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How To Cast Facebook To A Roku TV/Player?

How To Cast Facebook To A Roku TV/Player?

Have you ever found a particularly alarming comment thread on Facebook that you just had to show everyone? You and your friends all try crowding around your computer screen, but most people struggle to read the text on-screen.

Then, you have an incredible idea: why don’t you cast Facebook on your Roku TV? 

Casting Facebook (and other apps from your phone) to your Roku couldn’t be easier and can completely transform your doom-scrolling experience. 

We’ve split up this process into two steps: enabling casting/screen mirroring on your Roku TV and then casting/screen mirroring your device’s screen. 

Let’s get started!

Enabling Casting/Screen Mirroring on Roku TV

hand holding Roku remote in front of TV screen with different apps

Before you can cast or screen mirror your device’s screen, you must enable this feature on your Roku TV to make it discoverable. 

You can do this through your Roku TV’s settings using your Roku remote. 

Let’s learn how! 

Step 1: Press the Home button on your Roku TV’s remote. 

Step 2: Use the remote’s D-Pad to navigate to Settings

Step 3: Then, open System

Step 4: Next, head to Screen mirroring

Step 5: Navigate to Screen mirroring mode

Step 6: To enable your Roku TV’s casting/screen mirroring feature, select Prompt or Always allow

The Prompt choice will display a prompt on your Roku TV’s screen every time it detects a device trying to pair with it. Then, you can select Allow or Block depending on whether or not you would like your Roku TV to cast/screen mirror the device. 

Only select Allow if you are completely sure that it is your device trying to connect to your TV. 

If you are unsure it is your device trying to pair, then select Block or Always block

Prompt is the best option for users living in crowded apartment buildings or next to a busy street, as it will stop others from randomly connecting to your Roku TV. 

Casting and Screen Mirroring

Before we can outline the steps for how to cast or screen mirror to your Roku TV, it’s important to distinguish the two from each other. 

mirroring video from a tablet to smart tv

As the name suggests, screen mirroring mirrors your device’s screen to your Roku TV. This means that you will be able to see your phone or tablet’s entire interface on-screen, including any pop-up notifications you may have. 

So, everything you do will be visible on your Roku TV. This option is perfect for showing off apps or your device’s interface.

Casting, on the other hand, only displays specific videos/pictures on your TV. This allows you to cast a video (like an episode from Netflix) and then close the app to continue using your phone. 

man casting the cartoon movie from his smart phone to the TV

Not only does this method allow you to multitask by casting a video and using your phone simultaneously, but it will also protect your privacy since the other people in the room won’t see your messages or notifications. 

We recommend casting for those who only want to cast videos/pictures from compatible apps. 

Both methods require that your personal and Roku TV be connected to the same network since the video and audio signal is sent over Wi-Fi. 

1. Casting

Let’s learn how to cast content to your Roku TV from Android and iOS Phones. 

  • Android

Note: Please note that the process below will only work on certain compatible Android phones. If your Android phone does not support casting, you will have to mirror your device’s screen instead. 

Step 1: Head to your phone’s Facebook app and click on the video you want to cast. 

Step 2: When the video is in full-screen, tap it to open the video controls menu. 

Step 3: Once you see the menu on-screen, search and select the Cast icon, which is characterized by a rectangle with a tilted Wi-Fi symbol in the bottom left corner. 

casting video from smartphone to tv

Step 4: Once you’ve tapped the Cast icon, a list of available devices will appear. Then, select your Roku TV’s name from this list. 

Now the Facebook video will be cast to your Roku TV. 

Step 5: When you’re ready to stop casting content, open the video controls menu again and tap the Cast icon. Then, select Disconnect from the menu. 

  • iOS

Step 1: Head to the Facebook app and play the video you want to cast. 

Step 2: Once you’ve opened the video, tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the video controls menu. 

Step 3: Press the Cast icon, which is located in the upper-right corner of the full-screen video and looks like a rectangle with a Wi-Fi signal inside it. 

Step 4: Select AirPlay and Bluetooth from the list of available devices. 

Step 5: There will be several categories of devices to choose from. Select Speakers & TVs then click on your Roku TV’s name

If the video fails to cast to your TV, repeat Steps 1 to 5 to refresh those casting settings. 

Step 6: When you’ve finished casting the video, navigate to and tap the video’s Cast icon before selecting Disconnect

Watch the video below demonstrating how to cast videos from your iPhone to your Roku TV. 

How to Watch Facebook Videos on Roku TV

2. Screen Mirroring

  • Android

Note: The steps listed below may vary depending on your Android device’s model. 

The following instructions are for a Xiaomi device. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings app in your phone. 

Step 2: Select Connection & Sharing from the menu. 

Step 3: Then, head to Cast. You may also find this option by using your phone’s Search feature. 

Step 4: Toggle Cast on by tapping the toggle button. This will make your phone discoverable and allow you to pair it to other devices. 

Xiaomi phone device cast settings

Step 5: Once you’ve enabled casting, a device list will appear on-screen. From here, you can select your Roku TV and begin mirroring your Android device’s screen. 

Step 6: Now that your device’s screen is being displayed on your Roku TV, you can open the Facebook app and display text posts, videos, and pictures. 

Step 7: To stop screen mirroring, head back to your phone’s Settings app, followed by Connection & Sharing. Then, click on Cast and tap the toggle button to toggle this feature Off

Watch the video below demonstrating how to mirror your Android phone’s screen to a Roku TV. 

How to Watch Facebook Videos on Roku TV
  • iOS

Step 1: Play a video you want to cast within the Facebook app. 

Step 2: Open your iPhone or iPad’s Control Center, which can be found by swiping up. 

Step 3: Find and select the Screen Mirroring icon, which is represented by two overlapping rectangles. 

Step 4: A pop-up window will appear on your phone. Select your Roku TV’s name from the list in this pop-up window. 

Once connected, your iPhone or iPad’s screen will be mirrored on your TV. 

Now, you can head back to the Facebook app to watch the video on your Roku TV! 

Step 5: To disconnect your phone from your Roku TV, slide up to open the Control Center, then click on Screen Mirroring, and select Stop Mirroring

Watch the video below demonstrating how to mirror our iOS device’s screen to your Roku TV. 

How to Watch Facebook Videos on Roku TV

Troubleshooting Tip: If you cannot pair your phone to your Roku TV, double-check that your Roku TV is turned on and connected to the same network as your personal device. 

Also, ensure that you’ve set your Roku TV’s Screen Mirroring Mode to Prompt or Always allow

Good luck! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.