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How To Take a Laser Pointer Apart?

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If you wanted to take your laser pointer apart, where would you even start? Start right here.

Laser pointers are small, simple devices. If it stops working, you may have dropped it carelessly and knocked a component loose. 

To access its internal components and fix it, you have to take the laser pointer apart. The process is easy if you have the suitable materials and follow the proper steps. 

This article is giving you a step-by-step breakdown of how to take your laser pointer apart without ruining it. 

Steps To Take a Laser Pointer Apart

Disassemble laser pointer howto

Step 1: The laser pointer has two ends: the top end and the bottom end. Unscrew the part where both ends are joined together. 

Step 2: Turn over the bottom end of the laser pointer to take out the batteries. 

Step 3: Pop off the cap on the top end of the laser pointer. If it is fitted too tightly, carefully hold the top end in a vice or a plier and pull the cap off. 

Step 4: Inside the top end of the laser pointer, a threaded part has some rubber around it. 

Use a screwdriver to pick out the rubber from inside the laser pointer.

Step 5: Push the laser’s diode module towards the other unscrewed end of the laser pointer till you can easily access the button from the inside. 

Step 6: Turn the button to face downwards and push it outwards until it pops out of the laser pointer. 

Step 7:  Use the flat end of a pencil, pen, or a tiny screwdriver to push out the laser pointer’s diode module.  


Tips to Remember

  • Spread out a white napkin over the work table so that you can easily find tiny parts after disassembling. 
  • The laser pointer is made from a malleable metal, so too much force can cause a dent. Handle it with caution. 
  • Cover the laser pointer with a small cloth before holding it with a vice or plier to avoid denting the body of the laser pointer.

How To Clean a Laser Pointer Lens

If you own a laser pointer, you must have noticed that the laser’s colored dot appears speckled or grainy after a while instead of forming a perfect circle. 

This grainy quality happens because dust or dirt has gotten to the lens of your laser pointer. It may also be a result of leaving greasy fingerprints on the lens

Luckily, you can clean off any dirt on the lens and return the dot to its perfect shape. However, before you clean your laser pointer’s lens, ensure that the spottiness is due to dirt and not a scratch. 

How can you tell them apart? 

Dirt usually scatters the laser beam and makes the dot look grainy. Scratches, on the other hand, show up as long fine lines across the laser dot. 

You can clean off dirt, but you can’t fix a permanent scratch on the lens.

Materials for Cleaning Your Laser Pointer

  • Lens-cleaning wipes
  • Can of compressed air
  • Cotton swabs or match sticks

Steps in Cleaning Your Laser Pointer

How to Clean a Laser Pointer Lens

Step 1: Remove the battery from your laser pointer to avoid turning it on by mistake. 

Step 2: Shoot some compressed air into the lens area for 30 seconds to 1 minute to eliminate loose dust particles on the lens.

Step 3: Take out a lens-cleaning wipe and fold it over a cotton swab. The cotton swab will make the wipe firm enough to handle. 

Step 4: Insert the cotton swab into the tip of the laser pointer until it touches the lens. Twist it gently in circular motions for 1 minute to clean off fine dirt stuck to the lens.

Step 5: If the tip of your laser pointer is very narrow, take the cotton off the cotton swab before folding the wipe over it. You may also use a matchstick instead. 

Step 6: Shoot compressed air into the tip again for 15-20 seconds. 

Step 7: Reinsert the batteries into the laser pointer and turn it on. The beam should form a fine perfect dot on any surface. 

Note: For tiny laser pointers, you can fold the lens-cleaning wipe over a toothpick instead. Scrape off the tip of the toothpick to avoid scratching the lens. 


How do I fix my laser pointer?

If your laser pointer stops working, it’s usually one of three things:


  • The batteries are dead.
  • A component has been knocked loose.
  • The diode needs to be replaced. 

Here’s what to do:

  1. Unscrew the laser pointer and check the batteries. Change them if necessary.
  2. Take your laser pointer apart and replace the lens, diode, or any other broken part.
  3. Test the laser pointer to see if it’s working.



If your laser pointer becomes blurry or stops working, go through a few standard checks like changing the batteries and cleaning the lens.

Disassembling your laser pointer to fix it can damage its components. If your laser pointer is a small and affordable one, we advise that you replace it instead.

A lot of people complain that their laser pointer is not as bright as they would like. If you’re interested, check out our article on the strongest laser pointer color available.

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