300 inches. Although 300 inches might be too much for your bedroom, you can always reduce it to an appropriate size.

The DBPower is equipped with software that can read Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and Adobe PDFs without a PC attached. All you need is a USB stick.

It also comes equipped with 5-watt speakers. Although the sound is decent, most projectors with speakers will benefit from an external speaker system.

Projector or TV?


To compare and contrast the above projectors with a new TV, let’s take a look at Bulletin by LG .

The Bulletin by LG is one of the flattest TVs you can purchase these days. However, even though it’s incredibly flat, it still sticks out of the wall because it’s a hard piece of technology that needs a wall-mount and hardware to make it work.

The LG TV is 100 inches wide, but it’s almost at the highest price point of our most expensive projector above.

The TV, even though it’s big, doesn’t compare to a 300-inch image. You cannot downsize it or carry it from room to room easily.

It’s not a portable electronic device like our projectors above.

However, it does contain the ability for you to watch your favorite shows on your favorite apps. It also allows you to watch regularly programmed TV with ease.

Nevertheless, a TV with these specifications is a large investment. So, why go with a TV when you can get the same specifications in a projector for a better price?

A Projector Will Replace TV

We all love watching movies, shows, and video games in our home theater. But now that we know more about projectors, we can replace that clunky old flat screen with a beautiful, bright, and ultimately flat projector.

VANKYΟ Mini Projector Portable 300”LCD Projector

Click image for more info

In other words, yes, you can replace your TV with a projector for your bedroom. All you need is the insight we provided in this article.

Now you can decide and purchase the perfect projector for your budget, room size, and viewing habits.

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