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How To Make A Projector Brighter?

How To Make A Projector Brighter?

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Everyone wants their images to be bright and clear; the reason most individuals opt for high lumen projectors.

The brightness of projects varies according to their manufacturers, price, and quality. You get to view images better when a projector is bright. And there is no doubt that it adds to the excitement.

But what if your projector isn’t giving you as much brightness as you want? There are ways to go about it and I will share them with you.

Change the projector from eco-mode

turn off the eco mode of projector

If your projector is set to eco-mode, the brightness will reduce. The eco-mode in projectors can extend lamp-life, reduce noise and save electricity.

Eco-mode reduces the lamp output and is best suited for dark rooms. To increase your projector’s brightness, you can change the settings from eco-mode.

Clean out the lens of your projector

a white projector lens

Particles in the air, such as dust and dirt accumulate on the projector’s lens, overtime. These particles which are usually seen as shady dots, block the light that is being projected through the lens, and enough light does not reach the screen.

This results in diminished image brightness and color, and damage of some internal components of the projector.

Clean out your lens to avoid dust accumulation, and to increase the projector’s brightness.

You can do this by following these simple steps. All you need is a lens-cleaning paper or a microfiber cloth, a lens brush, and a can of compressed air. Check out the steps below:

Blow off the dust and particles on the lens using the compressed air. Do this gently and do not blow for too long, so you don’t damage the lens.

Use the lens brush to clean off some of the residues left on the lens. For an efficient result, do the brushing in a circular motion.

Clean the surface of the lens with the lens-cleaning paper or the microfiber cloth; also do this in a circular motion.

If you have properly taken these steps, the lens should be clean, and your projector’s brightness should be better.

Note that you are not supposed to spray any liquid directly on the lens. Also, you are to start cleaning the lens at least twenty minutes after the projector has been turned off.

Do not use regular clothes to clean the projector’s lens; use the recommended cleaning materials. Do not blow the particles off with your mouth. Tiny droplets may be deposited on the lens, and the acidity can damage it.

Change the projector’s bulb

troubleshoot projector display issues

Manufacturers indicate the lamp life of a bulb, however, there is no guarantee that the bulb will be 100% efficient throughout its life span.

With time, the projector’s bulb becomes weaker, and it is not unable to project as much brightness as it used to. When this happens, you either replace the bulb or the projector itself.

A new bulb means better brightness, however, there are factors you need to consider when buying a new bulb.


The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens. The brightness level is usually indicated in the projector’s description.

Get a bulb that will match the previous brightness of your projector, or exceed it if possible.

Does it fit into the lamp housing?

A projector lamp is made up of the bulb and its housing. When choosing a new bulb, be sure that it can properly fit into the projector’s housing.

If the bulb does not fit into the housing, it will be difficult to fix it into the projector.


This is the amount of energy required to light up the bulb. Choose a projector bulb that has a low watt and a high lumen.

This type of bulbs consume less energy and give a better brightness. They are high-quality bulbs and will help reduce electricity consumption.

Use manual setting

use a remote to adjust the brightness of a projector

You can manually increase the brightness level of some projectors. There may be a setting for that on your projector.

Simply press the menu button on the projector or you can do that with the remote. Select the ‘display’ option; this will show menus, then select ‘adjust brightness’.

Increase the projector’s brightness using the arrows on the projector or the remote control.

Clean the air intake and exhaust port

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If your projector has a removable air cleaner, it is good that you clean it. The projector generates heat when in use, and it needs proper airflow to keep it cool; cleaning the air cleaner will help.


Brightness is one of the factors that make a good projector, but you may not find that perfectly-satisfying projector with the best brightness.

There are simpler ways to improve the brightness of your projector. It can be just closing the windows of the room where you are projecting. A darker room gives a brighter image because there is no interference from the light coming in through the windows.

Another way is to use a high gain projector screen. This type of screen improves the brightness of an image. They increase the amount of light that strikes them, thus, increasing the image brightness. You could also use a white-colored projector screen; to an extent, it displays images better than the dark-colored types.

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