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How Long Do Roku Remote Batteries Last?

How Long Do Roku Remote Batteries Last?

So you’ve purchased a Roku, and now you’re having issues with the remote control, and it’s making you wonder, how long do Roku remote batteries last?

Perhaps your remote is draining your batteries more often than you’d think. How do you save the battery life on your Roku remote if that’s the case? And, can you use rechargeable batteries instead?

We should mention upfront that the batteries are usually not the issue. It’s a firmware issue that’s causing the problem. Even though your batteries might not last long, there is a fix.

In the sections below, let’s continue examining the Roku battery issues and other common questions.

How Long Do Roku Remote Batteries Last?

Roku remote on the stone table

Unless you’re having issues with your Roku remote, your batteries should last you at least six months or more. 

Although, some users say it’s common for your batteries to last about two months.

Other users say that their batteries are dead every time they pick up their remote.

Therefore, it makes you wonder what causes battery drainage.

If some batteries last more than six months, but others only last a few days, then how can we fix this issue?

We’re going to tackle just that In the following section. 

Does a Roku Remote Drain Batteries?

Roku Stick and remote on the white table

If everything is functioning correctly with your Roku remote, your batteries should last months. However, if you’re experiencing remote control battery drainage, there might be a problem with the control not adequately pairing to your TV.

You’ll have to repair your remote control to your Roku to solve the issue.

Here is how to repair your remote to your Roku TV.

1) Turn your control over, open the battery compartment and locate the pairing button.

2) Now, press and hold the button for three seconds. This will illuminate the pairing light.

If the pairing light doesn’t flash, try pressing the button again for three seconds.

If, after the second attempt at pressing the pairing button, the light does not illuminate, it means the batteries are dead. Replace the batteries and repeat the first few steps.

3) You’ve now successfully re-paired your remote control. Next, restart your Roku.

4) After your Roku has restarted, wait about 40 seconds for the remote to reconnect with your TV.

5) You’ll notice a remote pairing box on your screen.

6) If successful, your Roku will show the battery status.

A Few More Troubleshooting Techniques to Keep in Mind

The above re-pairing technique should work, but let’s say it didn’t work. Here are a few more troubleshooting techniques you can try instead.

If you’re using a TCL Roku TV, draining the power on the TV will help.

Roku remote in front of the TV

In this case, you’ll have to unplug the TV from the outlet. Next, push the power button on the TV for approximately 15 seconds.

Afterward, plug your Roku back into the power outlet.

Finally, try and re-pair the remote to your TV again.

Why do Batteries Keep Dying in a Roku Remote?

a roku remote with open battery compartment

According to Roku, the draining occurs because of a pairing issue with the control and TV. 

All of this suggests that your control continuously attempts to pair itself to your TV until the batteries finally drain.

However, as people complained about the battery issue, users began to speculate that the controls were faulty.

Nevertheless, Roku stuck to its guns and stated that it was not the controls but the controls software.

An update was released to fix the problem. In other words, older Roku TVs that haven’t updated their software can now do so, and it will fix the problem.

The update did not help all controls, however. So, if you’re still experiencing battery drainage, attempting to repair it is the next best option.

Although some users purchased a new remote control to solve their issues, not everyone wants to buy a new remote.

Another tip from Roku is to keep the same type of batteries that came with your remote. They suggest changing the batteries will solve the issue as well.

Nevertheless, people continue to ask how to save their battery life instead. And if Roku is suggesting similar batteries to the ones they provided, does that mean rechargeable batteries are out of the question?

How do I Save Battery on my Roku Remote?

Roku remote in front of a TV

If you’re having drainage battery issues with your Roku remote, the best way to save your battery is to try the aforementioned techniques.

However, some users continuously take their remote batteries out. But, that becomes a nuisance after a short while.

Therefore solving the battery drainage right away is the best course of action.

On the other hand, Roku suggests using alkaline batteries helps the situation.

Can I Use Rechargeable Batteries in Roku Remote?

Rechargeable batteries seem like a great idea. They save money, and you can use them many times.

So, can you use rechargeable batteries in a Roku remote? 

Roku suggests using alkaline batteries for your remote. In other words, if you can find rechargeable alkaline batteries, then yes, you can use rechargeable batteries.

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However, Roku also states that users need to avoid rechargeable batteries made of nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride.

Although fortunately for us Roku lovers, rechargeable alkaline batteries are readily available.

Roku Experiments With a Rechargeable Remote

One of the better outcomes of the battery drainage issue is that last year (2021), Roku began experimenting with a rechargeable remote control. 

Although it’s only an experiment, Roku released around 2,000. It’s a great way to stop battery issues from happening.

However, there’s no recent news on rechargeable remote controls, but users are optimistic that the next generation of remotes will be better.

Battery Issues Be Gone

the Roku remote

As you see, there are several things you can do to help your Roku remote control keep its battery life intact.

Even though it’s a nuisance, Roku is constantly working in the background with firmware updates, battery suggestions, and tips on how to help with any battery issues.

We are hopeful that remotes will improve in the future. However, even if that’s not the case, we hope we shine a light on all the tips and tricks you can do to help your batteries last.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.