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How To Mount a Projector to a Rafter?

How To Mount a Projector to a Rafter?

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Does it irritate you when someone walks behind the projector while you’re watching a movie and casts unwelcome darkness right onto the screen?

It irks us too.

We had to consider a hanging projector just to put an end to the interruptions. 

And now, kids can run around, and everyone else can go about their business while we binge-watch our favorite shows without interference.

Sound like something you want for yourself? This can be your lifestyle, too. 

You only need to mount your projector to a rafter, and you’ll be all set.

Tag along as we show you how to do this.

Materials Needed

VIVO Universal Projection Mount Extending Arms Mounting Bracket

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Here is a list of the materials you’ll need for this project. 

To make your work easier, collect all the materials in advance. 

Write down everything you need and tick off each item as you pick it. This ensures you don’t forget anything.

If you’ve bought a new projector mount , it likely comes with the mounting hardware you need. Otherwise, all items are readily available in hardware stores, offline and online.

The Process

Here is a step-by-step video guide on how to mount the projector to a rafter:

How To Hang A Projector From Truss

Step 1: Preparing your workstation

Identify your workstation. 

It should be a flat surface, preferably a large table  or countertop that is big enough to hold the projector, mounting kit, and other materials.

Spread a clean piece of cloth on top of your work surface. This is where you will place your projector. Use microfiber where possible. 

The idea is to protect your projector from scratches. 

Step 2: Attach the projector mount

(6/11)STR Mount Tutorial: Attaching the projector to the mount

Set your projector on the flat work surface in an upside-down position.

Using a screwdriver, remove the washers and screws holding the back covering of the projector.

Place the mount onto the back surface of the projector. Carefully line up the legs of the projector mount with the screw holes on the projector.

Replace the screws and washers and tighten them to secure the mount. 

Don’t leave any screw holes unfastened. Doing that throws off the load balance, which leaves the projector weight unevenly distributed and can be a safety risk. 

Have several spare screws, bolts, and nuts with you so you can replace any nuts or screws that get misplaced as you work.

Step 3: Insert the threaded pipe

Time to insert the threaded pipe into the mount. The pipe goes into the opening on the surface of the mount. 

Fit the pipe into the opening and move it down by rotating it gently with your hand until it locks into position.

Step 4: Add the clamp

CBM Scaffold 8 Swivel Clamps

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Attach the No products found. onto the threaded pipe. Rotate it with your hands to tighten it.

If the half clamp has a tightening screw on the side, use a screwdriver to turn the screw and tighten the clamp some more.

Stage 5: Insert the safety cable

10 PCS 3FT Safety Cable

Click the image for more info

The safety cable is there to add a layer of safety by holding together everything that will be hanging from the rafter. 

You want to be sure that the projector and the mount don’t come crashing down if something goes wrong and the entire rig comes loose. And the safety cable prevents that from happening.

Thread the safety cable through the threaded pipe, down to the mount and the projector. 

Step 6: Hanging the projector from the rafter

hang the projector from the rafter

For this step, you need a ladder. You may also need someone to help lift the projector.

Position the ladder below the area you wish to hang the projector and climb onto the ladder.

Hold the threaded pipe and use it to lift the projector. 

Open the half clamp. Push the clamp onto the rafter, and then pull down the top of the half clamp to close it. 

So you should have the bottom part of the half clamp below the rafter > the rafter in the middle > then the top part of the half clamp above the rafter.

Tighten the nut wing to secure the clamp onto the rafter.

Wrap the safety cable around the rafter and clip it onto itself to secure it.

Your projector is now mounted to the rafter. 

Projector Mounting Precautions

1/ Do not use a projector mount that cannot carry the weight of the projector. 

Each projector mount has a weight capacity. Check the mount’s weight limit before buying to ensure you’re choosing the right product. 

Henxlco Universal Projector Mount

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You’ll need to know the weight of your projector. Pick a mounting kit that can hold far more than your projector’s weight.

An allowance of 20-30 lbs (or more) offers you a safety net that’s big enough to protect the projector from falling off the rafter.

Are you planning to use the mounting kit on different projectors? Use the heaviest of the projectors to determine the weight capacity of the mount you should buy. 

The above situation applies to folks who need to mount projectors for short durations. It’s also helpful for people who regularly use different projectors for different purposes.

2/ Thread your safety cable across the projector and mounting kit.

You may assume it’s okay to connect the safety cable to the projector and the rafter, leaving out the projector mount. But don’t do it.

The projector is the most expensive investment in this rig. We get that, but weaving the cable from the projector to the mount and around the rafter provides better reinforcement.

3/ Move your working surface closer to where you’ll position the projector.

working surface closer to a rafter

Is your work surface portable? Move it closer to where your projector will be hanging. 

Position the table right underneath the spot you intend to mount your projector. Then you will have an easier time lifting the projector and hooking it onto the rafter.

4/ Get someone to help mount the projector.

have SO help

Quite a number of us consider DIY projects a therapy of sorts. And we thoroughly enjoy single-handedly undertaking all kinds of projects. 

We cherish the thrill of accomplishing something. But it’s also how we assess whether our skills are improving.

It’s important to know when to ask for help, though. And one of those moments is when mounting a large, heavy projector.

If the projector is too heavy for you to handle on your own, find someone to help you lift and hold it while you clasp it onto the rafter.


There goes our detailed step by step guide to help you mount your projector to a rafter. Ensure you buy all the materials you need and that you also have the tools to use with you before you start the project. 

Happy watching!

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