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How Many Watts Does A Projector Use?

Have you ever wondered about the amount of electric power your projector consumes during use? Worried that consistent use of your projector will increase your electricity bill and look for answers? Then this article is for you.

With the popular and daily use of projectors, only a few people question how many watts their projector uses. And if you are part of the few curious about the power consumption of your projector and other related questions, read on.

Power consumptions of projectors vary as it ranges from the smallest at 50W per hour to the larger ones that use up to 150-800W per hour. The standard unit of measurement for your projector’s power output is called watts, (W), so don’t be confused when you see this term in this article.

Electricity companies use kilo-watt, (KW) as the unit of measurement for power output. Kilo-Watts are used because they depict larger energy transfer- we have 1000W in 1KW.

What determines the power consumption of your projector?

projector plugging into the socket on the ceiling

The brightness of your projector is one of the major factors that dictate how much watts it will consume. This is because electricity usage depends on the lumens of your projector lamps.

The brightness of your projector lamp is measured in lumens. The lamp lumens do not only point to the projector’s brightness, it is also a factor in the quality of the image.

A projector with high lumen projects images brighter but they consume more electric power. You should be able to determine your projector’s lumens through the product description.

You should know that some projector uses lasers and LEDs as the light source instead of lamps. These projectors share the same power requirements as other standard projectors.

Also, how often you use your projector determines how many watts it uses. Depending on your projector, the amount of electricity it will use will be between 150 to 800 watts per hour with the average at 300W.

Typically, the more you use your projector, the more electricity it will consume. This frequent use will also affect other costs in running the projector, like the bulb which will need replacement or maintenance.

Are projectors expensive to run?

lcd projector lighten on

Whether a projector is expensive to run or not varies as there are different types of projectors (DLP, LCD and LED). These projectors all have different operating costs.

Well, projectors are cheaper to run than televisions and among the most popular styles of projectors, LED projectors have the lowest costs.

Modern LED Projectors use just a little electricity and are affordable. Older LCD Projectors use more electricity and they are not common anymore.

The cost of running projectors is more than just the projector type. The brightness, resolution, and costs like replacement lamps should be considered in your decision about which projector to use.

Are Projectors energy efficient?

Yes, projectors are energy efficient as they use half the energy of a same-sized television.

Projectors consume the same number of watts regardless of how big the screen is; the screen size is determined by how far you place the projector from the wall.

How to measure the power consumption of your projector?

calculate the power consumption of projector for electricity bill

If you want to calculate your projector’s power consumption, all you need are a few easy-to-find figures and some basic calculations.

The first step is to find out how many watts your projector uses to operate. You can find this figure in the label attached to your projector or better still, do a quick internet search.

Be sure to remember that the number of watts is measured per hour so if you see 50W on the label, it means your projector consumes 50W per hour during use.

To calculate the number of watts your projector uses daily, follow this simple equation:

(Projector’s power consumption in watts) x (hours used per day) = watts-hour

For example, let’s use a 300W projector that is in use for 4 hours daily:

The total electric power consumed is: (300) x (4) = 1200 watts-hour daily

As displayed, this equation is simple and gives an accurate insight into the power usage of your projector per day, in the example; the 300W projector used for 4 hours will use 1200Wh per day.

Electricity companies will charge you in kilo-watts-hour as per their unit of measurement. This means you need to convert your watts figure into kilowatts to get the precise power usage your projector consumes.

This is also a very easy calculation and as there are 1000 watts in 1 kilowatt:

(Your projector’s consumption in watts-hour)/ (1000) = (your projector’s power consumption in kilowatts-hour)

For the example above, the power consumed in kilo-watts by 300W projector operated 4 hours in a day is: (1200 Wh) / (1000) = (1.2 kWh)

Once you have calculated your projector’s consumption in kilo-watts-hours, you are ready to move to the next step.

To get an economic idea of your power consumption, you have to know the rate per kilo-watt that your electricity company charges. For most companies, you can find this on your monthly electricity bill, and if you can’t, you can call them to ask about it.

For example, let’s assume our electricity company charges $1 per kilowatt-hour, all you need to get the rate of your projector’s consumption in economic terms is to multiply the rate per kilowatt by the total amount of kWh used per day or month.

To calculate how many kilowatts-hour your projector uses on a monthly basis is as easy as calculating the daily use. The equation goes like this:

(Daily consumption in kilowatt-hour) x (days in 1 month) = (monthly usage estimate)

You can also do use the calculator on this site for this calculation: rapidtables

Still using our example projector, (1.2 kWh) x (30) = (36 kWh), this means the projector uses 36 kWh per month.

If you want to find out how much it costs:

(Monthly usage estimate) x (electricity company per 1 kWh rate) = (approximate consumption cost)

With our 36-kWh projector, the result will be (36) x (1) = (36), which means the monthly consumption cost if we use the projector for 4 hours every day will be $36 at a rate of $1 per kilo-watt-hour.


Now that you have satisfied your curiosity about how many watts your projector uses and how to calculate it, you can finally figure out exactly how much you need to spend. Take note that not all projectors are equal as some might consume more power than others.

Well, if you don’t want to go through the stress of calculating, online tools like rapidtables can come in very handy in solving this power consumption mathematics. And you are good to go.

I hope this article has helped in answering most of your questions about how many watts a projector uses and other related questions.

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