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How To Adjust Brightness on a Nebula Projector?

Nebula projectors

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Nebula projectors deliver clear, high-quality images, bringing the cinema to you. With their portable design, they’re easy to take on the go and easy to use. 

However, the picture quality is only part of a good projector. In order to have a great movie night, the video also needs to be bright enough to see. 

Is there a way to control brightness on a Nebula projector? 

Is there a way to make your projector seem brighter? 

Is it Possible to Control Brightness on a Nebula Projector?

Only the Nebula Cosmos series projectors and the Solar projector allows you to control brightness. 

NEBULA 1080p Video Projector, Anker Nebula Cosmos Full HD 1080p

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Besides the Cosmos series projectors and the Solar projector in the Around the Home Series, you cannot control the brightness on Nebula projectors. Instead, you can control the Image Mode, but this is not the same as brightening or dimming the screen. 

This is attributed to the Nebula projectors in the Go Anywhere Series having a compact design. A brighter picture would create more heat, meaning the device would have to be bigger to handle more power. That makes these nifty pocket-sized projectors slightly dimmer than your average immobile units. 

You can only adjust the brightness on the Cosmos series projectors and the Solar projector (not the Solar portable projector). These units are larger and sturdier, allowing them to handle more heat and create a brighter picture. 

How do I Adjust Brightness on my Nebula Projector? 

Learn how to change the Image Mode or adjust the brightness to get your desired picture settings. 

If you have a portable Nebula projector, or one of their more heavy-duty devices, you can either change the Image Mode, or adjust the brightness. Both of these options will alter your picture’s luminance, but you will only be able to directly adjust the brightness on projectors in the Around the Home Series. 

Go Anywhere Series

NEBULA Anker Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

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To achieve the brightest picture possible in projectors in the Go Anywhere Series (i.e. Apollo, Astro, Capsule, Mars II, Solar portable, and Vega), open the Settings. Select Projector/Projector settings (depending on your projector’s model), and click on Image Mode. You’ll come across three options: Auto Mode, Battery Saving Mode, and Standard Mode. 

Auto Mode will automatically adjust the brightness for you depending on your battery life and the environment’s lighting. Battery Saving Mode will dim the brightness, allowing your battery life to last longer. Standard Mode is the brightest option, and the best one to select when your screen is too dim. 

Around the Home Series

Anker Nebula Solar Portable 1080p Projector

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Nebula projectors in the Around the Home Series (Cosmos, Cosmos Max, and Solar) allow you to adjust their brightness on a scale from zero to 100 percent. 

In Settings, select Projector Settings, and notice the Brightness scale. Click on the scale, and increase or decrease the brightness to your liking. 

Around the Home Series projectors also have various Image Mode options. Find them by scrolling down to the bottom of the page in Projector Settings. You can choose from Standard Mode, Movie Mode, and Office Mode to fit your viewing preferences. 

HDR10: All the projectors in the Around the Home Series have HDR10 or High Dynamic Range. This feature increases the colors’ contrast, making light colors lighter and dark colors darker. Although toggling HDR10 on and off won’t directly affect your screen’s brightness, it will allow the colors to stand out more and make the picture easier to see. 

How Do You Make Your Projector Look Brighter? 

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll show you how to make your projector appear brighter without adjusting the brightness. 

If you’ve made your projector the brightest possible, and find that you’re still struggling to see the screen, follow these tips when creating the best environment for projecting. 

Project onto a White Surface

Project onto a White wall

When projecting your favorite movie or TV show, be sure to use a white screen, sheet, or wall. The color white reflects all of the light that hits it, unlike darker colors like black or gray, which absorb the light. 

If you’re using a screen or sheet, ensure it’s free of any wrinkles and laid flat against the wall. 

Clear Projector of Any Dust 

Lightly brush away or vacuum any dust in your projector’s airport. Light output creates heat, meaning the airports must be clean to allow for proper airflow. Not only will this help your projector be brighter, but it will also keep its hardware in good condition.

Be gentle when doing this, taking care not to jam anything into your projector’s airport and damaging it. If you use a vacuum, have it on the lowest possible setting and do not press the nozzle directly against the airport. 

Make Your Room as Dark as Possible

Dark Room with projectors

Any additional light in your home theater will make the projector appear dimmer. Cover all windows, and consider investing in blackout curtains. Turn off all lamps and overhead lights. 

Not only will these steps help your projector appear brighter, but they’ll also create the perfect cozy environment when watching films on the big screen! 

Wrapping Things Up

Although you can only adjust the brightness on Nebula projectors in the Around the Home Series, there are other measures you can take to ensure the brightest viewing experience possible. 

Most portable projectors will not be as bright as the larger ones, but what they lack in lumens they make up for in convenience! 

When projecting, remember to use a flat, white screen, keep your unit clean, and make your environment as dark as possible. Happy projecting!

What’s your experience with adjusting the brightness on a Nebula projector? 

Do you prefer using a slightly dimmer, portable projector or a sturdier, brighter projector?

Let us know in the comments below!

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