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How To Clean My JVC Projector Lens?

How To Clean My JVC Projector Lens?

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No matter how sophisticated the rest of the technology is, the image will never be clear if the lens is dirty or dusty. Think of it like a pair of glasses. Even on the brightest day of the year, you’ll still have blurry vision if your eyeglasses are mucky and smudged. 

Similarly, a projector’s lens is its lifeline. 

Cleaning your projector’s lens can make the difference between watching your favorite movie or squinting at a jumble of obtuse shapes. 

When should you clean your JVC projector lens? 

How do you clean a projector’s lens and what will you need? 

Keep reading to find out!

How Do I Know When My JVC Projector Lens Needs to Be Cleaned?

Clean your projector lens when the image becomes dim, or the unit frequently overheats. 

Projector Lens

Dust particles gathering around the projector lens can make your once crisp 4K image appear blurry. Whenever you notice the picture isn’t as clear as it once was, it’s always best to check the projector lens for muck and smudges before altering any of the picture settings. 

Additionally, oil from your hands can transfer to the lens, leaving greasy streak marks. Always be careful not to touch the lens with your hands, even if they’re clean, to avoid damaging the glass. 

If you’ve just replaced the lamp unit or handled the projector at all, it’s a good idea to quickly clean the lens to ensure the clearest picture. 

JVC projectors create a lot of heat when projecting that sleek image we all love, so it’s vital the lens remains dust-free to avoid overheating. Additional soot could keep the hot air from circulating and cause your lamp unit to burn out, which could become costly quickly. 

In the worst-case scenario, overheating could permanently damage your unit and lead to a fire hazard. 

Needless to say, a little cleaning goes a long way.

What Can I Use to Clean My JVC Projector Lens?

Clean the projector

You will need specific tools to clean your projector lens. 

The glass used in the JVC projector lens is extremely delicate and can be scratched very easily. Using your shirt, a tissue, or towel can create micro-abrasions on the lens, damaging it. 

Solutions like alcohol, or abrasive household cleaners like Windex, not only scratch the lens but can also seep into your projector’s hardware and destroy your unit beyond repair. Remember, this isn’t the same glass you’d find in a window. It’s a sensitive lens that uses refractive light to create an image, so be gentle! 

You will need a few different things to properly clean your projector lens

Lens Cloth

Lens Cloth

Lens cloths are made from a specific microfiber material that will not scratch or smudge your projector lens. 

They are often lint-free and can be washed using cold water. Other fabrics, like cotton or linen, are not smooth and are made up of large fibers, which can be abrasive. 

Lens cloths also ensure a streak-free result, which is crucial when cleaning projectors. 

You may have seen lens wipes, but it’s recommended to avoid these. The wipes can be too damp and not as soft as the microfiber lens cloths, resulting in streaking and scratching. 

Lens Cleaning Solution (Non-Abrasive)

Alcohol and other strong cleaners may be good enough for your bathroom mirror, but they will destroy your projector lens. Moreover, some lens cleaning solutions are abrasive, so make sure it says “non-abrasive” on the packaging. 

This solution is flammable, so do not store it next to your projector since it emits heat when turned on. 

You will come across many cleaners on the market designed to clean laptop and phone screens. Steer clear of these, as they could be too harsh for your projector lens. 

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Compressed Air 

Compressed air comes in an aerosol-like can and is exactly what it sounds like. You can use the pressurized air to clear away dust without spraying harsh chemicals onto your device. 

The pressure used to make compressed air makes it extremely flammable, so exercise caution when using it. 

How Do I Clean My JVC Projector Lens?

Cleaning your projector lens only takes a few minutes!

Before you clean the projector lens, it’s vital that your JVC projector is turned off, unplugged, and completely cooled. Attempting to clean your unit while still warm could lead to a fire hazard. 

If your projector’s lens cover is set to Auto and closes automatically when shut off, change the Lens Control settings to Open. This will allow you to access the lens cover when your unit is turned off. Make sure to change the Lens Control back to Auto after cleaning to protect it from dust when not in use. 

Cleaning with a Lens Cloth and Solution

The JVC projector instructional manual recommends using a damp cloth to gently wipe away any dust. Dot a conservative amount of lens cleaning solution to the dry lens cloth. Do not over-saturate the cloth to avoid streaking. 

Instructional manual

Wipe the lens using circular movements, taking care to only go in one direction. Your lens is fragile, so be delicate when cleaning it. 

Do not squirt any cleaning liquid directly onto the projector lens.  

Cleaning with Compressed Air

Compressed air can help remove any dust that will scratch the glass when moved around with a lens cloth. Compressed air will blow away the particles without creating any microabrasions. 

If you’ve ever used compressed air before, you know the pressurized air stream can be strong, so spray it at least seven inches (18 centimeters) away from your lens. Keep the bottle upright, and release the air in short bursts. 

To learn more about how to clean your projector lens, watch the video below. 

Clean Your Projector Lens

Wrapping Things Up

If your projector’s lens is dirty, it could compromise the image quality and cause the projector to overheat and become damaged. 

Projector lenses are sensitive and fragile, so always be light-handed when cleaning or handling them. Only use products specifically made for lenses, and always ensure your unit is off and unplugged before cleaning it. 

What’s your experience with cleaning JVC projector lenses? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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