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How to Get a Stuck Battery Out of a Laser Pointer?

If you’ve just bought a brand-new laser pointer, you’re probably excited to use it. Whether for business or recreational purposes, you’ll eventually have to replace the batteries to continue using the pointer.

However, what happens if the battery gets stuck in the barrel and won’t budge? Maybe you can use the laser pointer for a little while, but when the power runs out, it’s useless.

You need to remove the stuck battery, but it’s wedged in there. What will you do now?

From gently trying to shake the battery out and using magnets to extreme measures like drilling into the battery, we’re going to delve into getting stuck batteries out of a laser pointer.

When you’re thinking about how to get a stuck battery out of a laser pointer, there are a few ways you can navigate the issue. Forcing the battery out through pressure is an option, but it may damage the laser pointer. Other measures include gluing something to the surface of the battery, drilling into the battery, and using a magnet.

Let’s explore these options in detail below.

Option 1: Tap It on Your Desk

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The first thing you should do when you’re thinking about how to get a stuck battery out of a laser pointer is the simplest thing you can do – tap it on a surface.

If the battery is only slightly stuck, this should release it. Please be gentle to avoid damaging your laser pointer, but not too gentle since it won’t make a difference.

However, if the battery is completely stuck in there and refuses to budge, you may have to try some of these other methods.

Option 2: Glue/Solder an Object to the Battery

a strong type of glue

Usually, the barrel in laser pointers is pretty tiny, and you can’t always get a tool like a screwdriver in there to help you nudge the battery out of place.

This is where gluing or soldering comes in. We suggest gluing since soldering may damage the laser pointer and battery if not done properly.

Use a strong adhesive or epoxy to glue a small object to the stuck battery. Once it is completely dry, use the object to pull out the battery.

Option 3: Use a Magnet

magnet and iron balls

For those wondering how to get a stuck battery out of a laser pointer with minimal effort, a cylinder magnet might do the trick.

Just make sure to buy a cylinder magnet that’s small enough to fit inside the barrel of the laser pointer. This requires minimal effort because the magnet does all the work.

Better yet, once you’re done, and you have the battery out, you’ll still have the magnet around to use for other purposes. It can even be used for the same purpose in the future.

However, before you use a magnet for this purpose, be sure to remember not to use it near electronics like computers, television screens, or anything with a magnetic strip (such as a credit card). Strong magnets can warp and wipe the memories of the electronics around them.

While cylinder magnets don’t have as much pull ability as block magnets and disc magnets, they have a deep magnetic field and can affect your electronics from a distance.

Additionally, we would suggest insulating the magnet’s outside, so the battery isn’t shorted when removed. This way, you have both the magnet and the battery in working order.

Option 4: Drill a Hole

Drilling a Hole in a subject

Another option, albeit an extreme one, is to drill a hole into either the battery or the barrel. While drilling a hole into the battery and using a screw to remove it may be effective, it’s also dangerous.

It may even end up damaging the device and rendering it useless.

Drilling into the barrel with a Dremel tool is easier, safer, and allows you to use a stiff wire to remove the battery.

Option 5: Contact the Company

If nothing is working and you don’t want to risk damaging your laser pointer, you should contact the brand and ask them how to get a stuck battery out of a laser pointer.

This doesn’t always pan out and is highly dependent on the company’s customer service. However, turning to the company before making any drastic changes yourself is in your best interest.

Companies often refuse to help or replace the component if you’ve caused damage to it. Before trying extreme measures like using a drill, contact the company and see if they’re willing to help.

Option 6: Disassemble the Laser Pointer

Disassembling tool set

When all else has failed, your only remaining hope is to disassemble the laser pointer and remove the battery that way. Please note that this is the last resort for a reason.

You may damage the component or ruin the laser. If you don’t have experience taking a laser pointer apart, it’s best to rely on those who do.

If you don’t know anyone willing to take it apart, you can check out the following tutorials.

Disassemble laser pointer howto



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Having a battery stuck in your laser pointer can be frustrating. Hopefully, this guide on how to get a stuck battery out of a laser pointer has helped you find a solution to your problem.

Whether it’s something as simple as tapping the device on a desk or as extreme as drilling a hole into it, we wish you the best of luck.

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