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How Long do Sceptre Monitors Last?

a Sceptre monitor

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Monitors have evolved over the years, with manufacturers producing sharper and more detailed displays. However, not everyone knows how long a monitor should last. 

Therefore, this article looks at how long a Sceptre monitor lasts and the factors that influence its lifespan. 

The average Sceptre monitor usually lasts for about 60,000 hours. Some versions of Sceptre monitors have been known to last up to 100,000 hours which is around 8 to 10 years. 

After which, the brightness starts to decrease. Keep in mind that many factors influence the lifespan of a Sceptre monitor. These factors may make two similar models last for different lengths of time.

Is Sceptre a Reliable Monitor Brand?

Yes, Sceptre is a reliable monitor brand. A Sceptre monitor is the best definition of “getting value for your money.” 

The main advantage of a Sceptre monitor is the price and quality.

Sceptre monitors provide large displays ranging from 19 to 32 inches at affordable prices. The monitors have a high screen resolution that offers stunning color and picture quality. 

The monitors have provisions for headphones and display ports. Additionally, the ports allow you to connect your monitor to a projector or high-definition TV for a better viewing experience. 

Also, the ports allow connectivity via VGA, HDMI, and DVI ports. However, not all Sceptre monitors support VGA given the advancements in modern technology. 

different connectivity ports on a black monitor

Sceptre monitors have a blue light filter. Notably, the blue light filtering feature protects your eyes from blue lights and prevents eye strain if you use your monitor for long hours. 

The monitors also have other features such as anti-glare, anti-reflective, and anti-vibration capabilities. The features are however not one specific technology and may not necessarily be in every Sceptre monitor.

What Affects a Sceptre Monitor Lifespan?

The factors affecting the lifespan of a Sceptre monitor include the following:

Quality of its parts

The most significant factor in determining the lifespan of a computer monitor is the quality of its parts. High-quality parts always last longer than cheap ones. 

However, the monitor’s price does not necessarily determine its quality, as many may think. 

The best way of determining if a monitor will last is by reading reviews from multiple sources and comparing it to other models.

customer review

Since monitors are made up of individual components, each component will have its own lifespan. The lifespan of these components varies greatly depending on their use. 

For example, an LCD might begin exhibiting visual artifacts after just a few years. However, the backlight could easily last twice as long as that.

Usage of the Sceptre monitor

The most critical factor influencing a monitor’s lifespan is its use. A monitor left on 24/7 will have a shorter lifespan than one that only serves 4 hours of use per day. 

Therefore consider turning the monitor off whenever you are not using it to ensure it adequately serves you for longer.

clicking power button on a monitor

Maintenance of the Sceptre monitor

Proper care and maintenance of your monitor will also help extend its life. A Sceptre monitor should be subjected to regular inspection and maintenance. Any defect found should be resolved immediately. 

Also, ensure you follow the user manual guidelines to store your Spectre monitor properly. 

The surrounding environment

Its surrounding environment can affect a monitor’s lifespan. The things in an environment that affect a monitor’s lifespan include temperature, dust, and moisture.

If the ambient temperature is too high, the display may have a shorter life than expected. Remember that heat and electronics don’t mix well. It is essential to keep your monitor cool to get the most use out of them as possible.

A dusty environment may likely reduce the lifespan of your Sceptre monitor by mainly clogging the various components within it.

A moist environment mainly affects the metallic parts of a monitor. The dampness corrodes the metallic parts making the monitor ineffective and reduces its lifespan. 

It is advised to store a monitor in a properly ventilated room.

a black monitor in a bright, ventilated room

How Often Do Monitors Need to be Replaced?

It’s good to replace a computer monitor once every five years. However, with proper care, a Sceptre monitor could last much longer, with some even lasting up to 8 years.

When thinking about whether or not to replace your monitor, there are three things to consider:

Does my monitor still work?

The first thing to consider when thinking about replacing your monitor is whether or not it is still working.

It is good to replace the Sceptre monitor if it has broken or dead pixels or when the monitor’s screen has suffered water damage. 

a broken monitor

However, if you have had the same monitor for several years and it’s working just fine, there’s no need to replace it. Simply put, if your Sceptre monitor is not broken, you shouldn’t fix it.

Is my monitor slow?

Monitor responsiveness is an aspect not commonly observed by the manufacturers. It gives a true picture of how quick or slow your monitor is.

A monitor is slow if there is an input lag. This refers to the delay experienced between a graphics card sending a frame to a monitor and the monitor displaying it

If you have to wait forever for web pages to load or programs to open, there must be a problem.

A slow monitor might also have a low refresh rate. This refers to a monitor having a lower resolution and taking a longer time for a display to draw a new image. Refresh rate is measured in times per second a display can produce a new image.

It is therefore necessary and advantageous to acquire a monitor with near to no input lag and a faster frame and refresh rate.

Are there newer models that better meet my needs?

Finally, ask yourself if there are any newer computer monitor models that better suit your needs. For example, Sceptre brand monitors offer the best monitors in the market for gamers. 

Therefore if you fall in this category and wish to upgrade to a nicely priced and convenient monitor, Sceptre monitors  are the best option.

Why is My Sceptre Monitor Not Working?

There are many reasons why a Sceptre display may not work correctly. The reasons include the following:

The Sceptre monitor is not receiving a signal from the computer

A Sceptre monitor not receiving a signal from the computer is the most common reason the monitor may fail to work. Therefore ensure all cables are going to their appropriate ports. 

Also, ensure the cables are in good condition to rule out a connection issue as to why your monitor is not working correctly.

Alternatively, it could be an issue with the power supply. This problem can be fixed by replacing the power supply in the system unit.


Wrong Refresh Rate

Monitors set at an incorrect refresh rate will display a ‘No Signal’ error command. Using a signal output that the display can’t handle definitely affects the workability of your monitor.

Refreshing and updating the output in Windows helps fix the issue.

Outdated Graphics Drivers

Running outdated monitor graphic drivers results in signal errors. Unplugging the primary screen and display helps find the root of the problem.

Using the Wrong Input

Most monitors with multiple input options offer you the right to choose the cable and port being used eg: HDMI 1, HDMI 2, USB-C Etc. Wrong input selection affects the display on the monitor. If you are using an adapter, disconnecting it or replacing it should help fix the problem.

What should I do when my Sceptre monitor is not working?

In case your Sceptre monitor fails to work, follow the steps below to troubleshoot it:

  1. Ensure that the power cord is properly plugged in
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Check for any loose cables and reconnect them
  4. Connect another display device to the same port as the one used on the Sceptre TV, and see if it works
  5. Try changing the monitor’s VGA cable with a working one
  6. Go to my computer’s BIOS and check if the Operating System is being detected
  7. Change your monitor’s resolution settings

If none of the above suggestions works, consider contacting Sceptre support or a qualified technician for further assistance!

friendly customer support


Sceptre monitors are designed to last for approximately 60,000 hours of use. 

The 60,000 hours are average and might vary depending on maintenance, usage, and the surrounding environment. 

When your Sceptre monitor fails to work, you can follow the above steps to troubleshoot it. However, you can also contact Sceptre customer care if it completely fails to work.

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