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How Do I Clean the Fingerprints on My Projector Lens?

How Do I Clean the Fingerprints on My Projector Lens?

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People often notice that the sharpness and clarity of their projected image aren’t what they used to be when they first got their projector.

In most cases, this deterioration results from dirty or stained lenses. Fortunately, it is not something to worry over — with the proper process, materials, and tools, you can clean your lens.

You need hand gloves, a lens-cleaning solution, a lint-free cloth, and a few extra materials to clean fingerprint stains off your projector lens.

This article will teach you how to clean your projector lens safely and efficiently. From technique to tools to materials, we’ve got everything covered.

How Do Fingerprint Stains and Dust Affect Your Projector?

fingerprint stains

There are different projection technologies, and dust particles affect them differently. Let’s briefly consider the two most common: LCD and DLP projectors.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projectors are common in home theaters because they are affordable. 

Conveniently, dust is scarcely a problem for them. There has to be a heavy accumulation of dust from prolonged exposure before noticing a drop in image quality.

Rather than the lens, cooling systems are more at risk for LCD projectors. When dust gets into the projector through the vents, it affects the cooling system and causes overheating. 

DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors are more prone to image quality deterioration from dust particles. Dust can accumulate on the chips inside the projector and make the projected image appear grainy.

Fingerprint stains affect both projection technologies; they leave a greasy smear on the projector lens and blur the projected image.

How To Clean Fingerprints on My Projector Lens?

You only need to clean your projector’s lens once every three months. Alternatively, you can clean it any time you notice dirt or fingerprints on the lens.

This section will teach you how to safely clean fingerprints and dust particles off your projector lens.

Materials Needed 

Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

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Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Move your projector to a convenient position; make sure there’s enough room to give you easy access to the lens. 

Step 2: Use the lens blower, and blow short bursts of air onto the lens. Hold the blower about 3 – 4 inches from the lens for more effect — don’t hold it any closer to avoid causing damage to the lens.

Step 3: Brush the lens in gentle, outward, circular movements with the lens brush.

Step 4: Spray a small amount of cleaning solution onto your lint-free cleaning cloth. Now, wipe the lens gently in the same outward, circular motion starting from the center.

Step 5: If you notice residual cleaning solution on the lens after cleaning, use a dry and clean (also lint-free) cloth to repeat the same cleaning movement.

How To Clean The Inside of The Projector Lens?

to clean inside projector lens

Step 1: Open the projector panel; find and undo the screws or clasps holding it in place. This process can vary for different projectors, so it’s best to check your projector manual for how to open it.

Step 2: Carefully remove the projector lens from its mount.

Step 3: Blow loose dust off the lens with short bursts of air from the lens blower.

Step 4: Brush the lens in a gentle outward circular movement with the lens brush.

Step 5: Spray some cleaning solution on your lint-free cloth and wipe the lens gently in the same circular movement — from the center towards the edge of the lens.

Tips To Remember 

  • If your projector was just in use, turn it off and let it cool completely before cleaning.
  • Do not handle the lens with bare hands, as this can leave more fingerprint stains on the lens from your greasy hands. Use gloves while cleaning. 
  • Handle the lens gently and carefully to avoid dropping and breaking.

How To Keep Your Projector Lens Safe From Dirt and Stains?

to keep projector lens from dust

If electronics are left exposed — whether in use or storage — they will gather dust. The longer the exposure, the more dust, and debris settle on them.

Also, if you handle your projector poorly during usage, in transit, or while unpacking, you may leave fingerprint stains on its lens.

It is excellent practice to routinely clean dust off the electronics and decor in your space. 

However, too much of everything is bad, so even cleaning can get tricky. Every time you clean your projector lens, you expose it to the risk of scratches and breakage.

To help you avoid permanent damage to your projector, we’ve put together a list to help you keep the lens clean and reduce the need for cleaning.

1/ Use the lens cover

lens cover

Most projectors come with a cover for the projector lens. Users are inclined to throw it out or lose it after setting up the projector because they don’t know how important it is.

If you still have yours, use it to cover the lens whenever you are not projecting. It’ll keep dust particles at bay and reduce the chances of fingerprint stains when you handle your projector. 

2/ Strategic mounting

projector mounting

Children are the exception to nearly every device safety rule. Those tiny hands will reach up, remove your projector lens cover, and smear your precious lens if they are determined enough.

Mount your projector out of the reach of children. There are many places to mount your projector that are safe and decorative. 

Don’t mount your projector close to the air-conditioner, an open window, or a doorway. Airflow carries loose dust particles which may settle on the projector lens.

3/ Cover the projector

Interpro Dust Cover for Ceiling Mounted Projector.

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Vacuuming and sweeping are two activities that raise a lot of dust. Please cover your projector with a nylon dust cover  before engaging in either one. 

Projectors have vents — openings for cooling and ventilation — through which dust and dirt can get in. The internal cooling fans spread these dust particles until they’re inside the lens and other internal components. 

Covering the projector will reduce the chances of dust getting in through the vents.

4/ Use a lint-free cloth to clean

Carefully select any materials you use to clean the dust off your projector. Your cloth must be clean and lint-free; don’t use materials that shed fabric particles.

5/ Use an air purifier

LEVOIT Air Purifier

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If you have an air purifier, place it close to your projector. It’ll serve as extra protection to prevent dust from reaching your device. 

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