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How To Put an Android TV Box in Recovery Mode?

Android TV box, backlit keyboard and remote control

We all have this common habit of downloading too many apps into our Android TV Boxes, and, most of the time, we don’t even use them.

This scenario leads to our Android TV Boxes slowing down, lagging, or even shutting down mid-use due to overheating. 

So, we start uninstalling these unnecessary apps to free up enough space for our TV box to stop lagging, only to find out that this method rarely ever works.

You might be thinking, “Wouldn’t uninstalling useless apps get your Android TV Box back up and running?” 

After all, you did free up a considerable chunk of space.

Unfortunately, simply uninstalling unused apps is not enough to help your TV recover its speed.

So, what should you do? 

Put your Android TV Box in recovery mode!

But, what is recovery mode? How can you activate it? Are there steps that you can follow? Why is recovery mode the best option for your Android TV?

Let’s learn why!

Why Should You Reset Your Android TV Box?

a black Android TV box and its remote

Before we talk about how you can put your Android TV Box in recovery mode, let’s discuss why that is the best option.

You see, some people may tell you to update your box’s firmware, and sure, that is something you can do to get your TV running smoothly again.

But that’s not the best option. 

Updating the firmware can help. However,  making even the slightest mistake during the update can damage your whole box, and no one wants that! 

Resetting your TV box, on the other hand, isn’t as risky. 

You are just returning your box to its original state by resetting it. So, it’s the best solution for getting rid of slow response times and extra loading.

What is “Recovery Mode”?

If you have been using an Android device, there is a high chance that it already has a special kind of recovery application installed.

recovery mode screen on Samsung android phone

Recovery mode can access some core functions on your Android device, including your data, installing updates, cleaning, or restoring/backing up. 

Recovery mode is your best friend when your device is slow or not functioning correctly!

Functions of Recovery Mode

Yes, recovery mode has access to all sorts of information and controls on your Android device, but what exactly are its functions?

Let’s talk about the ones we use the most:

Clear the Cached Data

brushing out the cached data

Clearing the cached data is something most Android users do out of habit. Sometimes our Android devices slow down due to the apps we have been using non-stop. Clearing the cached data is a great way to clear out specific data without wiping out the other files on your device. 

Factory Reset

Next, we have the factory reset. This step is what we will be doing to get your Android TV Box functioning like it’s brand new. 

From the name itself, you can expect all your data to be cleared out of your device. Apps, account login information, and other things that you have downloaded/installed will be lost.

By doing a factory reset, you’re reverting your TV box to how it was when you first bought it. Because your unit is back to being a “blank slate,” so to speak, you will need to reinstall all the apps, re-enter your passwords, etc. 

Reboot the System

You should reboot your TV box’s system after factory resetting it. Rebooting your system will return it to the standard interface. 

Why would you need to return to the standard interface? 

By activating the recovery mode, you will have to access a list of commands through the “reset button” at the back of your TV box.

multiple ports and reset button in the back of Android TV box

While this “window” is open, you will not be able to install apps or use your Android TV Box for its intended purpose. In other words, you won’t be able to access your Hulu or Netflix account.

But if you reboot the system after deleting your data, you will be able to use your box how you usually would. 

Next, let’s talk about how you can put your Android TV Box in recovery mode.

Putting Your Android TV Box in Recovery Mode

Luckily, it’s not hard to put your TV box in recovery mode, and we’ve already covered the two essential functions you will need to activate your TV box’s recovery mode.


Now it’s time to go over the steps.

How to Put Your Android TV Box in Recovery Mode?

Step 1: Find the reset button in your TV box. You will have to check your manual or look up the unit you have, as this button’s placements can vary.

Step 2: Turn on your Android TV Box, take a pin or a needle, insert it into the reset button hole, and press and hold for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Now, wait for the Android logo to appear on your TV screen. Once it does, take the pin out of the reset button.

Step 4: You should be able to see the Options menu on-screen. Next, choose Wipe data/Factory reset.

A pop-up warning will inform you that all the data will be permanently deleted. Click Yes.

Once you click Yes, all your data will be erased. Don’t worry. This step is necessary to fix your TV box issues.

Step 5: Finally, choose Reboot System Now. This step might take a while. So, please don’t try to unplug your TV box or turn it off and on again. That won’t speed it up.

On the contrary, interrupting your device’s rebooting can damage or corrupt the TV box itself and you’ll end up needing to replace the unit altogether.  

And voila! Your Android TV Box is as good as new! 

But what are you going to do with the lost data? 

You simply need to reinstall all the essential apps that you often use. 

Tip: To prevent similar problems from arising in the future, try to only install apps that you are sure to use often and do a monthly purge on your Android TV Box’s memory.

See? That wasn’t that hard to do, was it? Just follow all of the steps we gave you above and you’ll be good to go! 


And there you have it! These were the five easy steps to putting your Android TV Box in recovery mode. 

You don’t need to panic if your Android TV Box suddenly slows down. That can simply mean that you are overloading your memory with apps you don’t really need.

So, go over the data you download into your TV box every now and then and remove the unused ones that eat up too much space.

We hope our tips help you out. Let us know other issues you face with your Android TV Boxes and we’ll do our best to answer all the questions you may have!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.