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Can I Turn On A Promethean Projector Without A Remote?

Can I Turn On A Promethean Projector Without A Remote?

After a long workday, you are finally ready to sit down and relax while watching your favorite series on your Promethean projector.

You look for the projector’s remote in its usual spot, between the couch cushions, only to find that it is no longer there.

After four or five minutes of frantic looking you have come to the conclusion that it has gone missing and must redirect your energy positively into rectifying the “remote situation”.

Immediately you are confronted with the question:

Can I turn on a Promethean projector without its remote?

Unfortunately for the disorganized projector owner, you are not able to turn on a Promethean projector without a remote. These units and all their functions are all operated from a Promethean specific remote control.

I lost my remote, now what?

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Now it is time to do some damage control, what options does this leave me?

Well for starters, you won’t find any type of “remote app” or universal remote that you will be able to sync up to your projector. In the case of the app, they simply do not exist and there isn’t a universal remote available which will perform the functions you need it to.

Once you have come to terms with this it will become clear that there are two options:

  1. Buy a new remote from Promethean or Amazon
  2. Find the remote which was originally provided

Luckily enough, depending on what model of projector you have, you can find a replacement remote on Amazon fairly easily.

This is going to be the only way to get that projector back up and running.

But if you do happen to find that remote between the cushions you still might run into some issues powering up your unit.

I have my remote, but it doesn’t work!

There are many instances of projector owners having issues getting their Promethean projectors to respond to their remote. This usually boils down to one of three issues.

Issue# 1 – You’ve got dead batteries

remote control of Promethean projector with dead battery

This problem is the most embarrassing to have, but in turn the easiest to fix.

Check your batteries!

It is possible that you have spent the life of your batteries and if you pop two fresh ones into that remote, your projector should respond to your every command once again.

Issue# 2 – Your remote has kicked itself out of synchronicity with the projector

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This seems to be the most common issue among projector owners and similar to the first issue in the fact that this isn’t a detrimental problem to have.

The fix for an unsynchronized remote is quite simple, all you have to do is hold the “Menu” and “Image” button simultaneously for 15 to 25 seconds.

Be sure when you are attempting to resynchronize your remote that you have a clear line of sight to your projector. Promethean remotes communicate with their device via infrared and this requires an unobstructed view to interact properly.

Once you have re-synced your remote you shouldn’t run into this problem again, but on the odd chance that you do, simply resynchronize the remote again.

Issue# 3 – You have received a faulty remote

This is the most unlikely situation but if you are not able to operate the Promethean projector this could be a factor.

Whether right out of the box or after years of use, a remote can decide to cease working on you at any moment.

How do I know if my remote is working or not?

Promethean offers a nifty solution for ensuring that your remote is indeed working and the only materials you need for this test are either a digital camera or a mobile phone camera.

You simply point the Promethean remote at the camera and begin to press any button of your choosing. If the remote is functioning correctly you should see a light being emitted from the end of the remote control.

point Promethean remote control to a camera to check if it is working

If the remote is responding then you are looking good and are most likely just in need of a resynchronization, but if you aren’t getting any light you may be in for a bigger headache.

If your unit is older and not responding, you will most likely have to purchase a new remote off the internet (being sure that you have checked the batteries first, of course).

Now if the remote has failed you brand-new out of the box, then you may have a case with Promethean, and/or the retailer which you purchased the unit from.

My remote is working properly!

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Well then get back to enjoying that awesome home theater that you worked so hard for!

Remember that if your remote stops working on you it could be as simple as a fresh pair of batteries or a resynchronization.

In the meantime, take after your projector and its accessories and hopefully it will have a long and trouble-free life span.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.