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How to Check Epson Projector Warranty?

How to Check Epson Projector Warranty?

An Epson projector can last a long time, but it can become damaged over time – especially if you’re using it every day.

This is why having a warranty can be useful. Instead of paying for every repair, Epson ensures that you will be taken care of as a loyal customer.

 Sometimes it is hard to find the details of your Epson projector warranty – especially if it’s been a while since you purchased it.

That’s why we’ve written this guide to help you track down your Epson projector’s warranty! 

You can find everything you need to know about your projector warranty here and more.

For most Epson projectors, you will need to find the Serial Number, which is a combination of letters and numbers. Using the Serial Number and the Country of Purchase, you will then be able to check the details of your projector’s warranty on Epson’s Warranty and Service Plan Verification website page. 

What does an Epson projector’s warranty cover?

Limited Warranty paper

Epson projectors come with what’s called Limited Warranty. 

This Limited Warranty covers the projector and all of its enclosed consumables (like lamps) for free repair or replacement if they sustain reasonable damage within their warranty periods.

When you claim a warranty, Epson will be the one to decide whether to repair or replace the defective product.

If Epson chooses to repair it, you will have to send your product to Epson or one of its Service Centers. If you have to ship your product rather than bring it in person, you will have to shoulder the shipping costs.

In the case that the product becomes more damaged during shipping, your warranty will not cover you, and Epson will charge you. Your warranty also won’t cover servicing fees if Epson is unable to identify the defect.

Alternatively, if Epson decides to replace your defective product, they will send a replacement product to anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. 

However, you will still have to ship the defective product to Epson within 5 working days, as it automatically becomes their property in exchange for the replacement.

What does an Epson projector’s warranty NOT cover?

cases warranty does not cover

Unfortunately, Epson’s Limited Warranty is called limited for a reason.

Many conditions can void your warranty, including:

  • Service when the label, logo, rating, or serial number has been removed.
  • Damage from overuse or misuse.
  • Damage occurred while outside the United States or Canada.
  • Damage caused by third-party products, software, services, or components.
  • Damage from natural disasters, software problems, improper installation, or electrical currents.

Epson’s Limited Warranty also does not provide for the restoration of any user data stored on its products, so be sure to have a backup of your information elsewhere.

How long is an Epson projector’s warranty for?

Epson’s Limited Warranty for projectors typically lasts for 24 to 36 months, starting from the original purchase date.

However, warranties for enclosed consumables are separate from the projector’s warranty and are typically shorter. For example, projector lamps  usually come with 90-day warranties.

Is an Epson projector’s warranty transferable?

No, the Limited Warranty for an Epson projector is not transferable in any way.

How do I check an Epson projector’s warranty?

a graphic of serial number

To check an Epson projector’s Limited Warranty, you’ll need to know the projector’s Country of Purchase and the Serial Number.

You can find the projector’s Serial Number by following these steps:

  • Look for the Serial Number on the bottom, side, or back of your projector.
  • The Serial Number is usually located near a “SERIAL NO>” sign and a barcode.
  • Once you find the Serial Number, note it down excluding any asterisks on either side.

Once you have the serial number, verify your warranty using the following steps:

The Warranty Details will tell you the expiration date for your projector’s warranty, as well as the warranties of any consumables that came with it.

The Contract Details will tell you what exactly your warranty does and doesn’t cover.

How do I claim my Epson projector warranty?

packaging fragile objects

Before you claim your Epson projector warranty, you will need to do some preparation to make sure Epson will recognize your warranty claim.

First, make sure your issue is actually covered by your warranty by doing the following:

  • Search for your product on Epson’s Support page.
  • Click on the model of your projector.
  • Click the Manuals and Warranty tab below the projector description.
  • Read the Warranty Statement for U.S. and Canada for the full list of what Epson does and does not cover under your projector’s warranty.

If your issue is covered by the warranty, you will need to pack the projector and any consumables in original or similar packaging to prevent further damage during shipping.

Finally, you will need to gather the following information to claim your warranty:

  • The Serial Number of your projector
  • Proof of the date of original purchase of your projector

Once you have these, you can claim your Epson projector warranty in three ways: going to a service center, contacting Technical Support, or emailing Epson.

How do I find a service center?

service center place

If you prefer to take your projector in person, you can search for a nearby Epson Service Center using their website

These service centers are authorized by Epson and will recognize your warranty claim as long as you have the product, the serial number, and proof of the date of original purchase.

How do I contact Technical Support?

If there is no Epson Service Center nearby, you can contact Epson’s Technical Support.

To get access to Technical Support, you first have to register your projector using these steps:

Once you’ve registered your projector, you will have access to Technical Support, whom you can inform of whatever issue you’re experiencing.

How do I email Epson support?

emailing Epson support

If you’d rather not go through the process of registration, you can email Epson support.

The best way to do this is by using their contact form, which you can access with these steps:

  • Visit Epson’s Support Page.
  • Search for the model of your projector and select it.
  • Click on the Contact Us tab below the projector’s description.
  • Select Email Us.

This will take you to a contact form where you can give detailed descriptions of what you need help with.

Can I extend my warranty?

extended warranty paper

If you want to extend your warranty, Epson offers service plans which will provide you with more years of product exchange and priority technical support.

You can buy a service plan for your projector using these steps:

Most plans have 1-year and 2-year options, so you can choose how long you want extended coverage.

However, service plans are only applicable if you buy them before your warranty is up, so be sure to keep an eye on your warranty expiration date.

What if my warranty has expired?

If your warranty has already expired, you will have to pay out of pocket to get your projector fixed.

The best way to do this is to find the nearest Service Center using the Epson Service Center Locator. These service centers have been authorized to fix Epson products, so you can rest assured they know what they’re doing.

Alternatively, you can buy a completely new Epson projector .


warranty summary

Let’s review what we’ve learned so far.

An Epson projector’s Limited Warranty covers the free repair or replacement of the defective product. However, it will not cover defects caused by overuse or misuse.

The warranty for an Epson projector typically lasts 24 or 36 months after the date of original purchase and isn’t transferable. Meanwhile, the warranties for projector lamps typically last 90 days.

To check your projector’s warranty, look for the serial number and use it to verify your warranty on the Epson Warranty and Service Plan Verification page. This will tell you how long you have until your warranty expires.

If your issue is covered by your warranty, you will need to gather the projector’s serial number and proof of the date of original purchase. From there, you can claim your warranty by going to a service center, contacting Technical Support, or emailing Epson.

To extend your warranty before it expires, you can search for your projector model on the Epson website and view the available Service Plans. 

If your warranty has already expired, you will have to take your projector to the nearest Epson Service Center and pay to get it fixed.

Whatever you end up doing, we hope that this guide helped you figure out your Epson projector warranty!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.