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[Star Wars] Light Spears – Here Are 5 Lightsaber Pike Users That You May Not Know

The fantastical Star Wars universe has brought to the table numerous unique fictional weapons. Some of these have inspired leaps in technology, such as the efforts in creating an actual lightsaber.

It is undeniable that George Lucas’ vision is so unique that he has successfully inspired a whole subculture that prevails across countries and generations.

For this reason, the movies haven’t waned but, instead, gained more popularity over the years.

Yet, despite the fame of the trilogies, the lightsaber remains to be the singular weapon that most audiences remember. It seems that the other types haven’t drawn much attention in comparison.

Because of this, there seems to be some confusion as to the types of weapons that exist in Star Wars.

As a matter of fact, there are those who ask about whether lightsaber spears are used in canon or legends.

Unfortunately, although the design seems to be fascinating to fans, lightsaber spears don’t exist in the Star Wars universe. There are actual spears used by more primitive species but none of them make use of a plasma blade.

Technically speaking, the reasoning behind this is that the spear design just isn’t as portable as a hilt that can be hung on the user’s belt. Furthermore, a spear isn’t an effective tool to use against blaster shots.

Perhaps in one on one duels, a spear design can be more suitable. However, with so many variations of weapons used by enemies, it’s too much of a risk to carry a spear as your main weapon.

The lightsaber is just a more pragmatic choice because it can be used in duels and against blasters. Furthermore, it’s easy to conceal and quickly draw it in case it is needed.

But regular spears were still featured, these were mostly used by creatures such as Ewoks and Talz. If you’re looking for a plasma bladed weapon designed similarly to a spear, the closest ones are saber staff or lightsaber pikes.

In particular, these weapons can be seen more in comics and other more obscure forms of media. In the movies, we know that Darth Maul used a double-bladed lightsaber which is similar to a lightsaber pike.

The Story and Reason Behind Darth Maul's Double Bladed Lightsaber - Star Wars Explained

What Are Lightsaber Pikes?

The lightsaber pike appears to be like a spear. Because of its rarity, it was considered to be used by exotic weapon specialists.

When it comes to wielding the pike, it was vastly similar to using dual-bladed lightsabers. The only difference is that the pole is saber-resistant and there is a short plasma blade on only one side.

Background Of The Lightsaber Pike

First off, there are actually two categories under the lightsaber pike. The first type is the one that looks more like a spear.

Again, the long handle is lightsaber resistant because it’s made from phrik alloy. The blades for the lightsaber pike were shorter but thicker than the usual lightsaber plasma blades.

The length was either the same as the wielder or it was longer. What this allowed for was better reach and a good defense against opponents since it kept them at a distance.

The second type had a plasma blade at each end of the shaft. It looked a lot like a double-bladed lightsaber, and it functioned like it, too.

Lightsaber Pike Users

Phrik alloy is a rare material that is used to create a lightsaber pike. Considering the rarity of this metal, it’s understandable that not many individuals could own this weapon. However, there are a handful of individuals who used lightsaber pikes.

The Jedi Temple Guards

At the top of the list for lightsaber pike users are the protectors of the Jedi Temple. They use the second type of lightsaber pike.

The blades for their pikes are yellow in color and this was also quite rare. To know more about yellow blades, check out the video below!

Everything We Know About Yellow Lightsabers - Star Wars Canon and Legends

Emperor’s Royal Guards

You’ll know these guards when you see them because they’re dressed in red robes that also cover their faces. But underneath their robes, they actually wore armor and helmets.

These were the individuals who protected Emperor Palpatine. Their weapons were the Force-pike, Heavy blaster pistol, and the Vibrosword.

The Emperor's Royal Guard - Star Wars Explained

Emperor’s Shadow Guards

Being trained by Darth Vader, these guards were special. They were not just Force-sensitives, they were also trained very well to master certain skills.

For instance, they could use Force lightning, repulse, push, choke, and maelstrom. They were also proficient in using weapons such as the lightsaber pike, and heavy blaster pistols.

Darth Vader's Royal Shadow Guard - Star Wars Explained

Kazdan Paratus

This Jedi Master was also a General for the Grand Army of the Republic in the midst of the Clone Wars. But when the Galactic Empire emerged, he escaped to Raxus Prime.

This Shien practitioner used his robotic limbs to handle his lightsaber pike. He was so adept that he could mimic how Jedi Council members fought.

Who was Kazdan Paratus?

Knights Of Zakuul

These knights were also tasked to protect the Emperor of the Eternal Empire. But when the Eternal Empire was no more, they were assimilated into the Alliance.

With their pikes, they also usually had shields that were used against blasters. The blades of their pikes were usually blue.

Did The Sith Use Lightsaber Pikes?

The lightsaber pikes were also affiliated with the Sith. In fact, the Sith lightsaber pike with only one blade at one end was designed for Darth Bane’s use.

This was specifically for the thirteenth episode in the 6th season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The episode title is “Sacrifice” but the scene depicting this unfortunately never made the cut.

In conclusion, the Jedi Order doesn’t use lightsaber spears as the primary weapon of the Jedi Knights because of it’s inconvenient design. To put it simply, it isn’t portable and it isn’t efficient in blocking blaster shots.

However, lightsaber pikes are used in the Jedi Order but are limited to the Jedi Temple Guards. The reasoning behind this is that the material used for the shaft is so rare that the weapon can’t possibly be created in large quantities.

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