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“Frequency is Out of Range” on Sony Projectors: How to Fix?

a black Sony projector

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For a projector and its input source to communicate seamlessly, they must be on the same page. In other words, their display configuration must be identical, besides other things working in synchronization.

When the active display specifications do not match, problems arise—like one of the two displays could pop up the “out of range” error message, which signifies the frequencies of the two displays do not match.

So, what is the “frequency out of range” error? What can you do when the message pops up on your Sony projector screen?  

Read on to find answers to those questions and more.

What is the “Frequency Out of Range” Error?

The “frequency out of range” error screen denotes the display resolution of your internal and external display do not match.

The internal display is your computer’s screen, and the external display is that of your projector.  

Changes are usually made at your computer’s operating system level to address this issue. Keep reading to learn more on that.  

Why does the “out of range” error pop suddenly?

If your Sony projector was working fine before and suddenly displays the error message, it may have been paired with different input devices with varied settings, leading to confusion.

In other words, if you alternate between a computer, gaming console, Blu-ray player, etc., as your projector’s input source, it may get mixed up, and the resolution settings already set could fall through.

As a result, you may have to match the connected devices’ resolutions and other display-specific specifications again.

Also, the error message could show up when the link is not direct, and there are intermediaries (such as an amp) between your projector and input source. The output setting could be set incorrectly on the amp, for example.

Frequency Out of Range: Reasons and Fixes

The following are the most likely reasons your Sony projector displays the “frequency is out of range” message and their solutions.

The connection error specific to your device could be due to one (or more) of the below-mentioned causes.

Check for each one at a time and see if fixing them works. If it doesn’t, move on to inspecting the next possible cause and implementing the solution.

1. Video Resolution Mismatch

If the input source is a laptop or desktop computer, the device’s screen resolution may not match your projector.

If your Sony projector cannot recognize the video resolution on the source device, the frequency error could show up.

You may fix this issue by dialing down the resolution on your computer. For instance, if the device’s screen is 1080p, bring it down to 1024 x 768 pixels and check again.

(Most projectors, including Sony devices, deliver XGA (1024 x 768p) visuals. Check your projector’s documentation to know more about supported resolutions.)

Please turn off the projector and unplug it from your computer before trying to decrease the resolution on your computer and restarting it.

turn off projector by clicking power button

After rebooting your desktop or laptop device, connect it to your Sony projector and switch on the projection device.

If the issue arises even after the screen resolutions set are the same on both devices, check the refresh rates of the two devices.

If your Sony projector cannot support your computer’s refresh rate or cannot sync with your computer’s video card, it will display the “out of range” message as an outcome.

Change the refresh rate settings on your computer and restart the device to rectify the issue.

2. Connection Error Between Devices

a white projector connect to laptop by a cable with blurr projector screen on the background

If your Sony projector and the source or playback device are not wired properly or having trouble communicating, the “out of range” message could appear.

The problem typically lies in the cable. If the cable is bad or not designed to serve the intended purpose, the issue may arise.

Also, exactly when you plug in the cable matters. The wire should go into the projector and the source device before turning them on.

If you switched on the respective devices before plugging the cable in, power them off. Next, take the line out and plug it back in—power on your projector and the input device.


The “frequency out of range” error may seem technical, but it’s not that difficult a situation to deal with.

The fixes mentioned above shall most likely rectify the problem and let you use your Sony projector with a media source.

If the above fixes don’t work, contact Sony support.

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