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How Do I Update My Nebula Projector’s Firmware?

How do I Update My Nebula Projector’s Firmware?

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You’re probably used to updating your phone, computer and web browsers (or sneakily clicking “Remind me later” for as long as possible!), but did you know your Nebula projector has to be updated too? 

Updates not only fix bugs in the system but also upgrade your interface, ensuring your Nebula projector has optimal functionality. 

Luckily, updating your Nebula projector only requires a few simple steps, your device’s remote, and a couple of minutes. 

Why do you need to update a Nebula projector’s firmware? 

How do you upgrade a Nebula projector’s firmware? 

Keep reading to find out! 

What is Firmware? 

Firmware is the reason your Nebula projector functions! 

You may know you need to update your firmware, but what exactly is firmware

Firmware on digital background

We know that software is the code that allows our devices to carry out certain functions and that hardware is all of the physical components. So what is firmware? 

Firmware is a type of software located on memory chips that sit close to the hardware. The firmware imparts information to the hardware and determines how it will process instructions and data. It can also function as your device’s operating system. 

Additionally, firmware can be hacked to maliciously affect the device’s hardware.

In short, firmware is essential and is responsible for a lot of your device’s functionality! 

Watch the video below to learn more about what firmware is and why you may need to update it. 

What Makes ALL Your Electronics Work - Firmware Explained

Why do I Need to Update My Nebula Projector’s Firmware?

Update your Nebula projector’s firmware when experiencing technical difficulties. 

Updating your Nebula projector’s firmware should be at the top of your list whenever you find yourself troubleshooting technical difficulties. Updates can fix bugs in the system and enhance the unit’s performance. 

Applications Are Not Working 

NEBULA Video Projector compatible with other applications

Click the image for more info

If you’re struggling to open or install an application on your Nebula projector, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, etc., it’s a good idea to update your unit’s firmware. The current version of the application may not be compatible with your device’s firmware version, so updating it is a great way to ensure the two are in accordance. 

It’s also best to make sure the application doesn’t have any pending updates. Click on the app’s icon and install any available updates. 

Your Nebula Projector Has No Sound

If your Nebula projector’s built-in speaker has no sound, upgrading the firmware should help resolve the issue. Glitches happen, but updating your unit’s firmware can help resolve them and ensure your device functions seamlessly. 

Your Nebula Projector Is Not Screencasting

Screencasting icon on phone screen

When screencasting to a Nebula projector, it’s critical that your unit, the Nebula Manager app (if using an IOS device), and your phone/tablet/Macbook are all compatible. If your devices have any outstanding updates, it could interfere with the pairing process. 

Pairing devices requires congruent interfaces, so updating your Nebula projector’s firmware is key. 

Grant Permission to Unlock Google Play Services

You may be struggling to access Google Play Services on your Nebula projector. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Updating your firmware, in this case using a specific password from Nebula, will allow you to use Google Play Services if blocked on your device. 

How Do I Update My Nebula Projector’s Firmware?

Update your Nebula projector’s firmware in a few steps. 

Click on Update button

To update your Nebula projector’s firmware, make sure the unit is plugged in and properly charging by checking the LED indicator light, usually found on its power button. If your Nebula projector runs out of charge during a firmware update, it could have long-lasting negative effects. 

Upgrading the Firmware on Nebula Capsule / Astro / Mars Series Projectors 

If you own a Nebula Capsule, Astro, or Mars Series projector, follow these steps to update your unit’s firmware. 

Using your remote, open Settings and click on Upgrade. Select Check Update, and install any available updates. If you do not see any updates to install, your projector’s firmware has already been upgraded to the most recent version. 

Once upgraded, restart your Nebula projector if necessary. 

Upgrading the Firmware on Nebula Solar Series / Vega Portable / Capsule II / Cosmos Series Projectors

Anker Nebula Solar Projector

Click the image for more info

If you’re updating the firmware on a Nebula Solar Series, Vega Portable, Capsule II, or Cosmos Series projector, follow the instructions below. 

Select Settings and open Device Preferences. Click on About, then select System update. If no updates are available, your projector’s latest firmware has already been installed. 

Consider rebooting your Nebula projector after the installation is complete. 

How Do I Upgrade My Nebula Projector’s Firmware to Access Google Play Services?  

You may need to upgrade your Nebula projector’s firmware to unlock Google Play Services. 

If you’ve just gotten your brand new Nebula projector and want to download your favorite streaming apps but find you cannot access Google Play Services, you may need to upgrade your firmware to unlock this feature. 

hand holding Google Play service icon

Although you should try updating your unit’s firmware the standard way, as described above, you may need to perform a specific kind of firmware upgrade if the problems persist. 

Contact Nebula support and explain your problem. If a special firmware upgrade is necessary, they will give you a password that you will have to insert into your Nebula projector. 

Thankfully, it’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes. 

As always, it’s crucial that your Nebula projector is plugged into a secure power source, and is actively charging as this procedure can be draining to your unit’s battery. Should your Nebula projector lose power in the middle of upgrading, your device could be irreversibly damaged. 

Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector plugging to power charge

Click the image for more info


Make sure your Nebula projector has a stable network signal. If your Wi-Fi connection is weak, consider using a mobile hotspot. 

In Settings, select About. Hover over Android Version and click it five times. You will then be asked to input the password provided by Nebula support to access the firmware update. Once inserted, click OK and allow your device ample time to download the update and reboot. 

Once rebooted, check if Google Play Services is working and contact Nebula support again if problems persist. 

Watch the video below that shows you how to update your Nebula projector to access Google Play Services. 

Fix Nebula Projector Google Play Services

Wrapping Things Up

Firmware helps your Nebula projector send data to the hardware and directly affects how well your device functions. Updating your Nebula projector’s firmware fixes glitches in the system, ensuring optimal performance. 

Remember, your Nebula projector mustn’t run out of charge during the firmware update, so make sure your device is connected to power before beginning the installation process. 

If you’re having trouble accessing Google Play Services, contact Nebula support and use the password provided to perform a special firmware upgrade. 

Nebula support can be contacted over email, phone, or live chat, located at the bottom of the page on the official Nebula website

What’s your experience updating a Nebula projector’s firmware? 

Has this article helped you have a better understanding of what firmware is and why it’s so important? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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