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Why Does My JVC Projector Have Green Screen?

Why Does My JVC Projector Have Green Screen?

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Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of that exasperating green screen tint on your JVC projector? So annoying, right?

Perhaps you even think you invested lots of money in the wrong gadget, but that’s not the case.

You see, the green screen is nothing rare. It can be because of very minor reasons like poor cable connection.

And the good news? 

You can get your screen display to its original color with a simple fix. Of course, this depends on whether or not you know what to do and how to do it.

Lucky for you, you have bumped into the right post. This guide will give you the tips you need to resolve this drawback. 

There are numerous reasons why you could have a green screen, and it’s quite effortless to deal with the problem once you know what the cause is. Some simple fixes include amending the cable connection, replacing the color wheel, and fixing the signal setting. 

This post will dig a little deeper on how to troubleshoot your projector and rectify the error with a pertinent solution. 

What Causes the Green Screen on a JVC Projector?

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons your screen display is tampered with. However, it is up to you to find out what the specific underlying cause of the green screen really is. We will only give you the probable causes.

There is always a simple resolution to the problem; however, there are rare occasions when it is impossible to repair the device.

1. Poorly Connected Cables

Various cables are used to connect the projector to the video source. Some include the AV and VGA cables. When the cables are loosely connected, they fail to carry the signal properly.

It is important to plug in every cable correctly before using your projector. You would be lucky if this is the genesis of your problem because the other probable causes of the green tint are a bit more complex. 

various cables connect to the projector

2. RGB or YPbPr Misconfiguration

Your projector’s color display could be incorrectly configured due to failure to set the right input signal.

JVC projectors have RGB or YPbPr processing signals. Your projector only supports one of these, and if it is set to another signal, it emits the green screen tint.

So what’s the difference between the two?

YPbPr is mostly known as component video and is a color space mostly used in video projectors. It gets converted to the RGB signal, where it converts to three more parts that represent the video signal: brightness, parallel blue, and parallel red.

On the other hand, RGB is a color technology common in DLP projectors that consists of red, blue, and green light. Hence, RGB and YPbPr are key factors in every projector’s color production. 

3. A Defective VGA Cord

Apart from a poor cable connection, it’s quite common for VGA cords to bend and break. 

This can be due to how you use your projector or how you move it from place to place, especially if the use and movement are frequent. If this is the case, check if the VGA cord or any other cable is broken, defective or bent. 

If interested, you can find out how a VGA input works in a projector. All in all, it’s important to know that a defect causes a green screen. 

All About VGA Cables - What YOU Need To Know!

4. Faulty Color-wheel

Your JVC projector has a color wheel that spins the RGB patterns in light at high speed. It helps in the projection of perfect pictures.

So what happens when the green projector gets stuck in the green color? Your guess is right. It results in the green tint. 

The same happens when the projector gets stuck on either the red or blue color: it only displays the color on which it is stuck on. 

5. Old Projector

Last but not least, it’s common knowledge that all devices wear out when used for a prolonged period. JVC video projectors are set to last many years when well-maintained, yet that doesn’t mean they can serve you for an eternity. 

When the device’s components begin losing their functionality, you can experience numerous hitches, one of them being a green screen. 

How to Fix the Green Screen Hitch

Now that you are caught up on some of the probable causes of the glitch, it’s time to look into ways you can fix the problem to restore your projector. 

1. Proper Cable Connection or Cable Replacement

The cable defect is the easiest to resolve. Just unplug every other cable connected to the projector and the video source, then firmly plug the wires back. 

a VGA cable connect to the projector

If you have established that you have a bad AV or VGA cable, replace them ASAP. 

2. Replacing the Color wheel

To determine whether or not you have a stuck color wheel, you will be prompted to open up the device to figure out what is obstructing it from functioning as required. 

If it’s completely spoiled, you should remove the color wheel and replace it with a new one. Alternatively, you can take the device back to the manufacturer if your warranty is still valid or, better yet, get a specialist to do the replacement for you.

DLP Projector Color Wheel Removal/Replacement Guide ~ Acer H6510BD ~ Improve 3D Printing Speeds

3. Cleaning the Whole Device

Maintaining your JVC projector is very important because prolonged exposure to dust results in discoloration. So at times, a good clean will do the trick. 

You will need to take apart the projector and clean every component using a lint-free cloth, a small vacuum cleaner/compressed air duster , lens brush, warm water, and mild detergent. Ensure to shut down the device and let it cool off before commencing the cleaning. 

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4. Fixing the Signal Setting

To solve the misconfiguration snag, go to your projector signal menu or the “input signal” under the main menu. Next, set your device to component or auto: the processing source should align with the video source.

Simply put, try changing the setting to RGB, which is the default setting for most projectors. 

5. Buying a New Projector

JVC Projector Lens

Unfortunately, if all the resolutions don’t work in your favor, you will have to invest in another projector. However, you should only do this if you have used the projector for a long period.

Before you resolve to go with this option, you should contemplate changing the bulb first. It may buy you some time as you prepare to get a new one. 


To sum it up, there are many instances where a JVC projector’s green screen points to nothing serious. Yet, it’s not wise to jump to conclusions. Instead, take your time to find out the root of the problem so you won’t waste much time and money fixing it. 

Hopefully, you find the hacks we’ve shared helpful. You can check out more tutorials on cleaning and repairing the green tinge.

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