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How To Pair a XGIMI Remote To Its Projector?

How To Pair a XGIMI Remote To Its Projector?

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Projectors have become a standard home device to improve a viewer’s cinematic experience. Consequently, XGIMI company has set out to manufacture these projectors and their accessories to provide quality commodities.

XGIMI projectors are famous for their compatibility with Android TV UIs. Among their accessories is the XGIMI remote that can only pair with the projector through Bluetooth but not a TV.

The remote is essential for controlling the various projector settings. To use it, one has to connect it to the projector process, which can be challenging to some people. Fortunately, this article addresses the procedure so that you never face problems when linking the two.

To connect the remote and projector, ensure the Bluetooth feature on your projector is on by checking the settings. Then:

  • Press the “home” and “return” buttons of the remote simultaneously and hold to put it in pairing mode.
  • While holding the buttons, observe the indicator lights on the remote.
  • The light will shift from a blinking Green to a steady Blue to indicate that the pairing is complete.
  • If pairing fails, exit pairing mode and wait 30 seconds before retrying the above steps.

Essential Features on the Remote for Pairing

Before pairing, you must understand features on the remote to ease the process.

Therefore there are several features to look out for, while pairing the remote such as the projector’s indicator light and buttons.

The indicator lights show the state of the remote, which you have to check before and during pairing. Additionally, knowledge of the functions of the buttons on the remote helps the procedure move smoothly.

Hence we will look at these features individually to ensure there is no confusion during the connecting process.

Indicator lights and their meaning

There are different kinds of XGIMI remotes. There are those with metal cases and those with plastic cases.

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However, the two types do not have significant differences in their functionality because only their casings are different.

Therefore Red means there is no connection or the remote is low on power. It quickly blinks four times when the power is low and ten times when it needs immediate charging.

Green means the remote is on, but there is no pairing or when it charges completely.

Blue indicates that the pairing process is successful.

For remotes with plastic cases, the orange light should be on when you press any button. If there is no light, there is an issue with the batteries, and you should change them.

The buttons on the remote

The remote has several buttons that help manage the different functions of the projector. Therefore it is essential to understand what each button does, and if that is proving to be a challenge, consult the appropriate user guide.

The buttons’ functions range from the Google Assistant one for issuing voice commands to ones for adjusting the volume and focus on the projector.

XGIMI Remote Control for Halo/Mogo Pro/Mogo Pro+

Click image for more info

Remember, the remotes work with different XGIMI projectors depending on the manufacturer’s design.

For instance, there is an XGIMI Remote Control  for Halo , Mogo Pro , and Mogo Pro +  projectors.

Comparatively, there are XGIMI Remote Controls  for Horizon , Horizon Pro , and Aura  projectors.

How do I Pair my XGIMI Remote?

According to the manufacturer, the remote requires you to have a projector compatible with the projector.

Additionally, the XGIMI projector you use should be able to connect to the Android TV UI.

Also, ensure the remote has adequate charge before commencing any pairing.

Therefore those using the remote for the first time should leave it to charge for 30 minutes before using it.

press the home and return buttons on XGIMI remote simultaneously to pair with projector

The steps are:

  1. First, ensure your projector has a stable power supply and the Bluetooth feature is on.
  2. Then, hit the power button for three seconds to turn it on.
  3. Then, position your remote within 10 cm of the projector and press the “home” and the “return” buttons on your remote simultaneously.
  4. Afterward, the green indicator will then continuously blink for three seconds. Then, the blue indicator light shows the remote is ready to pair.
  5. Next, release the buttons since the remote is pairing. If pairing is successful, the blue light will flash for two seconds.
  6. Additionally, When you hear a “ding” sound, the pairing process is complete.

However, if the pairing process fails, the remote will exit pairing mode after 30 seconds.

If it does, wait for a few seconds, then retry the above steps.

At this point, the remote should be ready to use. Although if it does not work correctly, the subsequent sections should help you solve the potential problem.

Here is a video with a visual representation of the pairing process.

#XGIMI User Guide# H2 & Z6 Remote Control

How do I Reset my XGIMI Remote?

Sometimes, even if you follow the proper steps to pair your remote, it simply does not work. Hence, a few causes are making the XGIMI remote not pair to your device that we will look at later.

However, if you are unsure of the causes, you can factory reset the remote. The act will clear all previous settings and restore the operating system to its primary condition.

XGIMI Remote Control for Horizon/Horizon Pro/Aura

Click image for more info

There are two paths to go about resetting, and they are:

Using the reset button

There is a reset button found at the bottom part of the remote.

The button is visible when you tilt the remote since it is on the left side of the charging port.

It looks like a small hole; therefore, you will need to use a needle to access and press the reset button.

To reset, press the button, then release it in case of a crash of the remote’s system.

The red indicator light will blink thrice to show the reset process is complete. Thus, you will now be able to pair to your device.

Use the factory reset function

Alternatively, you can use the reset function within the remotes system.

Since your remote is down, you will need to connect the projector with an outside source.

For instance, a USB mouse will help you navigate the settings. Ensure to connect the mouse to your projector for it to work.

Then go to the settings button and select the settings option.

Next, go to the device preferences option, select about, then factory reset.

Using this option will completely reset your remote, and hopefully, you will regain its access.

Troubleshooting the XGIMI remote

However, if these steps fail to work, there are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the remote. They are:

Change the batteries

The batteries in your remote might be faulty or worn out. Since they cannot work to their total capacity, they inhibit charging of the remote.

Hence, replacing your batteries with new ones may restore the functionality of the remote.

Check the orange light when pressing any button for a remote with a plastic case. If there is no light, then probably the battery has a problem.

batteries in a remote

Charge your remote

Always ensure your remote has enough charge before using it.

Low power may inhibit many functions, including its connectivity while pairing.

Therefore, make sure the indicator light is green for remotes with a metal case to show full charge. Remotes with a plastic case will light orange when you press any button.

Additionally, ensure you fully charge the remote for three hours to maximize its usable time.

Also, first-timers should let the remote charge for at least 30 minutes before using it.

Install batteries correctly

Ensure your batteries are facing the correct direction, especially after replacing them.

The positive and negative sides of the battery should match the appropriate terminals of the remote.

Additionally, you should ensure you have batteries compatible with the remote.

install batteries correctly for a remote

Disconnect all Bluetooth devices

If the problems persist, you can disconnect all other Bluetooth and wireless connections.

The precaution would ensure you limit signal interference that could be the source of your tribulations.

wifi and bluetooth off

Check on the Indicator lights

On some occasions, your indicator lights might be defective. To check and confirm connectivity, go to the system setup option in the settings.

Then, go to the connection/network setup and check on the Bluetooth option.

Thereby you will confirm whether or not there is a Bluetooth connection with your remote.

Bring your remote closer to the projector

Notably, the proximity of your XGIMI remote to the projector matters when observing the wireless connection quality. That is because they utilize a Bluetooth connection.

The closer you are to the projector, the stronger the connectivity. Therefore, you should ensure you are within six feet of the projector.

the distance between xgimi and remote should be within 6 feet


Can I use my smartphone as a remote controller?

Yes, You can easily pair your projector to your smartphone. The XGIMI Assistant app is a good option, and it also has access to more features.

The phone will work as a remote control and manage your device just like the XGIMI remote.

Thanks to the integration of the Official Google Android TV system, linking your phone is easy.

The steps taken are:

First, download the XGIMI Assistant application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to your phone. Alternatively, scan the QR code on your projector as a shortcut to obtain the app.

Xgimi Assistant International on the App Store

Next, ensure that your phone has the same Wi-Fi connection as your projector.

Then open the XGIMI app on your projector to search for devices. The application is in-built, depending on the model of your projector.

Then open the XGIMI Assistant app on your smartphone to connect with your projector.

Here the app on the projector will scan, pair, and connect to your smartphone.

Note that the XGIMI remote control can only pair with projectors from XGIMI.

Therefore, you will need to check the type of projector you have before purchasing a remote.


The XGIMI remote control is an outstanding accessory when using an XGIMI projector at home or outside.

The remote can easily pair with your projector through Bluetooth as long as your remote is in good condition. Additionally, XGIMI manufacturers ensure their products are durable and of good quality.

If the remote is not working, you can test out the reset and troubleshooting options.

Alternatively, you can contact the XGIMI customer center for further assistance.

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