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Can You Put A Projector On A Table? The Ultimate Setup

Can You Put A Projector On A Table? The Ultimate Setup

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There are different ways to mount a projector. You can mount it on a shelf, the ceiling, or a table. Although how you mount your projector is dependent on your preference, and several other factors.

Table mounting is the most common projector mounting style and is often a permanent set up. This is because it may be stressful to mount the projector over and over again.

Can you put a projector on a table?

projector on a table with projector screen

Yes, you can put a projector on a table. However, there are a couple of factors to consider before doing this. The following are some factors to consider if you intend to mount your projector on a table.

The default mounting style for the projector

Some projectors are designed to be mounted on a shelf or table, while others should be on the ceiling. Although for most projectors it is the shelf or table mounting.

Lens shift

You should also consider the type of projector you have.

Some projectors have lens shift and for this reason, they have a default position with the lens placed vertically to the screen.

Others have the lens positioned horizontally to the screen.

However, projectors like the Epson projector have both vertical and horizontal lens shifts. So you do not have to center it in a particular position.

The offset

Some projectors have a negative offset. If the projector is placed in the wrong position, it can cause the image to be projected off the screen. Therefore, you need to mount the projector with the lens either below the bottom of the screen or above the top of the screen (that is if you are mounting the projector on a ceiling).

To compensate for this, most projectors use keystone adjustments. But this is not advisable because it affects the image brightness. This feature uses only a section of the imaging chip, and thus reduces the amount of light that can be reflected from it. If at all you need to use it, only a small amount of Keystone adjustment should be done.

Placing a projector on a table: The ultimate setup

To mount a projector on a table, you will need the table to be lower than its normal, so that the image would shoot upward and can be projected on the screen. Using the steps enumerated below, you can conveniently set up your projector on a table.

Find a location

a projector on a small table in a living room

Choose a location for your projector, either in the living room or bedroom. Find a position for your table. When doing this, take note of the position of your couch (if the projector will be in your living room) and the position of your bed (if the projector will be in your bedroom).

Set up your screen

a projector on a short table in a living room with standard projector screen in a room

First, determine the type of screen you intend to use: a standard projector screen or a sheet projector screen.

Set up the screen. Standard projector screens are easier and faster to mount compared to sheet projector screens.

Get the appropriate height

a projector on a short table in a living room

Get the best height for your table. This depends on the offset of the projector. You don’t want your image to be projected off the screen.

If the table is of the correct height, the image will be projected right on the screen.

Adjust the image

a short-throw projector on a small table

This requires that you adjust the image till you get the best focus; you should take note of the distance of the projector from the screen.

The closer the projector is to the screen, the bigger and blurrier the image gets. Although this is dependent on the projector’s throw.

A short-throw projector would require a short distance between the projector and screen, while a long-throw projector will require a longer distance.

Depending on the lens shift, adjust the projector’s lens to the center of the screen. If the image is off-center, you can move the lens up or down till the image is properly displayed.

Plug-in your cables

a projector on a table with VGA cable plugged in

Some projectors are wireless while others are wired. For a wired projector, you need to run the cables. However, this may be a problem since the cables will be laying on the floor and maybe a disturbance.

To solve this, you can get a wireless HDMI, at least that will reduce the cable by one. You can also get a large, cheap, thick rug and run the cable under it. Poke a hole in the middle of it to run the cable up to the table. However, this is not a very nice idea. Running power under a rug can lead to a fire outbreak.

Projector on table ideas

Check out these amazing ideas on how you can mount your projector on a table.

All-In-One home cinema coffee table

This is a combined set up for your projector and other accessories. You can fix your speakers, acoustic panels, and TV box all on one table.

For easier movement, you can fix small-sized rolling tires on the four legs of the table.

Custom concealment

This is a nice projector table with a good height. For a projector with a negative offset, this would be a very nice pick.

You can either place the projector on the coffee table or hide it in the enclosed chamber underneath.

Sobro smart storage coffee table

This is a stylish table for your projector. It has a chamber for almost any component. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to your projector. There is also a USB outlet.

One fantastic thing about this table is that it has a refrigerated drawer where you can keep the drinks. You will surely need that when watching movies.


Most projectors are often placed on a projector shelf or mounted high on the ceiling. It is rare to find anyone mounting their projector on a table for reasons best known to them.

Placing your projector on a table has its advantages and disadvantages as well. One of its advantages is that it is cheaper compared to the cost of procuring a projector shelf.

On the other hand, the disadvantages seem to be greater. The tables may get jostled or moved. Also, running the cables may be a lot of work. If you place the projector on a low table, kids and pets can walk in front of the screen and interrupt your viewing.

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