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How Do I Turn Off My BenQ Projector Properly?

How Do I Turn Off My BenQ Projector Properly?

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BenQ projectors are a great addition to your home theater, offering a high picture resolution and an easy-to-navigate interface. Whenever using a high-quality piece of technology, it’s important to ensure you’re taking care of it properly. 

This means checking its lamp, cleaning it, and of course, turning it off correctly. 

But how do you turn off a BenQ projector properly? 

What happens if you repeatedly turn off a BenQ projector incorrectly? 

Is there a way to make my BenQ projector turn off automatically? 

Keep reading to find out! 

Why Do I Need to Turn Off My BenQ Projector Properly?

Randomly unplugging your BenQ projector can damage both your unit and electrical sockets

unplugging white cable and a BenQ projector

You may be able to suddenly unplug common household appliances, like your iron, without any consequences, but projectors are more complex pieces of technology. 

Additionally, BenQ projectors are smart projectors, meaning they connect to the internet and can play content via built-in apps. This means that your BenQ projector has several internal functions that need to be properly shut down to avoid damaging the unit. 

Turning off your projector incorrectly randomly stops these operations, which could cause problems once they are restarted when you turn your projector back on. 

Powering off BenQ projectors correctly ensures that all operations are closed properly, so you won’t face any problems with the software or firmware later on. 

Suddenly unplugging your unit can also damage your home’s electrical sockets. Your BenQ projector uses a high electrical current. Turning off your projector shuts off this current, keeping your wall sockets in good condition. 

However, if your unit’s plug is still releasing a high voltage when unplugged, the electricity’s heat wears down the socket. Not only is this damaging, but it’s also dangerous and could lead to a fire hazard. 

In short, properly turning off your BenQ projector not only protects your unit’s software but also your home and family. 

How Do I Turn Off My BenQ Projector Properly?

Turning off your BenQ projector properly takes only a moment. 

a woman push a button on a projector

Turning off your BenQ projector is as easy as it is beneficial. 

Locate your projector’s power button and press it briefly. Do not hold it down for a prolonged period, as you might do for other appliances. 

You will see a message on the screen confirming that you want to shut down your projector. 

If you’ve accidentally pressed the power button and do not want to turn off your unit, don’t worry! 

Leave your projector alone for several seconds until the onscreen message goes away, and continue using it as normal. 

To continue shutting down your projector, press the power button again. The Power LED indicator light will blink orange, letting you know it’s powering off. 

Wait for the fan unit to stop running and turn off, which could take up to 90 seconds. This ensures that your projector cools down, avoiding damage or a fire hazard. You will be unable to use your projector during the cooling process. 

Listen for the “Power Off Ring Tone” to play and the fan unit to stop turning. Check that the Power LED indicator light is still orange but has stopped flashing. Now it is safe to unplug your projector. 

In a rush? You can turn on the Quick Cooling function! In the settings, enable the Quick Cooling function, which will decrease the fan unit’s cooling time from 90 seconds to two. 

When the Quick Cooling process is enabled, do not restart your projector immediately after shutting it down. This could cause the fan unit to malfunction, damaging your unit. 

How Do I Make My BenQ Projector Turn Off Automatically?

Enable your BenQ projector to turn off automatically with the Auto Power Off function. 

Enabling your BenQ projector’s Auto Power Off function will automatically shut down your unit if it does not identify an input source for a determined amount of time. This feature preserves your lamp life, saving you both time and money on lamp replacements. 

To turn on the Auto Power Off feature, use your remote to open System Setup, then Basic. Under Auto Power Off, select how long you’d like your unit to remain on when no input source is identified. This period can range from five minutes to half an hour. 

man holding remote to control a hanging projector

If you’d like to turn off the Auto Power Off feature, choose Disable. 

Wrapping Things Up

Turning off your BenQ projector properly is crucial when ensuring unit health and home safety. It only takes a minute but it has the power to save your projector’s software from damage and possibly your home from an electrical fire. 

If you want to ensure a longer lamp life, consider enabling the Auto Power Off function. 

Remember to wait for the “Power Off Ring Tone” before unplugging your unit to ensure the fan has stopped before cutting power. 

What’s your experience turning off BenQ projectors properly? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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