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How to Check an Epson Projector’s Serial Number?

How to Check an Epson Projector’s Serial Number 

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Most people don’t care about the serial number of their Epson projector. Knowing the projector’s make and model seems enough information to have for them.

Those two pieces of information certainly get the ball rolling. But eventually, the need to acquire a bit more information about the machine arises. One of those essential pieces of data is the serial number.

So, what is your Epson projector serial number? What does it signify? How to locate it on your Epson machine? Keep reading to get the answers to the questions and more.

What is a Serial Number?

A serial number is a unique identification number for machines — similar to how humans have unique fingerprints. A product’s serial number indicates where it resides in its series, besides signifying a host of other information.

Serial number on money

Serial numbers are usually assigned to electronic devices, such as projectors and laptops. Other products have unique identification numbers too, but they could be called by different names — such as UPC number or SKU number.

Serial Number Makeup

Contrary to general assumptions, the 10-digit number is usually a combination of alphabets and numerals. There are also serial numbers with just digits. But if there are letters thrown in, they are always fewer than the numbers. Therefore, it makes sense to call serial numbers “serial numbers”. At times, a serial number could comprise symbols or a character string altogether. 

Example of projector serial number

Kindly note, your Epson projector’s serial number is devoid of the asterisks flanking both sides of the alphanumeric number.

To not confuse the user, serial numbers do not have the letter “O”. Therefore, if your product’s unique identification number has a cipher in it and you’re not sure if it’s the numeral or the alphabet, you now know better.

Generating/Allotting Serial Numbers

The serial number is usually allocated to the device close to the end of its production phase. The number is assigned considering the product’s product family, version, etc. If there’s a change in materials used during the production process, the company will modify the serial number accordingly.

The Significance of Your Epson Projector Serial Number

The Epson projector serial number helps verify or check the warranty status of your device. If you require other information/resources for your particular device, the serial number will allow you to access them.

Epson Pro EX7280 3-Chip 3LCD WXGA Projector

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When contacting online customer support, the first piece of information the support staff would want you to share with them (after confirming your identity, of course) is the device’s serial number.

They cannot help you with your concerns without the number since those digits help the support personnel correctly identify and verify your product’s warranty details and specifications.

Besides, it helps the company learn about the projector’s entire history, trace its travel — right from manufacturing to how and when it’s sold and delivered. 

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 Laser Projector

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The serial number also identifies you, the product owner.

If your projector is stolen, the thief cannot service the device at an Epson-authorized service center. That’s because the serial number communicates to the service professional that the device is not with its rightful owner.

Also, as mentioned above, the serial number helps ascertain the batch your projector belongs to.

Suppose there’s a factory-level or manufacturing defect with your device. In that circumstance, the serial number would let in service centers on pertinent details — such as the year of manufacture, country of origin, and the factory where the projector was made.

Suppose multiple customers call in with faulty lamps in the same projector model. The concerned company can investigate the matter using the serial numbers and ascertain the projectors’ batch. All other devices from the lot could be called back as a precautionary measure.

Where Can I Find the Serial Number on my Epson Projector?

Your Epson projector serial number is usually located on the device’s side, bottom, or rear — traditionally printed on a white, rectangular sticker.

Epson VS260 3-Chip 3LCD XGA Projector, 3,300 Lumens Color Brightness, 3,300 Lumens White Brightness, HDMI, Built-in Speaker, 15,000:1 Contrast Ratio

Not just the location, but the font’s size is also intended to be less conspicuous. Once you find the place, however, the number is easily discernible.  

The label bearing the serial number could have a few other pieces of encrypted information or comprise other numbers. Your product’s serial number usually has a bigger font size.

To help with quick identification, you’ll find the name tag or header “SERIAL NO>” at the top left side of the number (slightly above). The number would also have a barcode right above it.

To access the serial number online or on the Epson site, you’d require a registered account with the company. And you would need the serial number in turn to register your projector.

In some rare cases, the manufacturer could engrave the serial numbers into the product’s hardware. That, however, is pretty much never the case with Epson projectors and all of its other offerings.

Is My Epson Projector Serial Number “Unique”?

Though the serial number of your Epson projector or any product is meant to be distinctive, there could be oddities. In the rarest of rare cases, the serial numbers of two units could match perfectly.

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

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However, identical numbers are not a significant concern since the devices with matching numbers are generations apart. One of them may not be in production anymore or would have likely gone entirely obsolete.  

In most cases, however, different manufacturers could use the same serial number for their respective products. For instance, an Epson product’s serial number could match the number of a competitor’s product.

Long story short, your Epson projector’s serial number is highly likely to be unique. And even in the sporadic cases where two serial numbers match, it should not present Epson issues with identifying your product and offering appropriate after-sales support.

With SKUs and UPCs, however, repetition is relatively standard. UPCs, for instance, are not unique to a particular piece of software or hardware, like serial numbers.


The serial number of your Epson projector is not right in front of your eye. You’ll have to look for it with purpose. But, as mentioned above, it’s easy to read or glean the information once found. You’ll certainly not have to call customer support for it.

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