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How To Reset Nebula Projectors?

How to Reset Nebula Projectors?

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Whenever you find yourself troubleshooting your Nebula projector, resetting it should always be one of the first solutions you try. Like any piece of technology, Nebula projectors may malfunction or glitch. Luckily, resolving the problem yourself is simple and straightforward. 

Why do you need to reset your device? 

What steps do you need to take when resetting your Nebula projector?

Is there a way to reboot my device without losing all of my data? 

Keep reading to find out! 

Why Do I Need to Reset My Nebula Projector?

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Reset your Nebula projector when certain features are malfunctioning. 

Whether your screen is frozen or filled with colorful blocks, resetting your Nebula projector is often a good idea. It’s like restarting your computer to fix glitches. Resetting your Nebula projector reboots it, which fixes any mishaps as well. 

Nebula Projector Isn’t Turning On

If your Nebula projector isn’t turning on, performing a factory reset is the best way to get it up and running again. Be sure to also check if it’s plugged in and not overheated. For more tips on what to do if your Nebula projector isn’t turning on, visit My Nebula Projector is Not Turning On: How to Fix?

Nebula Projector Isn’t Connecting to Wi-Fi

When facing connectivity problems, resetting your Nebula projector ensures that its settings are calibrated to discover and connect to a network signal. Resetting your device also closes and reopens any applications you were using, allowing them to reestablish their internet connection. To learn more about what to do if your Nebula projector is having connectivity problems, read Why is My Nebula Projector Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

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Nebula Projector Isn’t Playing Sound 

Nebula projectors have fantastic built-in speakers, but if they’re not playing sound, you’ll need to reset your device, rebooting the hardware. This will also restart any open applications, ensuring they function properly. Find out more about what to do when your projector’s sound isn’t working by reading My Nebula Projector Has No Sound: How to Fix?

How to Factory Reset Nebula Projectors?

Reset your Nebula projector in a few steps! 

Resetting your Nebula projector to its factory settings is a great, and sometimes the only, option when fixing your device at home, especially if your projector isn’t turning on. This type of resetting is also known as a hard reset. 

Anker Nebula Solar Portable 1080p Projector

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Consider that resetting your device to its factory settings will erase any custom settings or personal data, returning it to its default settings. 

Every model of Nebula projector needs to reset differently, mainly by holding and releasing the power button. If you don’t see your Nebula projector’s model listed below, consult your unit’s manual or visit the official Nebula website for more information.  

How to Factory Reset All Nebula Projectors using its Settings

Factory reset any Nebula projector by going to Settings, About, then to Recovery or Settings. Under General, select About, then click Recovery. Allow the projector ample time to factory reset before using it again. 

Nebula Astro

Factory reset your Nebula Astro by first turning it off. Hold down the Power and Volume + buttons together until you see the Android logo on the screen. 

Projector screen with Android logo

Keep pressing the Power button down, and quickly press the Volume + button repeatedly until you see the Android Recovery Page, characterized by a black screen with multi-colored lettering. 

Release the Power and Volume + buttons, using the Volume – button to move down the list, selecting Wipe data/Factory reset. Click the Power button, select Yes, and you’ve successfully factory reset your Nebula Astro projector! 

Nebula Capsule Max

Power off your Nebula Capsule Max, and make sure it’s plugged in. Hold down the Power button until the red LED indicator light turns off. Press the Bluetooth button for about eight seconds, noticing that the LED indicator light turns blue. 

After the device reboots, you’ll be taken to the Android Recovery Page. Tapping the down button on the projector’s touchpad, scroll to Wipe data/Factory reset, pressing the Power button to select it. 

The following screen will ask for confirmation to perform a factory reset, tap to select Yes. Click the Power button to confirm your choice. Once all data has been wiped, reboot the system, pressing the Power button once more. Your Capsule Max has now been reset to its factory settings! 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to factory reset a Nebula Capsule Max projector both through its settings using a remote, and manually as described above. 

Nebula Capsule Max - Factory Reset

Nebula Cosmos

NEBULA 1080p Video Projector

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To factory reset the Nebula Cosmos, press the Power button once to turn on the projector. Release for a moment, then hold the Power button down again until you see the Android Recovery Page. 

Use your remote to click Wipe data/Factory reset, and select Yes on the following screen when asked to confirm the factory reset. 

Your Cosmos projector has now been reset to its default settings and is ready to be set up. 

Nebula Mars II

When factory resetting your Nebula Mars II, first turn it off, making sure the lens cover is left open. 

Hold down the Power button on your device’s remote and the Volume+ button on your projector together until you see the Android logo on screen. If you come across an error message, repeat these steps. 

Hold down the remote’s Power button, while repeatedly clicking the Nebula projector’s Volume+ button until the Android Recovery page is on screen. 

Click Volume- to select Wipe data/Factory reset, pressing the remote’s Power button to select it. On the next screen, use the Volume- again to hover over Yes. Click the remote’s Power button to confirm your choice. 

Your Nebula Mars II projector will then reset to its original settings. 

Alternatively, you can factory reset the Mars II by plugging it in, and sticking a pin into the Reset hole, found on the back of the projector. Make sure to use a sturdy, thin object that will not break off inside the hole, blocking it. 

Watch the video below showing how to factory reset your Nebula Mars II. 

Reset Nebula Mars 2 projector to it’s original firmware

Nebula Solar

NEBULA Anker Solar FHD 1080p Projector

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To factory reset your Nebula Solar, turn it on by pressing the power button for around eight seconds, releasing it once the button’s LED indicator light turns white. Once you see the Android Recovery Page on the screen, use your remote to choose the Wipe data/Factory reset option. 

Reset your device but clicking Yes, and you’re all set! 

How to Soft Reset Nebula Projector?

Soft resetting your device will not erase any of its data. Instead, it will reboot your unit, refreshing its software and restarting all of the applications. This is a good option if you want to restart your device without having to reenter and reset all of your personal information and preferences.  

How Soft Reset All Nebula Projectors using its Settings

Using your remote soft reset your Nebula projector by opening Settings, then Device Preferences. Select Reset, and allow your Nebula projector to fully reboot before trying to use it again. It’s best to have your projector plugged in for this process. 

Nebula Astro

Soft reset the Nebula Astro by locating its power button and pressing it down for 10 seconds. Wait a few seconds, then press it again for another three to five seconds to turn it back on. 

Do not unplug or press any other buttons during this process to avoid interrupting the reset. 

Nebula Capsule Max

Anker NEBULA Capsule Max

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To reboot your Nebula Capsule Max, plug it in and hold the projector’s power button for 10 seconds. Once reset, turn it on again by briefly pressing its Power button.

Nebula Cosmos

Nebula Cosmos projectors cannot be soft reset using only the projector’s buttons. Instead, you will have to perform a full factory reset or follow the instructions for resetting your device through it’s settings. 

Nebula Mars II

Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro

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Reset your Nebula Mars II by following the instructions above describing how to soft reset a Nebula projector through its settings. Hard resets using its Power button or Reset hole will erase the projector’s data. 

Nebula Solar

To reset your Nebula Solar, first, unplug it. Once unplugged, hold down the projector’s Power button for around 12 seconds. Release it, then plug the projector in and click the Power button once more to turn it on. It’s that easy! 

Wrapping Things Up

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Whether you want to factory reset your device (and return it to its default settings), or soft reset it (allowing for a simple reboot), you can fix your Nebula projector’s glitches in no time. Say goodbye to that frozen screen! 

Remember, a factory reset will erase all of your data, while a soft reset will simply reboot your device. 

What’s your experience been with resetting Nebula projectors?

Let us know in the comments below!


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