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Epson 3220 Projector Review

The Epson EX3220 projector is manufactured by Epson and was released in September 2013.

This is a high-quality projector that uses 3LCD technology to give brilliant images with stunning colors.

Who is this projector for?

group working with Epson EX3220 projector

This projector is for everyone. It is suitable for a lot of purposes; watching movies, playing games, classroom presentations, office presentations, and many more.

For anyone who enjoys bright and sharp images when projecting, this Epson projector will come in handy. Irrespective of the room size or light interference, it still gives an incredible image.

What is in the box?

Epson EX3220, SVGA, 3000 Lumens Color Brightness (color light output), 3000 Lumens White Brightness, 3LCD Projector
  • 3 x Brighter Colors with Epson
  • Color Brightness: 3000 lumens. White Brightness: 3000 lumens
  • Simple Setup Suite- intuitive controls for flexible positioning

Upon purchase and unboxing of this projector, you will find:

  • The EX3220 projector
  • A VGA computer cable
  • A remote control
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • A Soft carrying case
  • A Quick setup sheet
  • Batteries
  • A User manual CD

Overview of features

Below are some of the features that make this projector suitable for the previously mentioned purposes.


It has an outstanding brightness. The Epson EX3220 projector has 3000 lumens of white brightness, and 3000 lumens of colored brightness; this is three times the brightness level of other projectors within its price range.

It has a native resolution of 800×600 but a maximum resolution of 1440x900, an aspect ratio of 4:3, and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. A blend of these features produces an incredible image.


movie night with Epson 3220 projector

It is lightweight and very portable; weighs about 2.5 kg, with a dimension of 3.1 x 11.6 x 9.0cm for height, weight, and depth respectively.

This makes it perfect for traveling and picnics. It can serve as both a home and office projector, with less stress in moving it between both locations. The carrying case keeps it safe and makes it easier to move the projector around.

Ease of use

It is easy to set up and to use. There is no need for adjustment unless you want to adjust the picture display to fit the screen. For a 254 cm diagonal screen, you need to place the projector lens at a distance of 3.0 m from the screen.

The Simple Setup Suite allows for flexible positioning and a quick setup at any time. It has a throw distance of 0.9 m – 8.9 m, and a throw ratio of 1.47:1.


Epson EX3220, SVGA, 3000 Lumens Color Brightness (color light output), 3000 Lumens White Brightness, 3LCD Projector


Although it supports RCA and VGA connections, audio and video signals are transmitted via one cable, which is the HDMI cable.

There is also a USB port on the connection panel; this supports the USB Plug and Play instant setup.

Image adjustment

It has several features which allow for easy image adjustment. They include; digital zoom, horizontal and vertical keystone correction, and dynamic iris.

The lens has manual focus and a fixed focal length. However, the projector does not support lens shift.

Lamp life

Epson 3220 projector lamp life


Epson EX3220 projector uses a 200 Watts E-TORL bulb with a lamp life of 5000 to 6000 hours. However, the lamp life will vary depending on the mode selected, the lamp usage, and environmental conditions.

When the projector is on ECO mode it can last up to 6000 hours, while at normal mode it is up to 5000 hours. And the lamp brightness decreases over time.

What we like

Its brightness level makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can also be used in a room where there is ambient light.

It is easy to set up; this makes it a great projector for beginners, and projector-experts as well.

Presentations are easier and more efficient because of the image quality and brightness.

It supports both horizontal and vertical keystone correction.

This projector can give an image size of 76 to 762 cm, and it has a 2 watts internal speaker.

It has a remote control.

What we don’t like

It is an expensive projector.

The native resolution and lamp life are not very impressive.



It has a sleek design and is very portable.

Ease of use:


It is easy to use, and also to set up. Great projector for beginners.


Incredible features that make it stand out.
Customer service:


Responsive customer service.

How to set up an Epson projector on a white screen

The video below illustrates the steps needed to set up an Epson projector on a white screen. Although this is a generalized video for all Epson projectors, the setup steps can be used on an Epson EX3220 projector.

Setup a EPSON projector on white screen, How to align and setup projector. Projector setup & setting


ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector for Home and Office with HDMI Vertical Keystone (PA503S) White/gray
  • Versatile projector: Advanced visual features ideal for use in education and small business...
  • Big screen projection: Projects 120 inches from 15-feet 8-inches in 3800 lumens
  • Easy setup: Simple setup and control; just plug & play your presentations, videos, and pictures

As a second option, you can choose the Viewsonic PA503S projector, a 260 watts projector that gives 3800 lumens of brightness. It provides beautiful and colorful images using proprietary SuperColor Technology.

Like the Epson EX3220 projector, the Viewsonic PA503S projector is suitable for home and office use. It also has a 2 watts internal speaker.

When on Eco mode, the projector can last up to 15000 hours, although the image brightness will reduce by about 70%. There is a reduced input latency, providing faster frame-by-frame action.

This projector supports vertical keystone correction. It has a native resolution of 800×600, a contrast ratio of 22,000:1, and an aspect ratio of 4:3.

The connectivity panel has a Mini USB Type B port, an HDMI 1.4 port, a 3.5mm Audio Out, a 3.5mm Audio In, a Composite RCA Video in, Control (RS232), and VGA Out.

Several devices are supported, including Google Chromecast and Windows computers. A package of the projector contains the PA503S SVGA Projector, a Remote control, a Power Cable, and a VGA Cable.


The Epson EX3220 projector is sold on Amazon , eBay, and several other online stores. Its brightness level is one feature that singles it out from amongst similar projectors.

Its portability, as well as easy setup, is a great advantage. You can take it along for picnics and outdoor events or get-togethers. Professionals who do lots of presentations will also enjoy this projector.

Epson 3220 Projector Review


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