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How Do I Reset My Sony SXRD Projector?

How Do I Reset My Sony SXRD Projector?

Resetting a projector can be hard at times. However, the procedure is relatively easy and requires little effort. Identifying the difficulty leading to the solution is a lengthy procedure and demands careful analysis.

It is always recommended to troubleshoot to know the cause of the problem.

Using a remote, one can click and hold either the reset or the facing up arrow button.

One can also reset without a remote by turning the projector on and navigating the menu options.

About the Sony SXRD Projector

SXRD means Silicon, X-tal Reflective Display. SXRD stands for Liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) microdisplays and it’s the latest on liquid crystal technology.

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  • NATIVE 4K RESOLUTION: 3 SXRD imagers display 4096x2160 pixels each for ultra high definition viewing
  • HDR COMPATIBLE: High Dynamic Range delivers wider contrast for vastly improved colors and realism
  • TRILUMINOS DISPLAY: View a broad spectrum of hard to reproduce tones for bright, true to life colors

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LCoS has an outstanding contrast ratio. What makes LCoS great is the liquid crystal coat that resides on top of a reflective surface. Moreover, the tiny openings between the liquid crystal cells let small amounts of light pass through.

The light causes an outstanding deep black shade and sharp clarity.

The Sony SXRD projector is unique and mind-blowing, and it is because of its price, contrast ratio, and motion detail.

How Do I Reset My Sony SXRD Projector?

Sony SXRD projector can malfunction, thus needing a reset. Resetting enables it to resume normal functioning.

A projector may have a malfunctioning remote, but that cannot hinder reset. One can do it from the projector manually or use a remote.

Reset an office projector for the no power issue

Reset with a remote

The reset performed using a remote control.

  1. Click on the home button on the remote control.
  2. Choose the settings icon at the top right of the projector screen and click enter.
  3. Choose device preference and click enter.
  4. Choose Reset and click ENTER. A notification screen is then shown.
  5. Choose Reset and click enter to reset the projector.

Reset without a remote

You can also manually reset the projector. To do this:

  1. Press the ON button on the projector
  2. To unlock the primary panel keys, click MENU for ten seconds.
  3. Choose settings and press enter
  4. Choose device preference and click enter
  5. Choose Reset and click enter.

Why Should You Reset Your Projector?

Various reasons can cause one to reset the projector.

To reset the filter count of the projector

Filter count is a digital calendar that can observe the running time of the projector. The system is smart enough to also send reports to remind the user about changing the screen.

A minor problem in the filter count can affect the efficiency of the projector.

Resetting the projector will also reset the filter count. Filter count plays a vital role in the standard functionality of the projector.

Resetting a projector with a remote control

However, one can also reset the filter count separately without resetting the entire projector. Once the filter count faces a problem, one can reset the projector to solve it.

  1. Click the setting menu of the projector.
  2. Scroll down and choose the settings menu by clicking the selection button.
  3. Scroll down, click on “filter count bar” on the settings menu, and press enter.
  4. The notification bar will pop up requesting to proceed to the next.
  5. Click YES twice to ensure you reset.

Resetting password

Resetting the password is an important aspect. If the password has been changed or you cannot remember, you can reset your projector to access it.

However, make sure you know what password protection status you have implemented on your projector. If password protection is turned on, it’s vital to open the system using the remote control.

Sometimes resetting the projector may fail to go through; this may be because of different factors. They include not having a signal or the projector failing to respond to your command.

If you cannot access the system, you can note down the code shown after many unlocking attempts. Contact the manufacturer and provide the projector’s code as proof of ownership. The manufacturer will guide you on the steps to follow.

How Do I Restore Factory Settings on My Sony SXRD Projector?

A factory reset can solve minor and significant software-related problems of the projector. It is also known as a hard reset.

Factory reset is frequently performed when troubleshooting cannot solve a technical issue. Although hard resetting the projector can resolve many problems, it is accompanied by loss of saved data on the projector.

a sony projector

Therefore, one should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of factory reset before proceeding.

  1. Use the menu button on the projector or remote control and ‘click the menu system.’
  2. Once the Menu is displayed, scroll down to the settings option and click enter.
  3. Then, navigate through several options shown on the projector screen, choose the advanced settings option, and click enter.
  4. After that, select the restore factory default option and click enter
  5. A message will pop up asking whether you want to continue the process. Choose the YES option and click enter.
  6. Please wait until the projector resets and then restarts again. One can see that the projector has been restored to the factory settings, and all the data is unavailable.


How do I fix a malfunctioning projector?

Before fixing, it is essential to identify the cause of the malfunction. Confirm it is correctly plugged into the sockets. If not, it is plugged in incorrectly.

High temperatures often affect the functionality of the projector. The projector might malfunction because of the very high temperature. One can let it cool down for a few hours if it happens.

You should also check for the problems in the lamp or filter count.

checking malfunctioning Sony projector

How do I know If my bulb is spoiled?

There are various ways of knowing if it is spoiled; one can listen to a pop sound or blinking of the lamp.

Other characteristics of a spoiled lamp include the projector display darkening, the image shifting in color, and light flickering.

Once you see this, change the lamp immediately to avoid problems with the projector.

man replacing the projector lamp

How much does it cost to change the projector lamp?

Price varies depending on the quality of the lamp you want. Bulbs like LMP-H202  and Visdia XL-5200  have fair prices compared to their supreme quality.

Other quality bulbs are the XL-5200  and MolVGoC ; therefore, consider them to avoid future similar problems.

It is advisable to purchase a good quality lamp to avoid future problems.


There might be a wide range of reasons related to the malfunctioning and inefficiency of the projector. Troubleshooting should be the first step before carrying out a reset. If the problems persist, the next step should be a factory reset.

Also, remember to back up data as a factory reset will delete all the data kept in the device and restore it to default settings.

Should resetting your Sony SXRD projector not work, you can contact customer service for professional help.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.