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How Long Do VGA Cables Last?

How Long Do VGA Cables Last?

A VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable can be used to create a display connection between a TV or monitor and another device, such as a computer. However, you may be wondering how long VGA cables last. Here is all you need to know! 

Consumers generally have few issues with VGA cables. Under ideal usage conditions, VGA cables can last up to twenty years. However, many aspects can impact the lifespan of a VGA cable. This includes the cable’s build quality, how often it’s used, how it’s stored, and how it is handled during use.  

When it comes to the lifespan of a VGA cable, there’s no standard number. Ultimately, this depends on certain factors, from the quality of the cable to the conditions of usage. Due to this, the lifespan of this cable can vary. 

With cheaper VGA cables, the product may not last very long. Quality issues plague many more affordable variants. 

Ultimately, this can result in specific graphical issues when using cheaper cables. This includes blurry outputs and excessive electromagnetic interference. 

When you encounter these issues with a low-end VGA cable, the only solution would be to upgrade to a better-quality cable. Not only will purchasing a better VGA cable solve your graphical issues, but it should give you an estimation regarding the expected lifespan of your new cable. 

Many reputable manufacturers of these display cables will provide consumers with a probable lifespan of their products. With higher-end cables, consumers are looking at cables that will last up to twenty years when correctly used. 

By purchasing cables from well-regarded manufacturers, you can ensure the longevity of your VGA cable. A warranty may even cover your purchase. 

However, you might be wondering whether VGA cables can go bad over time.

Do VGA Cables Go Bad?

a blue VGA cable

As we discussed above, VGA cables manufactured by reputable companies will usually indicate an estimated lifespan. While this is typically around twenty years, it is not uncommon for cables to last even longer. In fact, under ideal usage conditions, a VGA cable could last up to fifty years.

However, that’s only under ideal usage conditions! The reality, unfortunately, is much different and depends on your usage of the cable. For instance, the lifespan of a VGA cable only used during working hours will differ from one used for more extended periods. 

Overall, consumers have very few issues with VGA cables going bad. When this happens, it’s usually down to carelessness. 

For example, bent pins in a VGA connector could effectively cut your cable’s lifespan short by blocking you from using it. 

In many cases, consumers are under the impression that their VGA cable has gone bad, when in fact it’s due to a different issue altogether. 

We’ll take a closer look at this in the following section, where we guide you through the process of troubleshooting a VGA cable that isn’t working. 

Tips For Troubleshooting Your VGA Cable 

VGA cables

If you’re having issues related to your VGA cable, these tips will help you troubleshoot the cause of the problem. By using these tips, you will be able to determine whether the issue is linked to your VGA cable itself or another matter altogether. 

#1: Restart Your Devices 

power button on laptop

If you’re struggling to create a working connection with a VGA cable, you should start by powering off all your devices. For instance, if you’re using the VGA cable to connect a computer to a monitor, you will want to power off both devices. 

Once they have been powered off, you can try restarting them to see if the issue has been resolved. 

#2: Inspect Your VGA Cable 

VGA output port on laptop

If you suspect VGA cable damage is the culprit behind your technical issues, you should start by inspecting the cable itself. You’ll want to look for any physical signs of damage. 

For instance, are there bent pins in the connectors? Has the cable become frayed in a particular area? A damaged VGA cable will need to be replaced. 

#3: Inspect Your VGA Ports 

VGA cable and VGA port

It’s also possible the issue doesn’t lie with your VGA cable but with the corresponding ports. You should inspect the VGA ports you are using to ensure that they are not damaged. 

A damaged port could prevent you from establishing a working connection with your VGA cable. 

#4: Update Your Drivers 

If you don’t find any signs of damage on your VGA cable or ports, then the issue could be caused by drivers that are out of date. 

To resolve problems linked to this, you need to update your graphic card driver. The following YouTube video will help you ensure your drivers are up to date. 

How to Update ANY Graphics Card on Windows 10

Making Your VGA Cable Last Longer 

When appropriately used, VGA cables will last for many years. 

A few straightforward guidelines can be followed to get the most out of your cable. You can make your cables last as long as possible by considering these tips. 

Within your VGA cable, there are many twisted wires. While these wires are somewhat flexible, they are not impervious to damage. 

HDMI and VGA ports on a projector to connect with Nintendo Switch

Mishandling your cable can result in these wires becoming damaged. When wrapping a cable, you should always wrap it in a loose circle to prevent it from being damaged. 

Another important aspect of caring for your cables is storing them properly when not in use. This tip works together with the wrapping method discussed above. Using this method will prevent internal wires and the connector pins from being damaged.  

When your cables are in use, you also want to prevent unnecessary stress. This is most common at the ends of your VGA cable. 

To avoid this, you should always opt for a larger cable. By following these tips you can ensure a long lifespan for your VGA cables! 


a VGA cable connect to laptop

We’ve now discussed everything you need to know about the lifespan of a VGA cable! 

From how long they can last to the factors that impact their lifespan, understanding these different aspects will allow you to prevent your VGA cable from becoming damaged. 

Especially when you consider our tips for making your cable last longer!

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