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Why is My JVC Projector Flashing Green Light?

Why is My JVC Projector Flashing Green Light?

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JVC projectors alert you of their statuses through the three LED indicator lights found on the top of the unit. These three lights are labeled Standby/On, Lamp, and Warning. 

Each light will turn on or flash depending on if the JVC projector is turning on/off, needs a lamp replacement, is overheating, etc. 

But what does it mean when your JVC light is flashing green? 

Why is your JVC Standby/On light flashing green, but there’s no picture? 

Keep reading to find out! 

The Standby/On Light is Green Because Your Projector is Turning On

Your JVC projector’s lamp unit is warming up. 

a projector lamp

If you’ve just turned your JVC projector on, you may have noticed that the Standby/On LED indicator light has gone from red to a steady green. 

Instead of turning off, JVC projectors will switch to standby mode when the lamp is not in use. So, the Standby/On light turning green signifies that your projector’s lamp unit has turned on and is warming up. 

If you see that your lamp has turned on, but the picture is dim, don’t worry! Projector lamps usually need about two minutes to warm up. If all units are functioning properly, all LED indicator lights will turn off once the lamp is warmed up and projecting. 

The same Standby/On light will also blink red when the lamp unit is shutting down and cooling. 

The Standby/On Light is Flashing Green Because Your Projector is on Hide Mode

You’ve enabled Hide mode on your projector. 

If the Standby/On LED indicator light is flashing green, Hide mode has been enabled. 

As the name suggests, Hide mode will hide your projector’s image. This is useful if you’re watching something you’d prefer to keep private or want to preserve your unit’s lamp life while you’re briefly away. 

If you don’t remember enabling Hide mode, you may have accidentally clicked the Hide button on your remote. If you find that Hide mode is repeatedly suddenly turned on randomly, contact JVC customer support

To turn Hide mode on and off, click the Hide button on your remote. See if the image has reappeared, and you’re good to go! 

man holding a projector remote with a projector beside

Note that the projector cannot be switched to Standby mode when Hide mode is enabled. 

You should never unplug your JVC projector before ensuring it’s been properly shut down and cooled. Always ensure that the LED Standby/On light is orange before unplugging it. Suddenly unplugging your device while Hide mode is enabled could not only damage your projector’s software, but also your home’s electrical outlets. 

If you find that the Hide button does not make the image reappear, check the other LED indicator lights’ status. 

See if the LED Lamplight is a steady orange, indicating that the lamp unit will need replacement soon. If the LED Lamplight blinks orange, check that the lens cover has been removed and that the lamp is in good condition. 

Your JVC Projector Remote is Set to the Wrong Code

Ensure your JVC projector remote is set to the right code. 

JVC Remote Control RMT-JR02

If you find that your JVC projector’s Standby/On light flashes red once then green twice when you try to turn on your unit, the problem could be your remote. 

JVC remotes can be set to different codes (Code A or Code B), allowing them to control two projectors close without interfering with the signal. Your remote may be set to the wrong code, blocking the signal. Luckily, it’s an easy switch. 

Press the Menu and Back buttons simultaneously for at least three seconds while pointing your remote at the projector. All the buttons will blink, informing you which code the remote has been switched to. 

If the buttons blink thrice, the remote’s been switched to Code A. If the buttons blink twice, the remote is now in Code B mode. 

Try switching the remote’s codes and see if the projector turns on. 

If your remote is unresponsive, consider moving closer to the projector and changing the batteries. 

If the problems persist, contact JVC customer support for additional guidance. Be sure to inform them of the steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue at home, so you won’t be asked to repeat them. 

Wrapping Things Up

Your JVC projector flashing green light may be confusing, but there’s a simple explanation and solution! 

If your projector has no picture, see if Hide mode has been enabled, and disable it by clicking your remote’s Hide button. Check the Lamp and Warning lights to see if they’re orange, red, or blinking, as they could be alerting you to a malfunction. 

If the Standby/On light blinks red once, then green twice, make sure your remote is set to the correct code. If you’re having trouble using your remote, check the batteries. 

Decoding your JVC projector’s LED indicator lights doesn’t have to be complicated! Always consult your JVC user manual or contact JVC customer support with any questions. If you don’t have your user manual, download it at JVC Instruction Manual Download.  

What’s your experience been with your JVC projector flashing green light?

Have our suggestions above helped you decode your JVC indicator lights?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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