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How To Change the Bulb/Lamp in a BenQ Projector?

How To Change the Bulb/Lamp in a BenQ Projector?

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Like every electronic, a projector has a limited lifespan.

Luckily, it’s a longer life than other tech pieces, such as smartphones and computers.

BenQ projectors, in particular, are known for incorporating smart technologies that help their lifespan.

But that doesn’t mean your BenQ projector is immortal or would not require any form of repair or replacement for years together.

While it, as a complete unit, shall stay relevant for a long time, the lamp or bulb at the core of all the action will need some attention—a replacement, for instance.

If you’re wondering whether you can change a BenQ projector’s lamp or bulb, you certainly can.

But can you change the bulb yourself? And if that’s possible, how should you go about the process?

Keep reading to find the answers and learn more.

Can You Replace the Bulb in Your BenQ Projector?

A black BenQ projector on a White table and white background

Yes, you certainly can replace your BenQ projector’s bulb. The replacement process is pretty straightforward if you have the right tools handy and exercise proper precautions before executing the task.

You don’t need a significant amount of time to execute the task but should be committed to the process while you’re at it.

A lapse of concentration or negligence in any form could cause issues, such as an invalid projector warranty, physical injury, or, at times, an utterly wrecked projector.

How To Know When to Replace a BenQ Projector Bulb?

check the lamp life of benq projector

When the projector bulb starts to lose its original luminance, it’s pretty much a tell-tale sign the lamp needs to be taken out.

An old or fully used projector bulb could also present color accuracy or shifting issues, cause flickering, make popping sounds, or complete image loss.

Those are also signs of a galumphing projector bulb.

Please note within the first few weeks of use, the bulb will lose a tiny percentage of its original sheen. 

That shouldn’t be a bother since that shouldn’t affect your projector experience and is usually part of the projector’s habituating itself to its environment process.

When the projection gets noticeably dull, that is when you can be sure of a bulb replacement.

The degradation in brightness is due to the high-pressure xenon and mercury used in the lamp dimming with use or age. These bulbs do not die completely when fully utilized, unlike incandescent bulbs.

Therefore, do not wrongly conclude that a drop in your projector lamp’s brightness is the bulb losing half its efficiency.  

If the visual cues seem unreliable, you can always check the number of hours your BenQ projector lamp has clocked. You can do so in the software settings of the projector.

Pressing and holding on the power button on your BenQ projector for a few seconds shall prompt the device to display lamp hours on the projection screen.

BenQ Projector Lamp Life

a BenQ projector

Although different elements constitute a projector lamp, the bulb is the center of all action, and its lifespan pretty much denotes a projector lamp’s life.

A BenQ projector bulb’s life is usually around 2,000 hours, which is the industry standard.

After having clocked 2,000 hours of usage, your BenQ projector lamp will likely lose its original luminance or emit around 50% of its actual brightness.

Based on the particular projector model, the lamp life could be way above 2,000 hours—for instance, more than 5,500 hours.

Some BenQ projector lamps could function optimally until 10,000 hours of use, thanks to the company’s SmartEco Lamp tech.

A BenQ Projector is working

What is SmartEco?

SmartEco allows the projector to adjust lamp power depending on the projected visuals for the ideal brightness and contrast performance.

The integrated Lamp Care Mode feature ensures the lamp functions at 80% capacity without compromising image quality.

Along with Image Care Mode, the feature helps achieve the 10,000 hours threshold.

Things to Do to Enhance Lamp Life

A projector’s working conditions can influence lamp life.

For instance, the bulb shall effortlessly meet its lifespan promises in a dust-free indoor environment.

Not using the projector for more than five hours a day also constitutes “normal use.”

If your BenQ projector lamp runs excessively hot at all times, its lifespan will decrease significantly.

To tackle the heat, ensure you provide ventilation to the device while in use. Don’t take the projector outdoors. Just place it close to an open window.

You could do many other things to extend lamp life, such as cleaning the filter regularly and replacing it when needed, vacuuming and blowing compressed air.

What Happens When You Keep Using a Projector Lamp Due for Replacement?

A working BenQ projector

When a projector lamp reaches its estimated lifespan, it doesn’t stop functioning cold turkey. But it functions at a much lower brightness level.

Even if the reduced luminance seems fine, it’s recommended you do not continue using the bulb since the light source will likely get hotter than usual, significantly heightening the likelihood of a bulb explosion.

A bulb detonation by itself sounds scary and is an electrical hazard. And if the lamp housing fails to contain the blast, your projector could also get damaged.

As a result, you’ll have to buy a new projector altogether—a situation that a bulb replacement could have easily preempted.

How To Replace a BenQ Projector Lamp/Bulb?

BenQ projector hanging on the ceiling

Replacing a BenQ (or any other brand) projector lamp is typically straightforward.

When replacing the projector bulb, make sure the new bulb is fully compatible with your particular BenQ projector model.

Also, if the previous bulb had exploded, ensure the projector’s innards are clean (for instance, utterly devoid of any glass shards) before installing the new bulb.

Once you’ve set the stage for a replacement and procured the suitable lamp, follow these steps:

  • Turn the projector off and detach it from its external power supply.
  • Unscrew the device to slide off or pry open the upper plastic layer. Use a prying tool for safe and effective disassembly. (If you do not have one already, look at the Kaisi Professional Electronics Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit .)
  • Take off the upper plastic cover to reveal the lamp held in place by screws and a power connector.
  • Next, disconnect the lamp’s internal power supply. 
  • Unscrew the screws to take the light out of the projector body by its metal handle or clip.
  • Now grab the replacement projector lamp and plug in the lamp’s power clip first.
  • Pop in the lamp inside the projector and push it in place before screwing in the new light.
  • Grab the projector’s top plastic cover and put it on. Press on it to hear the cover snapping into place.   
  • Now, take the original projector screws and screw them in carefully.

Use a magnetic screwdriver so that the screws cling on to the screwdriver and you do not lose the tiny screws.

If you don’t have one already, here are our recommendations:

And if you’d like a video form of the above steps, here is one:  

How to replace Benq W1070 Lamp

Please note this process varies between different BenQ projectors.

However, it gives you a fair idea that can serve as a starting point for pretty much every BenQ projector.

If you’re having trouble opening up your BenQ projector, you may always contact BenQ to seek guidance or get the lamp replaced by BenQ itself.

Replacing BenQ Projector Bulb

a close-up of projector lamp

The above instructions shall help you replace your BenQ projector’s bulb with its complete housing.

If you’d like to keep the lamp housing intact and replace only the bulb, here are the steps:

  • Once you’ve removed the bulb from its housing, unscrew the bulb from the lamp housing.
  • After removing the screws, pull at the plastic body to separate the bulb from the inner housing.
  • Put on plastic gloves before you handle the bulb. Don’t use your bare hands. (Don’t wear gloves right at the start as it will cause a hindrance when unscrewing and pulling the lamp housing out.)
  • Unscrew the old bulb to take it out of its casing.
  • Take the new bulb out of its protective packaging and attach it to the lamp housing’s connectors.
  • You may then screw in the new bulb to fix it in place.
  • Place the plastic casing over the lamp module and press the case until you hear it snap into position.

Unlike replacing the entire lamp housing, replacing just the bulb could be complex and require more technical know-how.

Before removing the bulb from its housing, remember the layout and wiring of the bulb inside the case.

Take a picture for reference when putting the bulb and casing back together, if that helps.

Here is a video to remove the projector bulb from its housing for added convenience:

How to Replace a Projector bulb

If the process still seems complex, get it done by a professional or at BenQ.

Reset Lamp Hours

After the lamp replacement is complete, reset the lamp timer to track the new lamp’s usage accurately.

Some projectors could reset the timer automatically. In that case, you won’t need a manual reset.

To reset the timer:

  • Turn on your BenQ projector after you complete the lamp/bulb replacement process.
  • Head to the projector’s “Settings” section on the screen and select “Light Settings.”
  • Select “Reset Light Timer” and press “Enter.” A pop-up notice seeking your confirmation to reset the lamp timer shall appear.
  • Choose “Reset” and press “Enter.”

The lamp timer is now reset, with the various parameters under Lamp Timer displaying 0 hours.

If you have trouble following the above instructions, here is a BenQ video demonstrating how to reset the lamp timer after replacing the lamp: 

[BenQ FAQ] Projector_How to change lamp and reset lamp timer

Where to Buy BenQ Projector Bulbs?

Lamp Bulb Replacement Compatible for BenQ Projector

Click image for more information

There’s no shortage of places to buy BenQ projector bulbs from.

Always check the BenQ website for a replacement bulb first .

If you don’t find a replacement bulb there, you can always look on reliable non-BenQ marketplaces like B&H Photo Video and Amazon.

Or try other places like Lamps Direct, Projector Lamps USA, and Focused Technology.

When shopping at a non-BenQ store, ensure the lamp is compatible with your specific projector model and made by either BenQ or a trustworthy third-party manufacturer.

If your projector is under warranty, make sure the replacement bulb is an original BenQ product so that you do not void your projector’s manufacturer warranty.

How Do I Know If a BenQ Lamp is Genuine?

a projector lamp

A genuine BenQ lamp is vital for the projection experience and to ward off potential safety concerns.

There have been several cases of low-quality after-market lamps exploding upon continuous use.

Before delving into how to ascertain the genuineness of a replacement BenQ lamp, let’s jot down the reasons a third-party lamp for your BenQ projector is a bad deal:

  • A sub-par BenQ replacement lamp is likely to contain little to zero parts made by BenQ.
  • The third-party manufacturer would have collated the spare parts constituting the lamp from multiple (cheap) sources to keep the costs down, affecting the bulb’s quality.
  • Also, those parts are likely to be put together by inexperienced workers in squalid working conditions.
  • The lamp will not be as bright as an original BenQ light. Generally, the brightness of the cheap replacement lamps maxes out at around 50% of the original BenQ lamp’s luminance.
  • The lamp’s lifespan will also be much lower than the original lamp.

To steer clear of such concerns, make sure you check off the following in your BenQ replacement lamp purchase:

  • Get your replacement lamp from BenQ or any trustworthy source.
  • Make sure BenQ makes it. If not, ensure it’s manufactured by reliable third-party companies such as Ushio, Panasonic, Philips, or Osram. (These companies have demonstrated expertise and excellence in making projector bulbs that meet high manufacturing standards—such as conforming to ISO9001 standards.)
  • Cross-check the price. If it’s dirt-cheap or heavily discounted (more than 50% off the regular price), you’re likely looking at a potato.

Suppose you have doubts about the lamp, email the seller. If the company is not willing to entertain your questions, do not provide them your business.


BenQ projector from front side

1. Can I use non-BenQ lamps for my BenQ projector?

Generally, you cannot and should not. But if the projector lamp made by another company is explicitly built for BenQ projectors, you may use those lamps.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, projector lamps are made to cater to a projecting device’s unique technical requirements—which include the mercury vapor’s exact pressurization, the ARC tube’s positioning inside the quartz sphere at the correct angle, etc.

Also, a projector’s lamp wattage requirements cannot be tinkered with. If a specific projector needs a 250W bulb, you cannot use a 150W or 350W replacement bulb because the ignition and voltage requirements vary.

And ensuring the same wattage is just one aspect. It would also help to ascertain that the replacement lamp’s ANSI lumens rate matches the original bulb’s lumens figures.

The projector would otherwise run excessively hot, the image produced may not be bright enough.

2. What is the difference between a lamp and a bulb?

The term “lamp” and “bulb” are often used interchangeably in the projection space, which is not the correct use of the respective words.

As mentioned multiple times above, the word “lamp” basically denotes the lamp housing (reflector and cage) and the bulb within.


To conclude, you can change a BenQ projector lamp. These projectors are designed to have their lights replaced whenever the need arises.

And if you didn’t know how to replace the lamp, this article hopefully helped you learn just that.

You can still choose to get your projector lamp replaced by BenQ or a professional. But be willing to spare some dough for the service. 

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