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How Many HDMI Ports on PS4, PS5?

How Many HDMI Ports on PS4, PS5?

Don’t you love video games? They’re an incredible source of endless fun. And even though we want the latest video game console, we always have a few questions before buying. If you’re a tech geek, you might be wondering how many HDMI ports a ps4 has.

In truth, the PS4 only has one HDMI port. But what about the PS5? Does it have more? How can you get more HDMI ports for both your PS4 and PS5?

We’ll address these questions and give you answers to let your tech-geek flag fly. So keep on reading for more information.

How Many HDMI Ports on PS4, PS5?

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console

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The No products found. (PS4) only has one HDMI port. It is located on the backside of the PS4, in the upper center. It looks like an octagon split in half.

The Playstation 5  (PS5) only has one HDMI port as well.

If you’re trying to get more HDMI ports for your Playstation 4 or Playstation 5, you can always purchase an HDMI Splitter.

How can I get more HDMI ports for PS4, PS5?

Sometimes having one HDMI port is not enough. But how can you get more HDMI ports for your PS4 or PS5? Is there a simple way?

HDMI Splitter Cable - 1 to 2 Way HDMI Splitter Adapter Cable

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Yes. Purchasing an HDMI Splitter is the simplest way to get more HDMI ports for any electronic device, not just gaming consoles.

So, what is an HDMI Splitter ? An HDMI Splitter is an adapter you plug into the HDMI port to plug two HDMI cables simultaneously.

Often, an HDMI Splitter will have an HDMI input and output. Each is used to plug in your console and an external screen.

Why Do You Need More Than One HDMI Port?

If you’re wondering why anyone needs more than one HDMI port, don’t worry, that answer is coming.

HDMI Switch 3x1 Switch Splitter with Pigtail Cable Supports

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One HDMI port allows you to plug your gaming console into a TV, projector, or computer monitor.

This is great if you’re trying to use a giant screen to show off those awesome game skills on your home theater projector.

However, sometimes a projector lacks specific vital components that go hand-in-hand with great visuals, and that’s audio.

There are several ways to get sound to your projected gaming adventures. However, the easiest way to get good quality sound is to have another HDMI port accessible right on your console.

Therefore if you had a splitter, you could use one port for your monitor (or projector in our example) and the other port for a soundbar system.

An HDMI Splitter gives you lots of versatility with many electronics.

It’s also a great way to add HDMI ports to your Playstation. But getting a splitter is more complicated.

So, if you’re interested in buying one, we will go over a few important things you need to know before getting one.

Getting an HDMI Splitter and Essential Information

HDMI Switcher Support HDMI 2.0

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First, we should mention that two different products might serve your needs. You can purchase an HDMI Splitter or an HDMI Switch . Unlike a splitter that creates two ports out of one, the switch allows you to switch (as the name suggests) from one media player to another that’s connected to your display.

Therefore it’s essential to purchase the one that’s correct for you.

Buying a good quality HDMI Splitter

Within the following paragraphs, we’re going to help you get a good quality HDMI Splitter to help you add more HDMI ports to your PS4 or PS5.

A Simple Buyers Guide

HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out for Full HD 1080P

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1) If you want great video quality, you’ll need a suitable HDMI Splitter. So if you’re using a monitor or projector with a 1080p resolution, purchasing a splitter that’s compatible with HDMI 1.4 is best.

However, if you want high-quality 4K, you’ll need to get a splitter compatible with HDMI 2.0.

2) Many times, it’s better to get the higher quality splitter instead. Therefore even if you choose to get the HDMI 1.4 compatible splitter, we all know technology evolves quickly. Thus purchasing the HDMI 2.0 compatible splitter is best. It’s also future-proof.

3) A good rule of thumb for a quality image is to get screens/displays with the same resolution. That’s because a splitter will output information at the minimum resolution.

In other words, if you’ve got two screens, one that’s 1080p and one that’s 4K, the splitter will only display 1080p. Even a 4K compatible splitter will result in a lower quality image with a lower quality display.

HDMI Switch 3x1 Switch Splitter with Pigtail Cable

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4) Choosing the right kind of splitter often means looking at the specifications. For example, there are 1×3 and 3×1 splitters and switches. To keep it simple, a 1×3 is specifically for splitters, and 3×1 is specifically for switchers.

For example, a 1×3 means you can connect your PS4 to up to three displays (or three outputs.) A 3×1 switch means you can connect your one input (like a flat screen TV) to up to three devices like a PlayStation, DVD player, or soundbar.

5) A good quality splitter shouldn’t result in copy projection. In other words, it will allow the signal to pass through so you can see your images as intended.

6) If you really need both a switch and a splitter, it’s best to get a matrix switch. In this case, you’ll purchase a switch that’s 4×2. It gives you four inputs for four electronics you can split between two TVs or projectors via HDMI ports. 

7) Although you can purchase splitters relatively cheaply, sometimes going with a more expensive one is best. That’s because quality matters with splitters. A higher-cost product will give you better connectivity overall.

A Few Final Words

Today we learned about HDMI ports on PS4 and PS5. We also showed you how to add more ports to both consoles. 

We gave you all the information on how to purchase an excellent splitter to add more ports. But we also included a simple buyers’ guide.

So let’s buy that great quality splitter, add our great screens to it, and have some fun playing on a Playstation.

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